Available CRAN Packages By Date of Publication

Date Package Title
2018-12-02 BayesianNetwork Bayesian Network Modeling and Analysis
2018-12-02 eAnalytics Dynamic Web-Based Analytics for the Energy Industry
2018-12-02 energyr Data Published by the United States Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
2018-12-02 hoardr Manage Cached Files
2018-12-02 pracma Practical Numerical Math Functions
2018-12-02 rsoi Import Various Northern and Southern Hemisphere Climate Indices
2018-12-02 TPMplt Tool-Kit for Dynamic Materials Model and Thermal Processing Maps
2018-12-01 cartogram Create Cartograms with R
2018-12-01 causalweight Estimation Methods for Causal Inference Based on Inverse Probability Weighting
2018-12-01 cleandata To Inspect and Manipulate Data; and to Keep Track of This Process
2018-12-01 commonmark High Performance CommonMark and Github Markdown Rendering in R
2018-12-01 container Deque, Set, and Dict - R6 Based Container Classes with Iterators
2018-12-01 covatest Tests on Properties of Space-Time Covariance Functions
2018-12-01 ggQC Quality Control Charts for 'ggplot'
2018-12-01 graphql A GraphQL Query Parser
2018-12-01 groupedstats Grouped Statistical Analyses in a Tidy Way
2018-12-01 HMMcopula Markov Regime Switching Copula Models Estimation and Goodness of Fit
2018-12-01 keyholder Store Data About Rows
2018-12-01 lbfgsb3c Limited Memory BFGS Minimizer with Bounds on Parameters with optim() 'C' Interface
2018-12-01 scrime Analysis of High-Dimensional Categorical Data Such as SNP Data
2018-12-01 SeedCalc Seed Germination and Seedling Growth Indexes
2018-12-01 snfa Smooth Non-Parametric Frontier Analysis
2018-12-01 telegram.bot Develop a 'Telegram Bot' with R
2018-12-01 TR8 A Tool for Downloading Functional Traits Data for Plant Species
2018-11-30 AMR Antimicrobial Resistance Analysis
2018-11-30 argparse Command Line Optional and Positional Argument Parser
2018-11-30 ARTP2 Pathway and Gene-Level Association Test
2018-11-30 bamp Bayesian Age-Period-Cohort Modeling and Prediction
2018-11-30 BART Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
2018-11-30 BayesMallows Bayesian Preference Learning with the Mallows Rank Model
2018-11-30 effects Effect Displays for Linear, Generalized Linear, and Other Models
2018-11-30 ezpickr Import Various Data File Types as a Rectangular Form Using a File Picker Dialogue Box
2018-11-30 fishtree Interface to the Fish Tree of Life API
2018-11-30 ggnormalviolin A 'ggplot2' Extension to Make Normal Violin Plots
2018-11-30 greybox Toolbox for Model Building and Forecasting
2018-11-30 HMB Hierarchical Model-Based Estimation Approach
2018-11-30 ImputeRobust Robust Multiple Imputation with Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2018-11-30 incidence Compute, Handle, Plot and Model Incidence of Dated Events
2018-11-30 interactionTest Calculates Critical Test Statistics to Control False Discovery Rates in Marginal Effects Plots
2018-11-30 JGL Performs the Joint Graphical Lasso for Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation on Multiple Classes
2018-11-30 jmvconnect Connect to the 'jamovi' Statistical Spreadsheet
2018-11-30 lg Locally Gaussian Distributions: Estimation and Methods
2018-11-30 logging R Logging Package
2018-11-30 merDeriv Case-Wise and Cluster-Wise Derivatives for Mixed Effects Models
2018-11-30 MetaboLouise METABOlomics LOngitudinal SimUlation Engine
2018-11-30 nCopula Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas Constructed with Multivariate Compound Distributions
2018-11-30 PCMBase Simulation and Likelihood Calculation of Phylogenetic Comparative Models
2018-11-30 RATest Randomization Tests
2018-11-30 RcppEnsmallen Header-Only C++ Mathematical Optimization Library for 'Armadillo'
2018-11-30 rCRM Regularized Continual Reassessment Method
2018-11-30 rdbnomics Download DBnomics Data
2018-11-30 rdtLite Provenance Collector
2018-11-30 relsurv Relative Survival
2018-11-30 Rpolyhedra Polyhedra Database
2018-11-30 rSEA Simultaneous Enrichment Analysis
2018-11-30 SeqFeatR A Tool to Associate FASTA Sequences and Features
2018-11-30 smartR Spatial Management and Assessment of Demersal Resources for Trawl Fisheries
2018-11-30 strex Extra String Manipulation Functions
2018-11-30 vistributions Visualize Probability Distributions
2018-11-29 albopictus Age-Structured Population Dynamics Model
2018-11-29 baRcodeR Labelling, Tracking, and Collecting Data from Biological Samples
2018-11-29 basicMCMCplots Trace Plots, Density Plots and Chain Comparisons for MCMC Samples
2018-11-29 causaleffect Deriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models
2018-11-29 celestial Collection of Common Astronomical Conversion Routines and Functions
2018-11-29 changepoint.mv Changepoint Analysis for Multivariate Time Series
2018-11-29 circumplex Analysis and Visualization of Circular Data
2018-11-29 cubature Adaptive Multivariate Integration over Hypercubes
2018-11-29 ddsPLS Multi-Data-Driven Sparse PLS Robust to Missing Samples
2018-11-29 ectotemp Quantitative Estimates of Small Ectotherm Temperature Regulation Effectiveness
2018-11-29 epoc Endogenous Perturbation Analysis of Cancer
2018-11-29 findpython Functions to Find an Acceptable Python Binary
2018-11-29 fitplc Fit Hydraulic Vulnerability Curves
2018-11-29 generics Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting
2018-11-29 intccr Semiparametric Competing Risks Regression under Interval Censoring
2018-11-29 iotables Importing and Manipulating Symmetric Input-Output Tables
2018-11-29 IRdisplay 'Jupyter' Display Machinery
2018-11-29 kst Knowledge Space Theory
2018-11-29 leaflet.opacity Opacity Controls for Leaflet Maps
2018-11-29 magicaxis Pretty Scientific Plotting with Minor-Tick and Log Minor-Tick Support
2018-11-29 MCI2 Market Area Models for Retail and Service Locations
2018-11-29 meta General Package for Meta-Analysis
2018-11-29 phylocomr Interface to 'Phylocom'
2018-11-29 preference 2-Stage Preference Trial Design and Analysis
2018-11-29 psica Decision Tree Analysis for Probabilistic Subgroup Identification with Multiple Treatments
2018-11-29 REAT Regional Economic Analysis Toolbox
2018-11-29 revtools Tools to Support Evidence Synthesis
2018-11-29 RiemBase Functions and C++ Header Files for Computation on Manifolds
2018-11-29 Rsomoclu Somoclu
2018-11-29 RStorm Simulate and Develop Streaming Processing
2018-11-29 rWind Download, Edit and Include Wind Data in Ecological and Evolutionary Analysis
2018-11-29 selectapref Analysis of Field and Laboratory Foraging
2018-11-29 SkewHyperbolic The Skew Hyperbolic Student t-Distribution
2018-11-29 sparklyr R Interface to Apache Spark
2018-11-29 textfeatures Extracts Features from Text
2018-11-29 tidytree A Tidy Tool for Phylogenetic Tree Data Manipulation
2018-11-29 tmod Feature Set Enrichment Analysis for Metabolomics and Transcriptomics
2018-11-29 vctrs Vector Helpers
2018-11-29 WebPower Basic and Advanced Statistical Power Analysis
2018-11-29 wiseR A Shiny Application for End-to-End Bayesian Decision Network Analysis and Web-Deployment
2018-11-28 chandwich Chandler-Bate Sandwich Loglikelihood Adjustment
2018-11-28 ChemoSpec Exploratory Chemometrics for Spectroscopy
2018-11-28 ChemoSpecUtils Functions Supporting Packages ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D
2018-11-28 clusterSim Searching for Optimal Clustering Procedure for a Data Set
2018-11-28 ed50 Estimate ED50 and Its Confidence Interval
2018-11-28 elevatr Access Elevation Data from Various APIs
2018-11-28 ETAS Modeling Earthquake Data Using 'ETAS' Model
2018-11-28 extremefit Estimation of Extreme Conditional Quantiles and Probabilities
2018-11-28 fabMix Overfitting Bayesian Mixtures of Factor Analyzers with Parsimonious Covariance and Unknown Number of Components
2018-11-28 GCD Global Charcoal Database
2018-11-28 hgutils Collection of Utility Functions
2018-11-28 imagerExtra Extra Image Processing Library Based on 'imager'
2018-11-28 LSAfun Applied Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) Functions
2018-11-28 netSEM Network Structural Equation Modeling
2018-11-28 physiology Calculate physiologic characteristics of awake and anesthetized adults, children and infants
2018-11-28 ProFit Fit Projected 2D Profiles to Galaxy Images
2018-11-28 ProFound Photometry Tools
2018-11-28 rchie A Parser for 'ArchieML'
2018-11-28 RcppArmadillo 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Armadillo' Templated Linear Algebra Library
2018-11-28 riskPredictClustData Assessing Risk Predictions for Clustered Data
2018-11-28 Sim.DiffProc Simulation of Diffusion Processes
2018-11-28 spCP Spatially Varying Change Points
2018-11-28 sugrrants Supporting Graphs for Analysing Time Series
2018-11-28 tfse Tools for Script Editing
2018-11-27 AnaCoDa Analysis of Codon Data under Stationarity using a Bayesian Framework
2018-11-27 CARRoT Predicting Categorical and Continuous Outcomes Using One in Ten Rule
2018-11-27 CUB A Class of Mixture Models for Ordinal Data
2018-11-27 DistributionUtils Distribution Utilities
2018-11-27 easyanova Analysis of Variance and Other Important Complementary Analyses
2018-11-27 FRESA.CAD Feature Selection Algorithms for Computer Aided Diagnosis
2018-11-27 gllm Generalised log-Linear Model
2018-11-27 HCmodelSets Regression with a Large Number of Potential Explanatory Variables
2018-11-27 landsepi Landscape Epidemiology and Evolution
2018-11-27 lasso2 L1 Constrained Estimation aka ‘lasso’
2018-11-27 nowcasting Predicting Economic Variables using Dynamic Factor Models
2018-11-27 plot.matrix Visualizes a Matrix as Heatmap
2018-11-27 processanimateR Process Map Token Replay Animation
2018-11-27 pseudorank Pseudo-Ranks
2018-11-27 RDFTensor Different Tensor Factorization (Decomposition) Techniques for RDF Tensors (Three-Mode-Tensors)
2018-11-27 repr Serializable Representations
2018-11-27 sfsmisc Utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich
2018-11-27 SpatialGraph SpatialGraph Class
2018-11-27 StatDA Statistical Analysis for Environmental Data
2018-11-27 TAShiny 'Text Analyzer Shiny'
2018-11-27 TeachNet Fits Neural Networks to Learn About Backpropagation
2018-11-27 tidymodels Easily Install and Load the 'Tidymodels' Packages
2018-11-27 trafo Estimation, Comparison and Selection of Transformations
2018-11-27 tsibble Tidy Temporal Data Frames and Tools
2018-11-26 adamethods Archetypoid Algorithms and Anomaly Detection
2018-11-26 AdhereR Adherence to Medications
2018-11-26 bioacoustics Analyse Audio Recordings and Automatically Extract Animal Vocalizations
2018-11-26 bipartiteD3 Interactive Bipartite Graphs
2018-11-26 capm Companion Animal Population Management
2018-11-26 coveffectsplot Produce Forest Plots to Visualize Covariate Effects
2018-11-26 cranlike Tools for 'CRAN'-Like Repositories
2018-11-26 crosswalkr Rename and Encode Data Frames Using External Crosswalk Files
2018-11-26 dartR Importing and Analysing SNP and Silicodart Data Generated by Genome-Wide Restriction Fragment Analysis
2018-11-26 fChange Change Point Analysis in Functional Data
2018-11-26 FlexParamCurve Tools to Fit Flexible Parametric Curves
2018-11-26 frailtypack General Frailty Models: Shared, Joint and Nested Frailty Models with Prediction; Evaluation of Failure-Time Surrogate Endpoints
2018-11-26 FSMUMI Imputation of Time Series Based on Fuzzy Logic
2018-11-26 GENEAsphere Visualisation of Raw or Segmented Accelerometer Data
2018-11-26 GSED Group Sequential Enrichment Design
2018-11-26 hmm.discnp Hidden Markov Models with Discrete Non-Parametric Observation Distributions
2018-11-26 hR An HR Analytics Toolkit
2018-11-26 hsphase Phasing, Pedigree Reconstruction, Sire Imputation and Recombination Events Identification of Half-sib Families Using SNP Data
2018-11-26 ipdw Spatial Interpolation by Inverse Path Distance Weighting
2018-11-26 kappaSize Sample Size Estimation Functions for Studies of Interobserver Agreement
2018-11-26 LLSR Data Analysis of Liquid-Liquid Systems
2018-11-26 mixKernel Omics Data Integration Using Kernel Methods
2018-11-26 MRFcov Markov Random Fields with Additional Covariates
2018-11-26 NormalLaplace The Normal Laplace Distribution
2018-11-26 npordtests Nonparametric Tests for Equality of Location Against Ordered Alternatives
2018-11-26 openCR Open Population Capture-Recapture
2018-11-26 PDShiny 'Probability Distribution Shiny'
2018-11-26 postlogic Infix and Postfix Logic Operators
2018-11-26 questionr Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier
2018-11-26 raptr Representative and Adequate Prioritization Toolkit in R
2018-11-26 rdwd Select and Download Climate Data from 'DWD' (German Weather Service)
2018-11-26 read.gb Open GenBank Files
2018-11-26 readODS Read and Write ODS Files
2018-11-26 restez Create and Query a Local Copy of 'GenBank' in R
2018-11-26 rio A Swiss-Army Knife for Data I/O
2018-11-26 SAMM Some Algorithms for Mixed Models
2018-11-26 SetMethods Functions for Set-Theoretic Multi-Method Research and Advanced QCA
2018-11-26 SMFilter Filtering Algorithms for the State Space Model on the Stiefel Manifold
2018-11-26 spacesXYZ CIE XYZ and some of Its Derived Color Spaces
2018-11-26 suropt Surrogate-Based Optimization
2018-11-26 survival Survival Analysis
2018-11-26 TRES Tensor Regression with Envelope Structure and Three Generic Envelope Estimation Approaches
2018-11-26 VarianceGamma The Variance Gamma Distribution
2018-11-26 YPInterimTesting Interim Monitoring Using Adaptively Weighted Log-Rank Test in Clinical Trials
2018-11-26 ypr Yield Per Recruit
2018-11-26 Z10 Simple Ecological Statistics from the NEON Network
2018-11-26 zscorer Child Anthropometry z-Score Calculator
2018-11-25 BatchGetSymbols Downloads and Organizes Financial Data for Multiple Tickers
2018-11-25 cobalt Covariate Balance Tables and Plots
2018-11-25 DatabaseConnector Connecting to Various Database Platforms
2018-11-25 document Run 'roxygen2' on (Chunks of) Single Code Files
2018-11-25 GGIR Raw Accelerometer Data Analysis
2018-11-25 insect Informatic Sequence Classification Trees
2018-11-25 jstor Read Data from JSTOR/DfR
2018-11-25 labelled Manipulating Labelled Data
2018-11-25 lava Latent Variable Models
2018-11-25 MplusAutomation An R Package for Facilitating Large-Scale Latent Variable Analyses in Mplus
2018-11-25 rdflib Tools to Manipulate and Query Semantic Data
2018-11-25 RonFHIR Read and Search Interface to the 'HL7 FHIR' REST API
2018-11-25 RQuantLib R Interface to the 'QuantLib' Library
2018-11-25 SPREDA Statistical Package for Reliability Data Analysis
2018-11-25 ssdtools Species Sensitivity Distributions
2018-11-25 stackoverflow Stack Overflow's Greatest Hits
2018-11-25 toxboot Bootstrap Methods for 'ToxCast' High Throughput Screening Data
2018-11-25 TSstudio Functions for Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
2018-11-25 wfe Weighted Linear Fixed Effects Regression Models for Causal Inference
2018-11-25 yuimaGUI A Graphical User Interface for the 'yuima' Package
2018-11-24 codebook Automatic Codebooks from Survey Metadata Encoded in Attributes
2018-11-24 EmpiricalCalibration Routines for Performing Empirical Calibration of Observational Study Estimates
2018-11-24 eurostat Tools for Eurostat Open Data
2018-11-24 Funclustering Functional Data Clustering
2018-11-24 grf Generalized Random Forests (Beta)
2018-11-24 isoph Isotonic Proportional Hazards Model
2018-11-24 mcmcr Manipulate MCMC Samples
2018-11-24 Numero Statistical Framework to Define Subgroups in Complex Datasets
2018-11-24 pbdBASE Programming with Big Data – Base Wrappers for Distributed Matrices
2018-11-24 photobiologyInOut Read Spectral and Logged Data from Foreign Files
2018-11-24 plotmo Plot a Model's Residuals, Response, and Partial Dependence Plots
2018-11-24 ppitables Lookup Tables to Generate Poverty Likelihoods and Rates using the Poverty Probability Index (PPI)
2018-11-24 RcppEigen 'Rcpp' Integration for the 'Eigen' Templated Linear Algebra Library
2018-11-24 Rmagic MAGIC - Markov Affinity-Based Graph Imputation of Cells
2018-11-24 rpart.plot Plot 'rpart' Models: An Enhanced Version of 'plot.rpart'
2018-11-24 stminsights A 'Shiny' Application for Inspecting Structural Topic Models
2018-11-24 STPGA Selection of Training Populations by Genetic Algorithm
2018-11-23 automl Deep Learning with Metaheuristic
2018-11-23 CytobankAPI Cytobank API Wrapper for R
2018-11-23 dirichletprocess Build Dirichlet Process Objects for Bayesian Modelling
2018-11-23 esDesign Adaptive Enrichment Designs with Sample Size Re-Estimation
2018-11-23 GenEst Generalized Mortality Estimator
2018-11-23 googlePolylines Encoding Coordinates into 'Google' Polylines
2018-11-23 impimp Imprecise Imputation for Statistical Matching
2018-11-23 lognorm Functions for the Lognormal Distribution
2018-11-23 MachineShop Machine Learning Models and Tools
2018-11-23 MESS Miscellaneous Esoteric Statistical Scripts
2018-11-23 metamedian Meta-Analysis of Medians
2018-11-23 multiApply Apply Functions to Multiple Multidimensional Arrays or Vectors
2018-11-23 MXM Feature Selection (Including Multiple Solutions) and Bayesian Networks
2018-11-23 patternize Quantification of Color Pattern Variation
2018-11-23 pid Process Improvement using Data
2018-11-23 RcppThread R-Friendly Threading in C++
2018-11-23 SqlRender Rendering Parameterized SQL and Translation to Dialects
2018-11-23 tadaatoolbox Helpers for Data Analysis and Presentation Focused on Undergrad Psychology
2018-11-23 tcgsaseq Time-Course Gene Set Analysis for RNA-Seq Data
2018-11-22 abn Modelling Multivariate Data with Additive Bayesian Networks
2018-11-22 asnipe Animal Social Network Inference and Permutations for Ecologists
2018-11-22 beyondWhittle Bayesian Spectral Inference for Stationary Time Series
2018-11-22 bssm Bayesian Inference of Non-Linear and Non-Gaussian State Space Models
2018-11-22 Delaporte Statistical Functions for the Delaporte Distribution
2018-11-22 FLSSS Mining Rigs for Specialized Subset Sum, Multi-Subset Sum, Multidimensional Subset Sum, Multidimensional Knapsack, Generalized Assignment Problems
2018-11-22 FSA Simple Fisheries Stock Assessment Methods
2018-11-22 geojsonsf GeoJSON to Simple Feature Converter
2018-11-22 goeveg Functions for Community Data and Ordinations
2018-11-22 gravity Estimation Methods for Gravity Models
2018-11-22 haven Import and Export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' Files
2018-11-22 hydrostats Hydrologic Indices for Daily Time Series Data
2018-11-22 IBCF.MTME Item Based Collaborative Filtering for Multi-Trait and Multi-Environment Data
2018-11-22 iClick A Button-Based GUI for Financial and Economic Data Analysis
2018-11-22 keras R Interface to 'Keras'
2018-11-22 metaboGSE Gene Set Enrichment Analysis via Integration of Metabolic Networks and RNA-Seq Data
2018-11-22 momentuHMM Maximum Likelihood Analysis of Animal Movement Behavior Using Multivariate Hidden Markov Models
2018-11-22 ngstk Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis Toolkit
2018-11-22 olsrr Tools for Building OLS Regression Models
2018-11-22 protr Generating Various Numerical Representation Schemes for Protein Sequences
2018-11-22 readr Read Rectangular Text Data
2018-11-22 SemiMarkov Multi-States Semi-Markov Models
2018-11-22 SIfEK Statistical Inference for Enzyme Kinetics
2018-11-22 sirt Supplementary Item Response Theory Models
2018-11-22 sjlabelled Labelled Data Utility Functions
2018-11-22 tidystringdist String Distance Calculation with Tidy Data Principles
2018-11-22 TSrepr Time Series Representations
2018-11-22 vagalumeR Access to the 'Vagalume' API
2018-11-22 WeightIt Weighting for Covariate Balance in Observational Studies
2018-11-21 acebayes Optimal Bayesian Experimental Design using the ACE Algorithm
2018-11-21 alterryx An 'API' Client for the 'Alteryx' Gallery
2018-11-21 assertive.data Assertions to Check Properties of Data
2018-11-21 BIGL Biochemically Intuitive Generalized Loewe Model
2018-11-21 circlize Circular Visualization
2018-11-21 cladoRcpp C++ Implementations of Phylogenetic Cladogenesis Calculations
2018-11-21 dendroTools Linear and Nonlinear Methods for Analyzing Dendroclimatological Data
2018-11-21 double.truncation Analysis of Doubly-Truncated Data
2018-11-21 EpiModel Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease Dynamics
2018-11-21 glassdoor Interface to 'Glassdoor' API
2018-11-21 lime Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations
2018-11-21 metacart Meta-CART: A Flexible Approach to Identify Moderators in Meta-Analysis
2018-11-21 mgcv Mixed GAM Computation Vehicle with Automatic Smoothness Estimation
2018-11-21 micemd Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations with Multilevel Data
2018-11-21 ordinalCont Ordinal Regression Analysis for Continuous Scales
2018-11-21 PMmisc P&M Miscellaneous R Functions
2018-11-21 rmytarget Load Data from 'MyTarget API'
2018-11-21 spdep Spatial Dependence: Weighting Schemes, Statistics and Models
2018-11-20 assertive.matrices Assertions to Check Properties of Matrices
2018-11-20 BioInstaller Integrator of Bioinformatics Resources
2018-11-20 cancensus Canadian Census Data and Geography from the 'CensusMapper' API
2018-11-20 caret Classification and Regression Training
2018-11-20 CARS Covariate Assisted Ranking and Screening for Large-Scale Two-Sample Inference
2018-11-20 ctsem Continuous Time Structural Equation Modelling
2018-11-20 dobson Data from the GLM Book by Dobson and Barnett
2018-11-20 farver Vectorised Colour Conversion and Comparison
2018-11-20 fishmethods Fishery Science Methods and Models
2018-11-20 GADMTools Easy Use of 'GADM' Shapefiles
2018-11-20 gcite Google Citation Parser
2018-11-20 lavaSearch2 Tools for Model Specification in the Latent Variable Framework
2018-11-20 meteoForecast Numerical Weather Predictions
2018-11-20 mets Analysis of Multivariate Event Times
2018-11-20 mma Multiple Mediation Analysis
2018-11-20 modi Multivariate Outlier Detection and Imputation for Incomplete Survey Data
2018-11-20 naniar Data Structures, Summaries, and Visualisations for Missing Data
2018-11-20 neurobase 'Neuroconductor' Base Package with Helper Functions for 'nifti' Objects
2018-11-20 OjaNP Multivariate Methods Based on the Oja Median and Related Concepts
2018-11-20 openair Tools for the Analysis of Air Pollution Data
2018-11-20 opencpu Producing and Reproducing Results
2018-11-20 optional Optional Types and Pattern Matching
2018-11-20 pathfindR Pathway Enrichment Analysis Utilizing Active Subnetworks
2018-11-20 pkgdown Make Static HTML Documentation for a Package
2018-11-20 qkerntool Q-Kernel-Based and Conditionally Negative Definite Kernel-Based Machine Learning Tools
2018-11-20 rhandsontable Interface to the 'Handsontable.js' Library
2018-11-20 rnrfa UK National River Flow Archive Data from R
2018-11-20 rsample General Resampling Infrastructure
2018-11-20 RSE Number of Newly Discovered Rare Species Estimation
2018-11-20 rsppfp R's Shortest Path Problem with Forbidden Subpaths
2018-11-20 scico Colour Palettes Based on the Scientific Colour-Maps
2018-11-20 SimInf A Framework for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations
2018-11-20 speaq Tools for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectra Alignment, Peak Based Processing, Quantitative Analysis and Visualizations
2018-11-20 styler Non-Invasive Pretty Printing of R Code
2018-11-20 tidygraph A Tidy API for Graph Manipulation
2018-11-20 tidyLPA Easily Carry Out Latent Profile Analysis (LPA) Using Open-Source or Commercial Software
2018-11-20 whiboclustering White Box Clustering Algorithm Design
2018-11-20 wikisourcer Download Public Domain Works from Wikisource
2018-11-19 BHSBVAR Structural Bayesian Vector Autoregression Models
2018-11-19 CAST 'caret' Applications for Spatial-Temporal Models
2018-11-19 clustvarsel Variable Selection for Gaussian Model-Based Clustering
2018-11-19 collateral Quickly Evaluate Captured Side Effects
2018-11-19 colorSpec Color Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data
2018-11-19 dabestr Data Analysis using Bootstrap-Coupled Estimation
2018-11-19 datarobot 'DataRobot' Predictive Modeling API
2018-11-19 deckgl An R Interface to 'deck.gl'
2018-11-19 DiPs Directional Penalties for Optimal Matching in Observational Studies
2018-11-19 dqshiny Enhance Shiny Apps with Customizable Modules
2018-11-19 EdSurvey Analysis of NCES Education Survey and Assessment Data
2018-11-19 embed Extra Recipes for Encoding Categorical Predictors
2018-11-19 epibasix Elementary Epidemiological Functions for Epidemiology and Biostatistics
2018-11-19 fdq Forest Data Quality
2018-11-19 ffmetadata Access to Fragile Families Metadata
2018-11-19 FlexScan Flexible Scan Statistics
2018-11-19 fslr Wrapper Functions for 'FSL' ('FMRIB' Software Library) from Functional MRI of the Brain ('FMRIB')
2018-11-19 gginference Visualise the Results of Inferential Statistics using 'ggplot2'
2018-11-19 ggsolvencyii A 'ggplot2'-Plot of Composition of Solvency II SCR: SF and IM
2018-11-19 GLSE Graphical Least Square Estimation
2018-11-19 GSODR Global Surface Summary of the Day ('GSOD') Weather Data Client
2018-11-19 hillR Diversity Through Hill Numbers
2018-11-19 irteQ Linking and Equating Methods in Unidimensional Item Response Theory
2018-11-19 ITGM Individual Tree Growth Modeling
2018-11-19 LindleyPowerSeries Lindley Power Series Distribution
2018-11-19 metacoder Tools for Parsing, Manipulating, and Graphing Taxonomic Abundance Data
2018-11-19 metR Tools for Easier Analysis of Meteorological Fields
2018-11-19 MPTmultiverse Multiverse Analysis of Multinomial Processing Tree Models
2018-11-19 mscstts R Client for the Microsoft Cognitive Services 'Text-to-Speech' REST API
2018-11-19 NBDesign Design and Monitoring of Clinical Trials with Negative Binomial Endpoint
2018-11-19 ODS Statistical Methods for Outcome-Dependent Sampling Designs
2018-11-19 ordering Test, Check, Verify, Investigate the Monotonic Properties of Vectors
2018-11-19 pivmet Pivotal Methods for Bayesian Relabelling and k-Means Clustering
2018-11-19 pollimetry Estimate Pollinator Body Size and Co-Varying Ecological Traits
2018-11-19 polyRAD Genotype Calling with Uncertainty from Sequencing Data in Polyploids and Diploids
2018-11-19 propr Calculating Proportionality Between Vectors of Compositional Data
2018-11-19 quanteda Quantitative Analysis of Textual Data
2018-11-19 QuantumOps Performs Common Linear Algebra Operations Used in Quantum Computing
2018-11-19 R.temis Integrated Text Mining Solution
2018-11-19 RBesT R Bayesian Evidence Synthesis Tools
2018-11-19 rcosmo Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis
2018-11-19 recipes Preprocessing Tools to Create Design Matrices
2018-11-19 ref.ICAR Objective Bayes Intrinsic Conditional Autoregressive Model for Areal Data
2018-11-19 rphylopic Get 'Silhouettes' of 'Organisms' from 'Phylopic'
2018-11-19 rscopus Scopus Database 'API' Interface
2018-11-19 RZooRoH Partitioning of Individual Autozygosity into Multiple Homozygous-by-Descent Classes
2018-11-19 scrm Simulating the Evolution of Biological Sequences
2018-11-19 secr Spatially Explicit Capture-Recapture
2018-11-19 shades Simple Colour Manipulation
2018-11-19 similr Text Similarity
2018-11-19 soilDB Soil Database Interface
2018-11-19 spaMM Mixed-Effect Models, Particularly Spatial Models
2018-11-19 spartan Simulation Parameter Analysis R Toolkit ApplicatioN: 'spartan'
2018-11-19 spreadr Simulating Spreading Activation in a Network
2018-11-19 stevedore Docker Client
2018-11-19 StMoSim Quantile-Quantile Plot with Several Gaussian Simulations
2018-11-19 tensorflow R Interface to 'TensorFlow'
2018-11-19 tseries Time Series Analysis and Computational Finance
2018-11-19 uavRst Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Tools
2018-11-18 argonR R Interface to Argon HTML Design
2018-11-18 bpbounds Nonparametric Bounds for the Average Causal Effect Due to Balke and Pearl and Extensions
2018-11-18 cleanNLP A Tidy Data Model for Natural Language Processing
2018-11-18 cusum CUSUM Charts for Monitoring of Hospital Performance
2018-11-18 Fgmutils Forest Growth Model Utilities
2018-11-18 fungible Psychometric Functions from the Waller Lab
2018-11-18 icd Comorbidity Calculations and Tools for ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes
2018-11-18 IsoSpecR The IsoSpec Algorithm
2018-11-18 lmviz A Package to Visualize Linear Models Features and Play with Them
2018-11-18 lvnet Latent Variable Network Modeling
2018-11-18 NPBayesImputeCat Non-Parametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Categorical Data
2018-11-18 pdR Threshold Model and Unit Root Tests in Cross-section and Time Series Data
2018-11-18 pems.utils Portable Emissions (and Other Mobile) Measurement System Utilities
2018-11-18 pinbasic Fast and Stable Estimation of the Probability of Informed Trading (PIN)
2018-11-18 RainfallErosivityFactor The Rainfall-Runoff Erosivity Factor
2018-11-18 rcites R Interface to the Species+ Database
2018-11-18 rcompanion Functions to Support Extension Education Program Evaluation
2018-11-18 RcppMsgPack 'MsgPack' C++ Header Files and Interface Functions for R
2018-11-18 RFishBC Back-Calculation of Fish Length
2018-11-18 rfviz Interactive Visualization Tool for Random Forests
2018-11-18 scPDSI Calculation of the Conventional and Self-Calibrating Palmer Drought Severity Index
2018-11-18 sctransform Variance Stabilizing Transformations for Single Cell UMI Data
2018-11-18 shinyEffects Customize Your Web Apps with Fancy Effects
2018-11-18 sigmajs Interface to 'Sigma.js' Graph Visualization Library
2018-11-18 SII Calculate ANSI S3.5-1997 Speech Intelligibility Index
2018-11-18 SpaDES.core Core Utilities for Developing and Running Spatially Explicit Discrete Event Simulation Models
2018-11-18 tiler Create Geographic and Non-Geographic Map Tiles
2018-11-18 TraMineR Trajectory Miner: a Toolbox for Exploring and Rendering Sequences
2018-11-18 TSMCP Fast Two Stage Multiple Change Point Detection
2018-11-18 valr Genome Interval Arithmetic in R
2018-11-17 dslice Dynamic Slicing
2018-11-17 ggeffects Create Tidy Data Frames of Marginal Effects for 'ggplot' from Model Outputs
2018-11-17 mclust Gaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering, Classification, and Density Estimation
2018-11-17 ncpen Unified Algorithm for Non-convex Penalized Estimation for Generalized Linear Models
2018-11-17 rpdo Pacific Decadal Oscillation Index Data
2018-11-17 svars Data-Driven Identification of SVAR Models
2018-11-17 wTO Computing Weighted Topological Overlaps (wTO) & Consensus wTO Network
2018-11-16 bibliometrix An R-Tool for Comprehensive Science Mapping Analysis
2018-11-16 BivRec Bivariate Alternating Recurrent Event Data Analysis
2018-11-16 easyCODA Compositional Data Analysis in Practice
2018-11-16 ems Epimed Solutions Collection for Data Editing, Analysis, and Benchmark of Health Units
2018-11-16 evtclass Extreme Value Theory for Open Set Classification - GPD and GEV Classifiers
2018-11-16 FossilSim Simulation of Fossil and Taxonomy Data
2018-11-16 GENEAclassify Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data
2018-11-16 GENEAread Package for Reading Binary Files
2018-11-16 googleAuthR Authenticate and Create Google APIs
2018-11-16 instruments Estimate Regression Models with Instrumental Variables
2018-11-16 ipcwswitch Inverse Probability of Censoring Weights to Deal with Treatment Switch in Randomized Clinical Trials
2018-11-16 IRkernel Native R Kernel for the 'Jupyter Notebook'
2018-11-16 jetpack A Friendly Package Manager
2018-11-16 jmv The 'jamovi' Analyses
2018-11-16 lcc Longitudinal Concordance Correlation
2018-11-16 lori Low-Rank Interaction Contingency Tables
2018-11-16 MIXFIM Evaluation of the FIM in NLMEMs using MCMC
2018-11-16 mltest Classification Evaluation Metrics
2018-11-16 NLMR Simulating Neutral Landscape Models
2018-11-16 nproc Neyman-Pearson (NP) Classification Algorithms and NP Receiver Operating Characteristic (NP-ROC) Curves
2018-11-16 pammtools Piece-Wise Exponential Additive Mixed Modeling Tools
2018-11-16 pkgsearch Search CRAN R Packages
2018-11-16 psymonitor Real Time Monitoring of Asset Markets: Bubbles and Crisis
2018-11-16 pterrace Persistence Terrace for Topological Data Analysis
2018-11-16 randcorr Generate a Random p x p Correlation Matrix
2018-11-16 RcppGetconf 'Rcpp' Interface for Querying System Configuration Variables
2018-11-16 reproducible A Set of Tools that Enhance Reproducibility Beyond Package Management
2018-11-16 survELtest Comparing Multiple Survival Functions via Empirical Likelihood (EL) Based Tests
2018-11-16 tcpl ToxCast Data Analysis Pipeline
2018-11-16 TGS Rapid Reconstruction of Time-Varying Gene Regulatory Networks
2018-11-15 canvasXpress Visualization Package for CanvasXpress in R
2018-11-15 cliqueMS Annotation of Isotopes, Adducts and Fragmentation Adducts for in-Source LC/MS Metabolomics Data
2018-11-15 crseEventStudy A Robust and Powerful Test of Abnormal Stock Returns in Long-Horizon Event Studies
2018-11-15 divest Get Images Out of DICOM Format Quickly
2018-11-15 EpiSignalDetection Signal Detection Analysis
2018-11-15 FENmlm Fixed Effects Nonlinear Maximum Likelihood Models
2018-11-15 FRegSigCom Functional Regression using Signal Compression Approach
2018-11-15 getTBinR Get WHO Tuberculosis Data
2018-11-15 ggdistribute A 'ggplot2' Extension for Plotting Unimodal Distributions
2018-11-15 ggpubr 'ggplot2' Based Publication Ready Plots
2018-11-15 ggvoronoi Voronoi Diagrams and Heatmaps with 'ggplot2'
2018-11-15 HMMpa Analysing Accelerometer Data Using Hidden Markov Models
2018-11-15 hommel Methods for Closed Testing with Simes Inequality, in Particular Hommel's Method
2018-11-15 infer Tidy Statistical Inference
2018-11-15 ITRLearn Statistical Learning for Individualized Treatment Regime
2018-11-15 MetaStan Bayesian Meta-Analysis via 'Stan'
2018-11-15 MultiJoin Enables Efficient Joining of Data File on Common Fields using the Unix Utility Join
2018-11-15 openssl Toolkit for Encryption, Signatures and Certificates Based on OpenSSL
2018-11-15 OsteoBioR Temporal Estimation of Isotopic Values
2018-11-15 pkggraph A Consistent and Intuitive Platform to Explore the Dependencies of Packages on the Comprehensive R Archive Network Like Repositories
2018-11-15 POUMM The Phylogenetic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Mixed Model
2018-11-15 powdR Full Pattern Summation of X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data
2018-11-15 pvar Calculation and Application of p-Variation
2018-11-15 Rdimtools Dimension Reduction and Estimation Methods
2018-11-15 rrcov Scalable Robust Estimators with High Breakdown Point
2018-11-15 rtika R Interface to 'Apache Tika'
2018-11-15 sentometrics An Integrated Framework for Textual Sentiment Time Series Aggregation and Prediction
2018-11-15 signalHsmm Predict Presence of Signal Peptides
2018-11-15 sjstats Collection of Convenient Functions for Common Statistical Computations
2018-11-15 spocc Interface to Species Occurrence Data Sources
2018-11-15 sumFREGAT Fast Region-Based Association Tests on Summary Statistics
2018-11-15 switchr Installing, Managing, and Switching Between Distinct Sets of Installed Packages
2018-11-15 tidyposterior Bayesian Analysis to Compare Models using Resampling Statistics
2018-11-15 UncDecomp Uncertainty Decomposition
2018-11-15 wrapr Wrap R Tools for Debugging and Parametric Programming
2018-11-14 anytime Anything to 'POSIXct' or 'Date' Converter
2018-11-14 AutoStepwiseGLM Builds Stepwise GLMs via Train and Test Approach
2018-11-14 BaMORC Bayesian Model Optimized Reference Correction Method for Assigned and Unassigned Protein NMR Spectra
2018-11-14 BDgraph Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Birth-Death MCMC
2018-11-14 BondValuation Fixed Coupon Bond Valuation Allowing for Odd Coupon Periods and Various Day Count Conventions
2018-11-14 bReeze Functions for Wind Resource Assessment
2018-11-14 cNORM Continuous Norming
2018-11-14 DescToolsAddIns Some Functions to be Used as Shortcuts in 'RStudio'
2018-11-14 dlbayes Use Dirichlet Laplace Prior to Solve Linear Regression Problem and Do Variable Selection
2018-11-14 echarts4r Create Interactive Graphs with 'Echarts JavaScript' Version 4
2018-11-14 EpiReport Epidemiological Report
2018-11-14 esquisse Explore and Visualize Your Data Interactively
2018-11-14 flobr Convert Files to and from Binary Objects (BLOBs)
2018-11-14 forestHES Forest Health Evaluation System at the Forest Stand Level in China
2018-11-14 gamlss.countKinf Generating and Fitting K-Inflated 'discrete gamlss.family' Distributions
2018-11-14 GB2group Estimation of the Generalised Beta Distribution of the Second Kind from Grouped Data
2018-11-14 giphyr R Interface to the Giphy API
2018-11-14 GJRM Generalised Joint Regression Modelling
2018-11-14 gllvm Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models
2018-11-14 GPM Gaussian Process Modeling of Multi-Response Datasets
2018-11-14 histry Enhanced Command History Tracking for R Sessions and Dynamic Documents
2018-11-14 JFE A Menu-Driven GUI for Data Analysis of Just Finance and Econometrics
2018-11-14 LNIRT LogNormal Response Time Item Response Theory Models
2018-11-14 LVGP Latent Variable Gaussian Process Modeling with Qualitative and Quantitative Input Variables
2018-11-14 majesticR R Interface to Access the 'Majestic' API
2018-11-14 MarketMatching Market Matching and Causal Impact Inference
2018-11-14 metsyn Interface with the Meteo France Synop Data API
2018-11-14 mixggm Mixtures of Gaussian Graphical Models
2018-11-14 mixsqp Sequential Quadratic Programming for Fast Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Mixture Proportions
2018-11-14 mnreadR MNREAD Parameters Estimation and Curve Plotting
2018-11-14 Modalclust Hierarchical Modal Clustering
2018-11-14 packrat A Dependency Management System for Projects and their R Package Dependencies
2018-11-14 palm Fitting Point Process Models via the Palm Likelihood
2018-11-14 personalized Estimation and Validation Methods for Subgroup Identification and Personalized Medicine
2018-11-14 pkgverse Build a Meta-Package Universe
2018-11-14 pluscode Encoder for Google 'Pluscodes'
2018-11-14 portalr Create Useful Summaries of the Portal Data
2018-11-14 RCSF Airborne LiDAR Filtering Method Based on Cloth Simulation
2018-11-14 RGenData Generates Multivariate Nonnormal Data and Determines How Many Factors to Retain
2018-11-14 RJafroc Modeling, Analysis, Validation and Visualization of Observer Performance Studies in Diagnostic Radiology
2018-11-14 RJSONIO Serialize R Objects to JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
2018-11-14 rJST Joint Sentiment Topic Modelling
2018-11-14 RPyGeo ArcGIS Geoprocessing via Python
2018-11-14 sdcTable Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data
2018-11-14 semdrw 'SEM Shiny'
2018-11-14 sensmediation Parametric Estimation and Sensitivity Analysis of Direct and Indirect Effects
2018-11-14 smoothROCtime Smooth Time-Dependent ROC Curve Estimation
2018-11-14 solitude An Implementation of Isolation Forest
2018-11-14 SolveRationalMatrixEquation Solve Rational Matrix Equation
2018-11-14 sparklyr.nested A 'sparklyr' Extension for Nested Data
2018-11-14 tableschema.r Frictionless Data Table Schema
2018-11-14 vegperiod Determine Thermal Vegetation Periods
2018-11-14 zipR Pythonic Zip() for R
2018-11-13 BiocManager Access the Bioconductor Project Package Repository
2018-11-13 bioset Convert a Matrix of Raw Values into Nice and Tidy Data
2018-11-13 configr An Implementation of Parsing and Writing Configuration File (JSON/INI/YAML/TOML)
2018-11-13 dbscan Density Based Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) and Related Algorithms
2018-11-13 deming Deming, Theil-Sen, Passing-Bablock and Total Least Squares Regression
2018-11-13 DescTools Tools for Descriptive Statistics
2018-11-13 dimRed A Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
2018-11-13 drugCombo Drug Interaction Modeling Based on Loewe Additivity Following Harbron's Approach
2018-11-13 enveomics.R Various Utilities for Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics
2018-11-13 FateID Quantification of Fate Bias in Multipotent Progenitors
2018-11-13 helixvis Visualize Alpha-Helical Peptide Sequences
2018-11-13 MIAmaxent A Modular, Integrated Approach to Maximum Entropy Distribution Modeling
2018-11-13 multimode Mode Testing and Exploring
2018-11-13 neonUtilities Utilities for Working with NEON Data
2018-11-13 pgbart Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Using Particle Gibbs Sampler and Gibbs/Metropolis-Hastings Sampler
2018-11-13 quadmesh Quadrangle Mesh
2018-11-13 RaceID Identification of Cell Types and Inference of Lineage Trees from Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data
2018-11-13 Rmpi Interface (Wrapper) to MPI (Message-Passing Interface)
2018-11-13 skpr Design of Experiments Suite: Generate and Evaluate Optimal Designs
2018-11-13 sys Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in R
2018-11-12 bhrcr Bayesian Hierarchical Regression on Clearance Rates in the Presence of Lag and Tail Phases
2018-11-12 ChainLadder Statistical Methods and Models for Claims Reserving in General Insurance
2018-11-12 DesignLibrary Library of Research Designs
2018-11-12 Directional Directional Statistics
2018-11-12 emuR Main Package of the EMU Speech Database Management System
2018-11-12 fastLink Fast Probabilistic Record Linkage with Missing Data
2018-11-12 febr Free Brazilian Repository for Open Soil Data
2018-11-12 ffmanova Fifty-Fifty MANOVA
2018-11-12 fingertipsR Fingertips Data for Public Health
2018-11-12 FSelectorRcpp 'Rcpp' Implementation of 'FSelector' Entropy-Based Feature Selection Algorithms with a Sparse Matrix Support
2018-11-12 googleVis R Interface to Google Charts
2018-11-12 live Local Interpretable (Model-Agnostic) Visual Explanations
2018-11-12 MBTAr Access Data from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) Web API
2018-11-12 MetabolomicsBasics Basic Functions to Investigate Metabolomics Data Matrices
2018-11-12 mlflow Interface to 'MLflow'
2018-11-12 MLML2R Maximum Likelihood Estimation of DNA Methylation and Hydroxymethylation Proportions
2018-11-12 model4you Stratified and Personalised Models Based on Model-Based Trees and Forests
2018-11-12 morse Modelling Tools for Reproduction and Survival Data in Ecotoxicology
2018-11-12 NCmisc Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and Scripts
2018-11-12 parsnip A Common API to Modeling and Analysis Functions
2018-11-12 PMCMRplus Calculate Pairwise Multiple Comparisons of Mean Rank Sums Extended
2018-11-12 PResiduals Probability-Scale Residuals and Residual Correlations
2018-11-12 QGglmm Estimate Quantitative Genetics Parameters from Generalised Linear Mixed Models
2018-11-12 qrmtools Tools for Quantitative Risk Management
2018-11-12 reqres Powerful Classes for HTTP Requests and Responses
2018-11-12 rmweather Tools to Conduct Meteorological Normalisation on Air Quality Data
2018-11-12 roptim General Purpose Optimization in R using C++
2018-11-12 rpostgis R Interface to a 'PostGIS' Database
2018-11-12 RSAGA SAGA Geoprocessing and Terrain Analysis
2018-11-12 rsconnect Deployment Interface for R Markdown Documents and Shiny Applications
2018-11-12 shinyFiles A Server-Side File System Viewer for Shiny
2018-11-12 STARTS Functions for the STARTS Model
2018-11-12 trekfont Star Trek Fonts Collection
2018-11-12 trialr Clinical Trial Designs in 'RStan'
2018-11-12 visualFields Statistical Methods for Visual Fields
2018-11-12 xROI Delineate Region of Interests (ROI's) and Extract Time-Series Data from Digital Repeat Photography Images
2018-11-11 AMCTestmakeR Generate LaTeX Code for Auto-Multiple-Choice (AMC)
2018-11-11 BGLR Bayesian Generalized Linear Regression
2018-11-11 cAIC4 Conditional Akaike Information Criterion for 'lme4'
2018-11-11 expss Tables with Labels and Some Useful Functions from Spreadsheets and 'SPSS' Statistics
2018-11-11 nandb Number and Brightness Image Analysis
2018-11-11 phenocamapi Interacting with the PhenoCam Data and API
2018-11-11 Rcrawler Web Crawler and Scraper
2018-11-11 reportReg An Easy Way to Report Regression Analysis
2018-11-11 SpATS Spatial Analysis of Field Trials with Splines
2018-11-11 tables Formula-Driven Table Generation
2018-11-11 textcat N-Gram Based Text Categorization
2018-11-10 aphid Analysis with Profile Hidden Markov Models
2018-11-10 dplyr A Grammar of Data Manipulation
2018-11-10 furniture Furniture for Quantitative Scientists
2018-11-10 gastempt Analyzing Gastric Emptying from MRI or Scintigraphy
2018-11-10 interep Interaction Analysis of Repeatedly Measured Data
2018-11-10 jmcm Joint Mean-Covariance Models using 'Armadillo' and S4
2018-11-10 lme4 Linear Mixed-Effects Models using 'Eigen' and S4
2018-11-10 lslx Semi-Confirmatory Structural Equation Modeling via Penalized Likelihood
2018-11-10 rcmdcheck Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results
2018-11-10 REndo Fitting Linear Models with Endogenous Regressors using Latent Instrumental Variables
2018-11-10 rstanarm Bayesian Applied Regression Modeling via Stan
2018-11-10 Rtsne T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding using a Barnes-Hut Implementation
2018-11-10 Ruchardet R Package to Detect Character Encoding
2018-11-10 sparkavro Load Avro file into 'Apache Spark'
2018-11-10 SpatialVS Spatial Variable Selection
2018-11-10 spTimer Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Modelling
2018-11-10 VICmodel The Variable Infiltration Capacity (VIC) Model
2018-11-09 antiword Extract Text from Microsoft Word Documents
2018-11-09 arsenal An Arsenal of 'R' Functions for Large-Scale Statistical Summaries
2018-11-09 bayesdfa Bayesian Dynamic Factor Analysis (DFA) with 'Stan'
2018-11-09 bmlm Bayesian Multilevel Mediation
2018-11-09 DeclareDesign Declare and Diagnose Research Designs
2018-11-09 detrendr Detrend Images
2018-11-09 dfpk Bayesian Dose-Finding Designs using Pharmacokinetics (PK) for Phase I Clinical Trials
2018-11-09 dtangle Cell Type Deconvolution from Gene Expressions
2018-11-09 eggCounts Hierarchical Modelling of Faecal Egg Counts
2018-11-09 finalfit Quickly Create Elegant Regression Results Tables and Plots when Modelling
2018-11-09 glmmfields Generalized Linear Mixed Models with Robust Random Fields for Spatiotemporal Modeling
2018-11-09 Gmisc Descriptive Statistics, Transition Plots, and More
2018-11-09 httptest A Test Environment for HTTP Requests
2018-11-09 ibs Integral of B-Spline Functions
2018-11-09 idefix Efficient Designs for Discrete Choice Experiments
2018-11-09 idem Inference in Randomized Controlled Trials with Death and Missingness
2018-11-09 IsoplotR Statistical Toolbox for Radiometric Geochronology
2018-11-09 jomo Multilevel Joint Modelling Multiple Imputation
2018-11-09 linguisticsdown Easy Linguistics Document Writing with R Markdown
2018-11-09 MALDIrppa MALDI Mass Spectrometry Data Robust Pre-Processing and Analysis
2018-11-09 modesto Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems
2018-11-09 Phase123 Simulating and Conducting Phase 123 Trials
2018-11-09 plinkQC Genotype Quality Control with 'PLINK'
2018-11-09 quickPlot A System of Plotting Optimized for Speed and Modularity
2018-11-09 Rfast A Collection of Efficient and Extremely Fast R Functions
2018-11-09 rfishbase R Interface to 'FishBase'
2018-11-09 rockchalk Regression Estimation and Presentation
2018-11-09 seqmon Group Sequential Design Class for Clinical Trials
2018-11-09 simmer Discrete-Event Simulation for R
2018-11-09 STMotif Discovery of Motifs in Spatial-Time Series
2018-11-09 survHE Survival Analysis in Health Economic Evaluation
2018-11-09 TMB Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by 'ADMB'
2018-11-09 tmbstan MCMC Sampling from 'TMB' Model Object using 'Stan'
2018-11-09 unrtf Extract Text from Rich Text Format (RTF) Documents
2018-11-09 walker Bayesian Regression with Time-Varying Coefficients
2018-11-09 ZeBook Working with Dynamic Models for Agriculture and Environment
2018-11-08 arrangements Fast Generators and Iterators for Permutations, Combinations and Partitions
2018-11-08 available Check if the Title of a Package is Available, Appropriate and Interesting
2018-11-08 cgam Constrained Generalized Additive Model
2018-11-08 ClusterR Gaussian Mixture Models, K-Means, Mini-Batch-Kmeans, K-Medoids and Affinity Propagation Clustering
2018-11-08 collections High Performance Container Data Types
2018-11-08 conStruct Models Spatially Continuous and Discrete Population Genetic Structure
2018-11-08 econet Estimation of Parameter-Dependent Network Centrality Measures
2018-11-08 inlmisc Miscellaneous Functions for the USGS INL Project Office
2018-11-08 lintr A 'Linter' for R Code
2018-11-08 MADPop MHC Allele-Based Differencing Between Populations
2018-11-08 MDFS MultiDimensional Feature Selection
2018-11-08 mem The Moving Epidemic Method
2018-11-08 memapp The Moving Epidemic Method Web Application
2018-11-08 OpenImageR An Image Processing Toolkit
2018-11-08 rgeos Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source ('GEOS')
2018-11-08 robCompositions Robust Estimation for Compositional Data
2018-11-08 simstandard Generate Standardized Data
2018-11-08 sn The Skew-Normal and Related Distributions Such as the Skew-t
2018-11-08 ssgraph Bayesian Graphical Estimation using Spike-and-Slab Priors
2018-11-08 synoptReg Synoptic Climate Classification and Spatial Regionalization of Environmental Data
2018-11-08 variosig Spatial Dependence Based on Empirical Variograms
2018-11-07 breathteststan Stan-Based Fit to Gastric Emptying Curves
2018-11-07 colourvalues Assigns Colours to Values
2018-11-07 elasticsearchr A Lightweight Interface for Interacting with Elasticsearch from R
2018-11-07 exampletestr Help for Writing Unit Tests Based on Function Examples
2018-11-07 Factoshiny Perform Factorial Analysis from 'FactoMineR' with a Shiny Application
2018-11-07 gcookbook Data for "R Graphics Cookbook"
2018-11-07 gggenes Draw Gene Arrow Maps in 'ggplot2'
2018-11-07 huxtable Easily Create and Style Tables for LaTeX, HTML and Other Formats
2018-11-07 Nmisc Miscellaneous Functions Used at 'Numeract LLC'
2018-11-07 nodiv Compares the Distribution of Sister Clades Through a Phylogeny
2018-11-07 parfm Parametric Frailty Models
2018-11-07 promote Client for the 'Alteryx Promote' API
2018-11-07 Rcpp Seamless R and C++ Integration
2018-11-07 RgoogleMaps Overlays on Static Maps
2018-11-07 roxygen2 In-Line Documentation for R
2018-11-07 rquery Relational Query Generator for Data Manipulation at Scale
2018-11-07 rstan R Interface to Stan
2018-11-07 RXshrink Maximum Likelihood Shrinkage via Generalized Ridge or Least Angle Regression
2018-11-07 SARP.compo Network-Based Interpretation of Changes in Compositional Data
2018-11-07 switchrGist Publish Package Manifests to GitHub Gists
2018-11-07 tfestimators Interface to 'TensorFlow' Estimators
2018-11-07 trackr Semantic Annotation and Discoverability System for R-Based Artifacts
2018-11-07 worrms World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) Client
2018-11-06 bigmatch Making Optimal Matching Size-Scalable Using Optimal Calipers
2018-11-06 blmeco Data Files and Functions Accompanying the Book "Bayesian Data Analysis in Ecology using R, BUGS and Stan"
2018-11-06 BoSSA A Bunch of Structure and Sequence Analysis
2018-11-06 CDM Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling
2018-11-06 CENFA Climate and Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
2018-11-06 Conigrave Flexible Tools for Multiple Imputation
2018-11-06 CVXR Disciplined Convex Optimization
2018-11-06 eegkit Toolkit for Electroencephalography Data
2018-11-06 endorse Bayesian Measurement Models for Analyzing Endorsement Experiments
2018-11-06 epiR Tools for the Analysis of Epidemiological Data
2018-11-06 estimatr Fast Estimators for Design-Based Inference
2018-11-06 ffbase Basic Statistical Functions for Package 'ff'
2018-11-06 gestalt Tools for Making and Combining Functions
2018-11-06 ggtern An Extension to 'ggplot2', for the Creation of Ternary Diagrams
2018-11-06 gmnl Multinomial Logit Models with Random Parameters
2018-11-06 GRANCore Classes and Methods for 'GRANBase'
2018-11-06 hisse Hidden State Speciation and Extinction
2018-11-06 list Statistical Methods for the Item Count Technique and List Experiment
2018-11-06 mdmb Model Based Treatment of Missing Data
2018-11-06 modifiedmk Modified Versions of Mann Kendall and Spearman's Rho Trend Tests
2018-11-06 MortalityLaws Parametric Mortality Models, Life Tables and HMD
2018-11-06 oak Trees Creation and Manipulation
2018-11-06 pander An R 'Pandoc' Writer
2018-11-06 pbv Probabilities for Bivariate Normal Distribution
2018-11-06 ps List, Query, Manipulate System Processes
2018-11-06 Rchoice Discrete Choice (Binary, Poisson and Ordered) Models with Random Parameters
2018-11-06 roprov Low-Level Support for Provenance Capture Between in-Memory R Objects
2018-11-06 rsvd Randomized Singular Value Decomposition
2018-11-06 RVAideMemoire Testing and Plotting Procedures for Biostatistics
2018-11-06 seqHMM Hidden Markov Models for Life Sequences and Other Multivariate, Multichannel Categorical Time Series
2018-11-06 shinythemes Themes for Shiny
2018-11-06 sjmisc Data and Variable Transformation Functions
2018-11-06 webmockr Stubbing and Setting Expectations on 'HTTP' Requests
2018-11-06 WVPlots Common Plots for Analysis
2018-11-06 zCompositions Treatment of Zeros, Left-Censored and Missing Values in Compositional Data Sets
2018-11-05 anyLib Install and Load Any Package from CRAN, Bioconductor or Github
2018-11-05 augSIMEX Analysis of Data with Mixed Measurement Error and Misclassification in Covariates
2018-11-05 autothresholdr An R Port of the 'ImageJ' Plugin 'Auto Threshold'
2018-11-05 beanz Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Treatment Effect
2018-11-05 binequality Methods for Analyzing Binned Income Data
2018-11-05 cgraph Computational Graphs
2018-11-05 dextergui A Graphical User Interface for Dexter
2018-11-05 dplR Dendrochronology Program Library in R
2018-11-05 DT A Wrapper of the JavaScript Library 'DataTables'
2018-11-05 eulerr Area-Proportional Euler and Venn Diagrams with Ellipses
2018-11-05 garray Generalized Array Arithmetic for Ragged Arrays with Named Margins
2018-11-05 GLMMadaptive Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Adaptive Gaussian Quadrature
2018-11-05 ipc Tools for Message Passing Between Processes
2018-11-05 ipred Improved Predictors
2018-11-05 ivtools Instrumental Variables
2018-11-05 jmvcore Dependencies for the 'jamovi' Framework
2018-11-05 metadynminer Tools to Read, Analyze and Visualize Metadynamics HILLS Files from 'Plumed'
2018-11-05 pbmcapply Tracking the Progress of Mc*pply with Progress Bar
2018-11-05 PerseusR Perseus R Interop
2018-11-05 rAmCharts JavaScript Charts Tool
2018-11-05 RcmdrPlugin.orloca A GUI for Planar Location Problems
2018-11-05 rcss Convex Switching Systems
2018-11-05 reproducer Reproduce Statistical Analyses and Meta-Analyses
2018-11-05 Rlabkey Data Exchange Between R and 'LabKey' Server
2018-11-05 robmed (Robust) Mediation Analysis
2018-11-05 rscala Bridge Between 'R' and 'Scala' with Callbacks
2018-11-05 rscorecard A Method to Download Department of Education College Scorecard Data
2018-11-05 semtree Recursive Partitioning for Structural Equation Models
2018-11-05 sessioninfo R Session Information
2018-11-05 shinyWidgets Custom Inputs Widgets for Shiny
2018-11-05 solrad Calculating Solar Radiation and Related Variables Based on Location, Time and Topographical Conditions
2018-11-05 spant MR Spectroscopy Analysis Tools
2018-11-05 TDAstats Pipeline for Topological Data Analysis
2018-11-05 Thermimage Thermal Image Analysis
2018-11-05 visvow Visible Vowels: Visualization of Vowel Variation
2018-11-05 vtreat A Statistically Sound 'data.frame' Processor/Conditioner
2018-11-05 WRSS Water Resources System Simulator
2018-11-05 xts eXtensible Time Series
2018-11-05 yardstick Tidy Characterizations of Model Performance
2018-11-04 bfw Bayesian Framework for Computational Modeling
2018-11-04 bigchess Read, Manipulate and Explore Chess PGN Files
2018-11-04 convevol Analysis of Convergent Evolution
2018-11-04 KarsTS An Interface for Microclimate Time Series Analysis
2018-11-04 lattice Trellis Graphics for R
2018-11-04 lobstr Visualize R Data Structures with Trees
2018-11-04 MetaLandSim Landscape and Range Expansion Simulation
2018-11-04 modelgrid A Framework for Creating, Managing and Training Multiple Caret Models
2018-11-04 rr2 R2s for Regression Models
2018-11-04 sigr Succinct and Correct Statistical Summaries for Reports
2018-11-04 spatstat Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests
2018-11-04 Tejapi API Wrapper for Taiwan Economic Journal Data Service
2018-11-04 TwoSampleTest.HD A Two-Sample Test for the Equality of Distributions for High-Dimensional Data
2018-11-04 visTree Visualization of Subgroups for Decision Trees
2018-11-04 vtree Display Information About Nested Subsets of a Data Frame
2018-11-03 BPM Bayesian Purity Model to Estimate Tumor Purity
2018-11-03 EBPRS Derive Polygenic Risk Score Based on Emprical Bayes Theory
2018-11-03 egg Extensions for 'ggplot2': Custom Geom, Plot Alignment, Symmetrised Scale, and Fixed Panel Size
2018-11-03 kmeRs K-Mers Similarity Score Matrix
2018-11-03 memnet Network Tools for Memory Research
2018-11-03 ModelMetrics Rapid Calculation of Model Metrics
2018-11-03 numform Tools to Format Numbers for Publication
2018-11-03 OWEA Optimal Weight Exchange Algorithm for Optimal Designs for Three Models
2018-11-03 owmr OpenWeatherMap API Wrapper
2018-11-03 PROMETHEE Preference Ranking Organization METHod for Enrichment of Evaluations
2018-11-03 raster Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
2018-11-03 RProtoBuf R Interface to the 'Protocol Buffers' 'API' (Version 2 or 3)
2018-11-03 SEMrushR R Interface to Access the 'SEMrush' API
2018-11-03 tidyRSS Tidy RSS for R
2018-11-03 urbin Unifying Estimation Results with Binary Dependent Variables
2018-11-02 auth0 Secure Authentication in Shiny with Auth0
2018-11-02 Ball Statistical Inference and Sure Independence Screening via Ball Statistics
2018-11-02 biostat3 Utility Functions, Datasets and Extended Examples for Survival Analysis
2018-11-02 compareGroups Descriptive Analysis by Groups
2018-11-02 conf Visualization and Analysis of Statistical Measures of Confidence
2018-11-02 countcolors Locates and Counts Pixels Within Color Range(s) in Images
2018-11-02 crov Constrained Regression Model for an Ordinal Response and Ordinal Predictors
2018-11-02 dexter Data Management and Analysis of Tests
2018-11-02 dmai Divisia Monetary Aggregates Index
2018-11-02 fakemake Mock the Unix Make Utility
2018-11-02 GNAR Methods for Fitting Network Time Series Models
2018-11-02 halfcircle Plot Halfcircle Diagram
2018-11-02 HellCor The Hellinger Correlation
2018-11-02 kofnGA A Genetic Algorithm for Fixed-Size Subset Selection
2018-11-02 lsmeans Least-Squares Means
2018-11-02 MARSS Multivariate Autoregressive State-Space Modeling
2018-11-02 NPHazardRate Nonparametric Hazard Rate Estimation
2018-11-02 obliqueRSF Oblique Random Forests for Right-Censored Time-to-Event Data
2018-11-02 parsec Partial Orders in Socio-Economics
2018-11-02 polylabelr Find the Pole of Inaccessibility (Visual Center) of a Polygon
2018-11-02 pubh A Toolbox for Public Health and Epidemiology
2018-11-02 redlistr Tools for the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems and Species
2018-11-02 SAutomata Inference and Learning in Stochastic Automata
2018-11-02 shiny Web Application Framework for R
2018-11-02 tesseract Open Source OCR Engine
2018-11-02 Tushare Interface to 'Tushare Pro' API
2018-11-02 VARtests Tests for Error Autocorrelation, ARCH Errors, and Cointegration in Vector Autoregressive Models
2018-11-02 wosr Clients to the 'Web of Science' and 'InCites' APIs
2018-11-02 yll Compute Expected Years of Life Lost (YLL) and Average YLL
2018-11-01 arfima Fractional ARIMA (and Other Long Memory) Time Series Modeling
2018-11-01 ballr Access to Current and Historical Basketball Data
2018-11-01 carfima Continuous-Time Fractionally Integrated ARMA Process for Irregularly Spaced Long-Memory Time Series Data
2018-11-01 checkr Check the Properties of Common R Objects
2018-11-01 ftsa Functional Time Series Analysis
2018-11-01 ggiraph Make 'ggplot2' Graphics Interactive
2018-11-01 hazer Identifying Foggy and Cloudy Images by Quantifying Haziness
2018-11-01 hutils Miscellaneous R Functions and Aliases
2018-11-01 kohonen Supervised and Unsupervised Self-Organising Maps
2018-11-01 MASS Support Functions and Datasets for Venables and Ripley's MASS
2018-11-01 Matrix Sparse and Dense Matrix Classes and Methods
2018-11-01 mleap Interface to 'MLeap'
2018-11-01 NetworkToolbox Methods and Measures for Brain, Cognitive, and Psychometric Network Analysis
2018-11-01 pkgnet Get Network Representation of an R Package
2018-11-01 polyglot Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary
2018-11-01 polymapR Linkage Analysis in Outcrossing Polyploids
2018-11-01 RcppAnnoy 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Annoy', a Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors
2018-11-01 RNeXML Semantically Rich I/O for the 'NeXML' Format
2018-11-01 RNiftyReg Image Registration Using the 'NiftyReg' Library
2018-11-01 rstpm2 Generalized Survival Models
2018-11-01 shotGroups Analyze Shot Group Data
2018-10-31 arkdb Archive and Unarchive Databases Using Flat Files
2018-10-31 automultinomial Models for Spatially Correlated Data
2018-10-31 blavaan Bayesian Latent Variable Analysis
2018-10-31 customLayout Arrange Elements on the R's Drawing Area or Inside the PowerPoint's Slide
2018-10-31 fds Functional Data Sets
2018-10-31 flextable Functions for Tabular Reporting
2018-10-31 germinationmetrics Seed Germination Indices and Curve Fitting
2018-10-31 gibble Geometry Decomposition
2018-10-31 HMP Hypothesis Testing and Power Calculations for Comparing Metagenomic Samples from HMP
2018-10-31 idealstan Generalized IRT Ideal Point Models with 'Stan'
2018-10-31 ijtiff Comprehensive TIFF I/O with Full Support for 'ImageJ' TIFF Files
2018-10-31 logisticRR Adjusted Relative Risk from Logistic Regression
2018-10-31 mvord Multivariate Ordinal Regression Models
2018-10-31 psych Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research
2018-10-31 RcppTOML 'Rcpp' Bindings to Parser for Tom's Obvious Markup Language
2018-10-31 reinforcedPred Reinforced Risk Prediction with Budget Constraint
2018-10-31 restriktor Restricted Statistical Estimation and Inference for Linear Models
2018-10-31 RImpact Calculates Measures of Scholarly Impact
2018-10-31 shallot Random Partition Distribution Indexed by Pairwise Information
2018-10-31 spatstat.utils Utility Functions for 'spatstat'
2018-10-31 textmineR Functions for Text Mining and Topic Modeling
2018-10-31 ViSiElse A Visual Tool for Behavior Analysis
2018-10-30 aire.zmvm Download Mexico City Pollution, Wind, and Temperature Data
2018-10-30 AMModels Adaptive Management Model Manager
2018-10-30 BAS Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Averaging using Bayesian Adaptive Sampling
2018-10-30 BCRA Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
2018-10-30 biva Business Intelligence
2018-10-30 chngpt Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Threshold Regression
2018-10-30 contextual Simulation and Analysis of Contextual Multi-Armed Bandit Policies
2018-10-30 cpt Classification Permutation Test
2018-10-30 dbx A Fast, Easy-to-Use Database Interface
2018-10-30 distreg.vis Framework for the Visualization of Distributional Regression Models
2018-10-30 export Streamlined Export of Graphs and Data Tables
2018-10-30 filesstrings Handy File and String Manipulation
2018-10-30 freetypeharfbuzz Deterministic Computation of Text Box Metrics
2018-10-30 GDINA The Generalized DINA Model Framework
2018-10-30 GHS Graphical Horseshoe MCMC Sampler Using Data Augmented Block Gibbs Sampler
2018-10-30 graphframes Interface for 'GraphFrames'
2018-10-30 gremlin Mixed-Effects REML Incorporating Generalized Inverses
2018-10-30 greta Simple and Scalable Statistical Modelling in R
2018-10-30 hero Sandwich Smoother
2018-10-30 ibmsunburst Generate Personality Insights Sunburst Diagrams
2018-10-30 intoo Object Oriented Intelligence
2018-10-30 lass0 Lasso-Zero for (High-Dimensional) Linear Regression
2018-10-30 LearningRlab Statistical Learning Functions
2018-10-30 lemon Freshing Up your 'ggplot2' Plots
2018-10-30 LPWC Lag Penalized Weighted Correlation for Time Series Clustering
2018-10-30 malariaAtlas An R Interface to Open-Access Malaria Data, Hosted by the 'Malaria Atlas Project'
2018-10-30 mapi Mapping Averaged Pairwise Information
2018-10-30 matrixNormal The Matrix Normal Distribution
2018-10-30 modeest Mode Estimation
2018-10-30 mudens Density Estimate
2018-10-30 namer Names Your 'R Markdown' Chunks
2018-10-30 oem Orthogonalizing EM: Penalized Regression for Big Tall Data
2018-10-30 pksensi Global Sensitivity Analysis in Pharmacokinetic Modeling
2018-10-30 politeness Detecting Politeness Features in Text
2018-10-30 PROSPER Simulation of Weed Population Dynamics
2018-10-30 QDComparison Modern Nonparametric Tools for Two-Sample Quantile and Distribution Comparisons
2018-10-30 ratematrix Bayesian Estimation of the Evolutionary Rate Matrix
2018-10-30 RCzechia Spatial Objects of the Czech Republic
2018-10-30 remotes R Package Installation from Remote Repositories, Including 'GitHub'
2018-10-30 REPLesentR Presentations in the REPL
2018-10-30 rpact Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis
2018-10-30 scriptexec Execute Native Scripts
2018-10-30 sdols Summarizing Distributions of Latent Structures
2018-10-30 sdStaf Species Distribution and Stability Future Models
2018-10-30 siebanxicor Query Data Series from Bank of Mexico
2018-10-30 sleepr Analyse Activity and Sleep Behaviour
2018-10-30 sloop Helpers for 'OOP' in R
2018-10-30 tbltools Tools for Working with Tibbles
2018-10-30 temperatureresponse Temperature Response
2018-10-30 Ternary An R Package for Creating Ternary Plots
2018-10-30 tm1r The Integration Between 'IBM COGNOS TM1' and R
2018-10-30 TSDT Treatment-Specific Subgroup Detection Tool
2018-10-30 ttestshiny Ttest Shiny
2018-10-30 vennLasso Variable Selection for Heterogeneous Populations
2018-10-30 zbank 'ZooBank' API Client
2018-10-29 AnthropMMD An R-Shiny Application for Smith's Mean Measure of Divergence (MMD)
2018-10-29 bucky Bucky's Archive for Data Analysis in the Social Sciences
2018-10-29 clusterSEs Calculate Cluster-Robust p-Values and Confidence Intervals
2018-10-29 condformat Conditional Formatting in Data Frames
2018-10-29 corr2D Implementation of 2D Correlation Analysis in R
2018-10-29 dexterMST CML Calibration of Multi Stage Tests
2018-10-29 DiceDesign Designs of Computer Experiments
2018-10-29 dsa Seasonal Adjustment of Daily Time Series
2018-10-29 ecotox Analysis of Ecotoxicology
2018-10-29 err Customizable Object Sensitive Messages
2018-10-29 ggspectra Extensions to 'ggplot2' for Radiation Spectra
2018-10-29 InSilicoVA Probabilistic Verbal Autopsy Coding with 'InSilicoVA' Algorithm
2018-10-29 L0Learn Fast Algorithms for Best Subset Selection
2018-10-29 mmmgee Simultaneous Inference for Multiple Linear Contrasts in GEE Models
2018-10-29 pkgload Simulate Package Installation and Attach
2018-10-29 psychReport Reproducible Reports in Psychology
2018-10-29 qualpalr Automatic Generation of Qualitative Color Palettes
2018-10-29 RColetum Access your Coletum's Data from API
2018-10-29 ROI.plugin.ecos 'ECOS' Plugin for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2018-10-29 rsparkling R Interface for H2O Sparkling Water
2018-10-29 strip Lighten your R Model Outputs
2018-10-29 Tariff Replicate Tariff Method for Verbal Autopsy
2018-10-28 atmopt Analysis-of-Marginal-Tail-Means
2018-10-28 atus American Time Use Survey Data
2018-10-28 blsAPI Request Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics API
2018-10-28 c14bazAAR Download and Prepare C14 Dates from Different Source Databases
2018-10-28 compboost C++ Implementation of Component-Wise Boosting
2018-10-28 CountsEPPM Mean and Variance Modeling of Count Data
2018-10-28 crimedata Access Crime Data from the Open Crime Database
2018-10-28 ebimetagenomics EBI Metagenomics Portal
2018-10-28 extremis Statistics of Extremes
2018-10-28 frequency Easy Frequency Tables
2018-10-28 koRpus An R Package for Text Analysis
2018-10-28 kza Kolmogorov-Zurbenko Adaptive Filters
2018-10-28 NitrogenUptake2016 Data and Source Code From: Nitrogen Uptake and Allocation Estimates for Spartina Alterniflora and Distichlis Spicata
2018-10-28 nlstimedist Non-Linear Model Fitting of Time Distribution of Biological Phenomena
2018-10-28 orloca.es Spanish version of orloca package. Modelos de localizacion en investigacion operativa
2018-10-28 PCRedux Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) Data Mining and Machine Learning Helper Tool
2018-10-28 pgsc Computes Powell's Generalized Synthetic Control Estimator
2018-10-28 PkgsFromFiles Finding and Installing Packages Used in R and RMarkdown Files
2018-10-28 plfm Probabilistic Latent Feature Analysis
2018-10-28 PMwR Portfolio Management with R
2018-10-28 poissonMT Robust M-Estimators Based on Transformations for Poisson Model
2018-10-28 RcppDist 'Rcpp' Integration of Additional Probability Distributions
2018-10-28 rhmc Hamiltonian Monte Carlo
2018-10-28 sboost Machine Learning with AdaBoost on Decision Stumps
2018-10-28 shinyhelper Easily Add Markdown Help Files to 'shiny' App Elements
2018-10-28 spatialrisk Calculating Concentration Risk under Solvency II
2018-10-28 spectrolab Class and Methods for Hyperspectral Data
2018-10-28 tidyr Easily Tidy Data with 'spread()' and 'gather()' Functions
2018-10-28 tidytransit Read, Validate, Analyze, and Map Files in the General Transit Feed Specification
2018-10-28 uavRmp UAV Mission Planner
2018-10-28 vistime Pretty Timeline Creation
2018-10-27 ASMap Linkage Map Construction using the MSTmap Algorithm
2018-10-27 camtrapR Camera Trap Data Management and Preparation of Occupancy and Spatial Capture-Recapture Analyses
2018-10-27 countrycode Convert Country Names and Country Codes
2018-10-27 dub Unpacking Assignment for Lists via Pattern Matching
2018-10-27 ggspatial Spatial Data Framework for ggplot2
2018-10-27 orloca Operations Research LOCational Analysis Models
2018-10-27 palasso Paired Lasso Regression
2018-10-27 RcppRedis 'Rcpp' Bindings for 'Redis' using the 'hiredis' Library
2018-10-27 Rwhois WHOIS Server Querying
2018-10-26 barsurf Minimal Bar Plots and Surface Plots in 3D
2018-10-26 BayesS5 Bayesian Variable Selection Using Simplified Shotgun Stochastic Search with Screening (S5)
2018-10-26 bivgeom Roy's Bivariate Geometric Distribution
2018-10-26 bold Interface to Bold Systems API
2018-10-26 ClimProjDiags Compute Various Climate Indices
2018-10-26 commonsMath JAR Files of the Apache Commons Mathematics Library
2018-10-26 devtools Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier
2018-10-26 docopulae Optimal Designs for Copula Models
2018-10-26 drake A Pipeline Toolkit for Reproducible Computation at Scale
2018-10-26 emmeans Estimated Marginal Means, aka Least-Squares Means
2018-10-26 epimdr Functions and Data for "Epidemics: Models and Data in R"
2018-10-26 EventDetectR Event Detection Framework
2018-10-26 FinePop Fine-Scale Population Analysis
2018-10-26 firebehavioR Prediction of Wildland Fire Behavior and Hazard
2018-10-26 forestmangr Functions for Forest Mensuration and Management
2018-10-26 hablar Convert Data Types and Get Non-Astonishing Results
2018-10-26 HCR Causal Discovery from Discrete Data using Hidden Compact Representation
2018-10-26 HierDpart Partitioning Hierarchical Diversity and Differentiation Across Metrics and Scales, from Genes to Ecosystems
2018-10-26 latexpdf Convert Tables to PDF or PNG
2018-10-26 link2GI Linking Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Other Command Line Tools
2018-10-26 loa Lattice Options and Add-Ins
2018-10-26 lsbs Bandwidth Selection for Level Sets and HDR Estimation
2018-10-26 MazamaCoreUtils Utility Functions for Production R Code
2018-10-26 ncmeta Straightforward 'NetCDF' Metadata
2018-10-26 pingers Identify, Ping, and Log Internet Provider Connection Data
2018-10-26 qsort Scoring Q-Sort Data
2018-10-26 reportr A General Message and Error Reporting System
2018-10-26 rgsp Repetitive Group Sampling Plan Based on Cpk
2018-10-26 rtsdata R Time Series Intelligent Data Storage
2018-10-26 RWeightedKmeans Weighted Object k-Means Algorithm
2018-10-26 SAMCpack Stochastic Approximation Monte Carlo (SAMC) Sampler and Methods
2018-10-26 sbl Sparse Bayesian Learning for QTL Mapping and Genome-Wide Association Studies
2018-10-26 slouch Stochastic Linear Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Comparative Hypotheses
2018-10-26 SmallCountRounding Small Count Rounding of Tabular Data
2018-10-26 spatsoc Group Animal Relocation Data by Spatial and Temporal Relationship
2018-10-26 SuperExactTest Exact Test and Visualization of Multi-Set Intersections
2018-10-26 SuperPCA Supervised Principal Component Analysis
2018-10-25 AgreementInterval Agreement Interval of Two Measurement Methods
2018-10-25 compareDF Do a Git Style Diff of the Rows Between Two Dataframes with Similar Structure
2018-10-25 dae Functions Useful in the Design and ANOVA of Experiments
2018-10-25 dhglm Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2018-10-25 electoral Allocating Seats Methods and Party System Scores
2018-10-25 ggplot2 Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
2018-10-25 JuliaCall Seamless Integration Between R and 'Julia'
2018-10-25 mdhglm Multivariate Double Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2018-10-25 microdemic 'Microsoft Academic' API Client
2018-10-25 MODIS Acquisition and Processing of MODIS Products
2018-10-25 np Nonparametric Kernel Smoothing Methods for Mixed Data Types
2018-10-25 ParallelLogger Support for Parallel Computation, Logging, and Function Automation
2018-10-25 PhenotypeSimulator Flexible Phenotype Simulation from Different Genetic and Noise Models
2018-10-25 PPCI Projection Pursuit for Cluster Identification
2018-10-25 rbison Interface to the 'USGS' 'BISON' API
2018-10-25 reactR React Helpers
2018-10-25 rem Relational Event Models (REM)
2018-10-25 rlang Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features
2018-10-25 rlas Read and Write 'las' and 'laz' Binary File Formats Used for Remote Sensing Data
2018-10-25 sitree Single Tree Simulator
2018-10-25 solvebio The Official SolveBio API Client
2018-10-25 SPUTNIK SPatially aUTomatic deNoising for Ims toolKit
2018-10-25 stars Scalable, Spatiotemporal Tidy Arrays
2018-10-25 texPreview Compile and Preview Snippets of 'LaTeX' in 'RStudio'
2018-10-25 totalcensus Extract High Resolution Census Data
2018-10-25 vegan Community Ecology Package
2018-10-25 vegan3d Static and Dynamic 3D Plots for the 'vegan' Package
2018-10-24 binnednp Nonparametric Estimation for Interval-Grouped Data
2018-10-24 CoordinateCleaner Automated Cleaning of Occurrence Records from Biological Collections
2018-10-24 CrossVA Verbal Autopsy Data Transform for Use with Various Coding Algorithms
2018-10-24 d3r 'd3.js' Utilities for R
2018-10-24 DataPackageR Construct Reproducible Analytic Data Sets as R Packages
2018-10-24 DBfit A Double Bootstrap Method for Analyzing Linear Models with Autoregressive Errors
2018-10-24 DiPhiSeq Robust Tests for Differential Dispersion and Differential Expression in RNA-Sequencing Data
2018-10-24 dodgr Distances on Directed Graphs
2018-10-24 Equalden.HD Testing the Equality of a High Dimensional Set of Densities
2018-10-24 FourScores A Game for Human vs. Human or Human vs. AI
2018-10-24 ggwordcloud A Word Cloud Geom for 'ggplot2'
2018-10-24 gProfileR Interface to the 'g:Profiler' Toolkit
2018-10-24 GroupComparisons Paired/Unpaired Parametric/Non-Parametric Group Comparisons
2018-10-24 gStream Graph-Based Sequential Change-Point Detection for Streaming Data
2018-10-24 inpdfr Analyse Text Documents Using Ecological Tools
2018-10-24 mathgraph Directed and Undirected Graphs
2018-10-24 mmpf Monte-Carlo Methods for Prediction Functions
2018-10-24 msgl Multinomial Sparse Group Lasso
2018-10-24 mvLSW Multivariate, Locally Stationary Wavelet Process Estimation
2018-10-24 NetworkInference Inferring Latent Diffusion Networks
2018-10-24 nipals Principal Components Analysis using NIPALS with Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization
2018-10-24 rsinaica Download Data from Mexico's Air Quality Information System
2018-10-24 rsMove Guidelines for the use of Remote Sensing in Movement Ecology
2018-10-24 seacarb Seawater Carbonate Chemistry
2018-10-24 sf Simple Features for R
2018-10-24 sparcl Perform Sparse Hierarchical Clustering and Sparse K-Means Clustering
2018-10-24 taskscheduleR Schedule R Scripts and Processes with the Windows Task Scheduler
2018-10-24 trackdem Particle Tracking and Demography
2018-10-24 txtq A Small Message Queue for Parallel Processes
2018-10-24 vegdata Access Vegetation Databases and Treat Taxonomy
2018-10-24 WGCNA Weighted Correlation Network Analysis
2018-10-23 analogue Analogue and Weighted Averaging Methods for Palaeoecology
2018-10-23 blogdown Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown
2018-10-23 brms Bayesian Regression Models using 'Stan'
2018-10-23 DEploid Deconvolute Mixed Genomes with Unknown Proportions
2018-10-23 extraDistr Additional Univariate and Multivariate Distributions
2018-10-23 FunChisq Chi-Square and Exact Tests for Model-Free Functional Dependency
2018-10-23 geodetector Stratified Heterogeneity Measure, Dominant Driving Force Detection, Interaction Relationship Investigation
2018-10-23 isdparser Parse 'NOAA' Integrated Surface Data Files
2018-10-23 kyotil Utility Functions for Statistical Analysis Report Generation and Monte Carlo Studies
2018-10-23 matchingMarkets Analysis of Stable Matchings
2018-10-23 prettyR Pretty Descriptive Stats
2018-10-23 projpred Projection Predictive Feature Selection
2018-10-23 PSPManalysis Analysis of Physiologically Structured Population Models
2018-10-23 reshape Flexibly Reshape Data
2018-10-23 RMixpanel API for Mixpanel
2018-10-23 RPresto DBI Connector to Presto
2018-10-23 servr A Simple HTTP Server to Serve Static Files or Dynamic Documents
2018-10-23 SuperRanker Sequential Rank Agreement
2018-10-23 tinytex Helper Functions to Install and Maintain 'TeX Live', and Compile 'LaTeX' Documents
2018-10-23 tsmp Time Series with Matrix Profile
2018-10-23 websearchr Access Domains and Search Popular Websites
2018-10-23 xaringan Presentation Ninja
2018-10-23 xfun Miscellaneous Functions by 'Yihui Xie'
2018-10-22 BALD Robust Loss Development Using MCMC
2018-10-22 bikedata Download and Aggregate Data from Public Hire Bicycle Systems
2018-10-22 BreedingSchemeLanguage Describe and Simulate Breeding Schemes
2018-10-22 DataVisualizations Visualizations of High-Dimensional Data
2018-10-22 dLagM Time Series Regression Models with Distributed Lag Models
2018-10-22 dynamichazard Dynamic Hazard Models using State Space Models
2018-10-22 episheet Rothman's Episheet
2018-10-22 epubr Read EPUB File Metadata and Text
2018-10-22 fclust Fuzzy Clustering
2018-10-22 fiery A Lightweight and Flexible Web Framework
2018-10-22 FishResp Analytical Tool for Aquatic Respirometry
2018-10-22 gamlss.tr Generating and Fitting Truncated ‘gamlss.family’ Distributions
2018-10-22 jqr Client for 'jq', a 'JSON' Processor
2018-10-22 lolog Latent Order Logistic Graph Models
2018-10-22 meteoland Landscape Meteorology Tools
2018-10-22 mirtCAT Computerized Adaptive Testing with Multidimensional Item Response Theory
2018-10-22 Nonpareil Metagenome Coverage Estimation and Projections for 'Nonpareil'
2018-10-22 osmdata Import 'OpenStreetMap' Data as Simple Features or Spatial Objects
2018-10-22 pacman Package Management Tool
2018-10-22 pkmon Least-Squares Estimator under k-Monotony Constraint for Discrete Functions
2018-10-22 RcppCWB 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'Corpus Workbench' ('CWB')
2018-10-22 regsem Regularized Structural Equation Modeling
2018-10-22 reReg Recurrent Event Regression
2018-10-22 statnet Software Tools for the Statistical Analysis of Network Data
2018-10-22 tidybayes Tidy Data and 'Geoms' for Bayesian Models
2018-10-22 xlm A 'Stellar' Client
2018-10-21 assertive.code Assertions to Check Properties of Code
2018-10-21 assertive.data.uk Assertions to Check Properties of Strings
2018-10-21 assertive.data.us Assertions to Check Properties of Strings
2018-10-21 assertive.models Assertions to Check Properties of Models
2018-10-21 boral Bayesian Ordination and Regression AnaLysis
2018-10-21 bridgesampling Bridge Sampling for Marginal Likelihoods and Bayes Factors
2018-10-21 broom.mixed Tidying Methods for Mixed Models
2018-10-21 cdata Fluid Data Transformations
2018-10-21 changer Change R Package Name
2018-10-21 crfsuite Conditional Random Fields for Labelling Sequential Data in Natural Language Processing
2018-10-21 eeptools Convenience Functions for Education Data
2018-10-21 ggalluvial Alluvial Diagrams in 'ggplot2'
2018-10-21 icr Compute Krippendorff's Alpha
2018-10-21 PracTools Tools for Designing and Weighting Survey Samples
2018-10-21 pricesensitivitymeter Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter Analysis
2018-10-21 RApiDatetime R API Datetime
2018-10-21 scBio Single Cell Genomics for Enhancing Cell Composition Inference from Bulk Genomics Data
2018-10-21 sglOptim Generic Sparse Group Lasso Solver
2018-10-20 ClustVarLV Clustering of Variables Around Latent Variables
2018-10-20 CNVScope A Versatile Toolkit for Copy Number Variation Relationship Data Analysis and Visualization
2018-10-20 deal Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables
2018-10-20 lexicon Lexicons for Text Analysis
2018-10-20 opensensmapr Client for the Data API of openSenseMap.org
2018-10-20 rmcfs The MCFS-ID Algorithm for Feature Selection and Interdependency Discovery
2018-10-20 sentimentr Calculate Text Polarity Sentiment
2018-10-20 stplanr Sustainable Transport Planning
2018-10-19 arena2r Plots, Summary Statistics and Tools for Arena Simulation Users
2018-10-19 bamboo Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Using the Bamboo Method
2018-10-19 ciTools Confidence or Prediction Intervals, Quantiles, and Probabilities for Statistical Models
2018-10-19 cjoint AMCE Estimator for Conjoint Experiments
2018-10-19 DataExplorer Data Explorer
2018-10-19 dendextend Extending 'dendrogram' Functionality in R
2018-10-19 EMMIXmfa Mixture Models with Component-Wise Factor Analyzers
2018-10-19 fulltext Full Text of 'Scholarly' Articles Across Many Data Sources
2018-10-19 gcForest Deep Forest Model
2018-10-19 HextractoR Integrated Tool for Hairping Extraction of RNA Sequences
2018-10-19 HSDiC Homogeneity and Sparsity Detection Incorporating Prior Constraint Information
2018-10-19 JMI Jackknife Mutual Information
2018-10-19 khroma Colour Schemes for Archaeological Data Visualization
2018-10-19 linkprediction Link Prediction Methods
2018-10-19 logmult Log-Multiplicative Models, Including Association Models
2018-10-19 maximin Sequential Space-Filling Design under the Criterion of Maximin Distance
2018-10-19 MGLM Multivariate Response Generalized Linear Models
2018-10-19 miceadds Some Additional Multiple Imputation Functions, Especially for 'mice'
2018-10-19 MPS Estimating Through the Maximum Product Spacing Approach
2018-10-19 pmatch Pattern Matching
2018-10-19 poliscidata Datasets and Functions Featured in Pollock and Edwards, An R Companion to Essentials of Political Analysis, Second Edition
2018-10-19 radtools Utilities for Smooth Navigation of Medical Image Data
2018-10-19 rgbif Interface to the Global 'Biodiversity' Information Facility API
2018-10-19 rjags Bayesian Graphical Models using MCMC
2018-10-19 RNifti Fast R and C++ Access to NIfTI Images
2018-10-19 rTephra Tephra Transport Modeling
2018-10-19 rts Raster Time Series Analysis
2018-10-19 sizeMat Estimate Size at Sexual Maturity
2018-10-19 snowboot Bootstrap Methods for Network Inference
2018-10-19 SpecDetec Change Points Detection with Spectral Clustering
2018-10-19 stratEst Strategy Estimation
2018-10-19 tigger Infers Novel Immunoglobulin Alleles from Sequencing Data
2018-10-19 vcr Record 'HTTP' Calls to Disk
2018-10-19 webTRISr A Wrapper Around 'WebTRIS' Traffic Flow API from Highways England
2018-10-19 wikitaxa Taxonomic Information from 'Wikipedia'
2018-10-19 xtensor Headers for the 'xtensor' Library
2018-10-18 ABPS The Abnormal Blood Profile Score to Detect Blood Doping
2018-10-18 antaresRead Import, Manipulate and Explore the Results of an 'Antares' Simulation
2018-10-18 betapart Partitioning Beta Diversity into Turnover and Nestedness Components
2018-10-18 blocksdesign Nested and Crossed Block Designs for Factorial, Fractional Factorial and Unstructured Treatment Sets
2018-10-18 BMSC Bayesian Model Selection under Constraints
2018-10-18 bsplinePsd Bayesian Nonparametric Spectral Density Estimation Using B-Spline Priors
2018-10-18 BWStest Baumgartner Weiss Schindler Test of Equal Distributions
2018-10-18 charlatan Make Fake Data
2018-10-18 covr Test Coverage for Packages
2018-10-18 eva Extreme Value Analysis with Goodness-of-Fit Testing
2018-10-18 evaluator Quantified Risk Assessment Toolkit
2018-10-18 hNMF Hierarchical Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
2018-10-18 KODAMA Knowledge Discovery by Accuracy Maximization
2018-10-18 metaSEM Meta-Analysis using Structural Equation Modeling
2018-10-18 microbenchmark Accurate Timing Functions
2018-10-18 nasapower 'NASA' 'POWER' 'API' Client
2018-10-18 NLP Natural Language Processing Infrastructure
2018-10-18 NLPutils Natural Language Processing Utilities
2018-10-18 onewaytests One-Way Tests in Independent Groups Designs
2018-10-18 pmhtutorial Minimal Working Examples for Particle Metropolis-Hastings
2018-10-18 PowerUpR Power Analysis Tools for Multilevel Randomized Experiments
2018-10-18 psidR Build Panel Data Sets from PSID Raw Data
2018-10-18 PWEALL Design and Monitoring of Survival Trials Accounting for Complex Situations
2018-10-18 rainbow Bagplots, Boxplots and Rainbow Plots for Functional Data
2018-10-18 sdpt3r Semi-Definite Quadratic Linear Programming Solver
2018-10-18 seminr Domain-Specific Language for Building PLS Structural Equation Models
2018-10-18 smam Statistical Modeling of Animal Movements
2018-10-18 smbinning Scoring Modeling and Optimal Binning
2018-10-18 storr Simple Key Value Stores
2018-10-18 Surrogate Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
2018-10-17 BBI Benthic Biotic Indices Calculation from Composition Data
2018-10-17 BIFIEsurvey Tools for Survey Statistics in Educational Assessment
2018-10-17 BimodalIndex The Bimodality Index
2018-10-17 breathtestcore Core Functions to Read and Fit 13c Time Series from Breath Tests
2018-10-17 BuyseTest Generalized Pairwise Comparisons
2018-10-17 clickR Fix Data and Create Report Tables from Different Objects
2018-10-17 dataPreparation Automated Data Preparation
2018-10-17 DeLorean Estimates Pseudotimes for Single Cell Expression Data
2018-10-17 DynamicGP Modelling and Analysis of Dynamic Computer Experiments
2018-10-17 fergm Estimation and Fit Assessment of Frailty Exponential Random Graph Models
2018-10-17 future Unified Parallel and Distributed Processing in R for Everyone
2018-10-17 GenAlgo Classes and Methods to Use Genetic Algorithms for Feature Selection
2018-10-17 gofCopula Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Copulae
2018-10-17 HRM High-Dimensional Repeated Measures
2018-10-17 iprior Regression Modelling using I-Priors
2018-10-17 IRISMustangMetrics Statistics and Metrics for Seismic Data
2018-10-17 MAINT.Data Model and Analyse Interval Data
2018-10-17 MSEtool Management Strategy Evaluation Toolkit
2018-10-17 nhanesA NHANES Data Retrieval
2018-10-17 optweight Targeted Stable Balancing Weights Using Optimization
2018-10-17 pinyin Convert Chinese Characters into Pinyin, Sijiao, Wubi or Other Codes
2018-10-17 pivottabler Create Pivot Tables in R
2018-10-17 QTL.gCIMapping QTL Genome-Wide Composite Interval Mapping
2018-10-17 redist Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods for Redistricting Simulation
2018-10-17 RSGHB Functions for Hierarchical Bayesian Estimation: A Flexible Approach
2018-10-17 rzeit2 Client for the ZEIT ONLINE Content API
2018-10-17 shinydashboard Create Dashboards with 'Shiny'
2018-10-17 ShortForm Automatic Short Form Creation
2018-10-17 Thresher Threshing and Reaping for Principal Components
2018-10-17 tidytext Text Mining using 'dplyr', 'ggplot2', and Other Tidy Tools
2018-10-17 ukgasapi API for UK Gas Market Information
2018-10-16 ActisoftR A Toolbox for Parsing Scored Actigraphy Data
2018-10-16 apa Format Outputs of Statistical Tests According to APA Guidelines
2018-10-16 bcROCsurface Bias-Corrected Methods for Estimating the ROC Surface of Continuous Diagnostic Tests
2018-10-16 bnlearn Bayesian Network Structure Learning, Parameter Learning and Inference
2018-10-16 bookdownplus Generate Assorted Books and Documents with R 'bookdown' Package
2018-10-16 carrier Isolate Functions for Remote Execution
2018-10-16 DEVis A Differential Expression Analysis Toolkit for Visual Analytics and Data Aggregation
2018-10-16 did Treatment Effects with Multiple Periods and Groups
2018-10-16 grattan Australian Tax Policy Analysis
2018-10-16 HelpersMG Tools for Earth Meteorological Analysis
2018-10-16 logNormReg log Normal Linear Regression
2018-10-16 Minirand Minimization Randomization
2018-10-16 MtreeRing A Shiny Application for Automatic Measurements of Tree-Ring Widths on Digital Images
2018-10-16 pkgbuild Find Tools Needed to Build R Packages
2018-10-16 queuecomputer Computationally Efficient Queue Simulation
2018-10-16 rangeModelMetadata Provides Templates for Metadata Files Associated with Species Range Models
2018-10-16 Rcan Cancer Registry Data Analysis and Visualisation
2018-10-16 RcmdrPlugin.UCA UCA Rcmdr Plug-in
2018-10-16 rgdal Bindings for the 'Geospatial' Data Abstraction Library
2018-10-16 rIP Detects Fraud in Online Surveys by Tracing and Scoring IP Addresses
2018-10-16 rmapshaper Client for 'mapshaper' for 'Geospatial' Operations
2018-10-16 samr SAM: Significance Analysis of Microarrays
2018-10-16 SitesInterest Inferring an Animal's Sites of Interest from High Resolution Data
2018-10-16 warbleR Streamline Bioacoustic Analysis
2018-10-16 weights Weighting and Weighted Statistics
2018-10-15 AlphaSimR Breeding Program Simulations
2018-10-15 asymmetry Multidimensional Scaling of Asymmetric Data
2018-10-15 clusterRepro Reproducibility of Gene Expression Clusters
2018-10-15 cobiclust Biclustering via Latent Block Model Adapted to Overdispersed Count Data
2018-10-15 cosinor2 Extended Tools for Cosinor Analysis of Rhythms
2018-10-15 crminer Fetch 'Scholary' Full Text from 'Crossref'
2018-10-15 decisionSupport Quantitative Support of Decision Making under Uncertainty
2018-10-15 define Create FDA-Style Data and Program Definitions
2018-10-15 dslabs Data Science Labs
2018-10-15 hdme High-Dimensional Regression with Measurement Error
2018-10-15 icenReg Regression Models for Interval Censored Data
2018-10-15 LipidMS Lipid Annotation for LC-MS/MS DIA Data
2018-10-15 marmap Import, Plot and Analyze Bathymetric and Topographic Data
2018-10-15 optimParallel Parallel Versions of the Gradient-Based optim() Methods
2018-10-15 ppgmmga Projection Pursuit Based on Gaussian Mixtures and Evolutionary Algorithms
2018-10-15 readJDX Import Data in the JCAMP-DX Format
2018-10-15 stormwindmodel Model Tropical Cyclone Wind Speeds
2018-10-15 ungroup Penalized Composite Link Model for Efficient Estimation of Smooth Distributions from Coarsely Binned Data
2018-10-14 analytics Regression Outlier Detection, Stationary Bootstrap, Testing Weak Stationarity, NA Imputation, and Other Tools for Data Analysis
2018-10-14 carbonate Interact with 'carbon.js'
2018-10-14 classyfireR R Interface to the ClassyFire RESTful API
2018-10-14 EZtune Tunes AdaBoost, Support Vector Machines, and Gradient Boosting Machines
2018-10-14 fuzzyreg Fuzzy Linear Regression
2018-10-14 galgo Genetic Algorithms for Multivariate Statistical Models from Large-Scale Functional Genomics Data
2018-10-14 GetDFPData Reading Annual Financial Reports from Bovespa's DFP, FRE and FCA System
2018-10-14 Immigrate Iterative Max-Min Entropy Margin-Maximization with Interaction Terms for Feature Selection
2018-10-14 imputeR A General Multivariate Imputation Framework
2018-10-14 jjb Balamuta Miscellaneous
2018-10-14 jsonify Converts 'R' Objects to Javascript Object Notation (JSON)
2018-10-14 MLGL Multi-Layer Group-Lasso
2018-10-14 nprotreg Nonparametric Rotations for Sphere-Sphere Regression
2018-10-14 nvmix Multivariate Normal Variance Mixtures (Including Student's t Distribution for Non-Integer Degrees of Freedom)
2018-10-14 Omisc Univariate Bootstrapping and Other Things
2018-10-14 paran Horn's Test of Principal Components/Factors
2018-10-14 pubchunks Fetch Sections of XML Scholarly Articles
2018-10-14 RcppCCTZ 'Rcpp' Bindings for the 'CCTZ' Library
2018-10-14 rocsvm.path The Entire Solution Paths for ROC-SVM
2018-10-14 SAVER Single-Cell RNA-Seq Gene Expression Recovery
2018-10-14 scoper Spectral Clustering-Based Method for Identifying B Cell Clones
2018-10-14 sjPlot Data Visualization for Statistics in Social Science
2018-10-14 touch Tools of Utilization and Cost in Healthcare
2018-10-14 trelliscopejs Create Interactive Trelliscope Displays
2018-10-14 vimp Nonparametric Variable Importance
2018-10-13 MetFns Analysis of Visual Meteor Data
2018-10-13 MRPC Mendelian Randomization (MR) Based PC Algorithm
2018-10-13 psychmeta Psychometric Meta-Analysis Toolkit
2018-10-13 refuge Locate Trans and Intersex-Friendly Toilets
2018-10-13 Rnightlights Satellite Nightlight Data Extraction
2018-10-13 SCINA A Semi-Supervised Category Identification and Assignment Tool
2018-10-13 testthat Unit Testing for R
2018-10-13 treemapify Draw Treemaps in 'ggplot2'
2018-10-13 UCSCXenaTools Download and Explore Datasets from UCSC Xena Data Hubs
2018-10-13 xSub Cross-National Data on Sub-National Violence
2018-10-12 balance Visualize Balances of Compositional Data
2018-10-12 bamlss Bayesian Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape (and Beyond)
2018-10-12 bayesPop Probabilistic Population Projection
2018-10-12 bayesTFR Bayesian Fertility Projection
2018-10-12 binb 'binb' is not 'Beamer'
2018-10-12 BOIN Bayesian Optimal INterval (BOIN) Design for Single-Agent and Drug- Combination Phase I Clinical Trials
2018-10-12 comperes Manage Competition Results
2018-10-12 crqa Cross-Recurrence Quantification Analysis for Categorical and Continuous Time-Series
2018-10-12 descstatsr Descriptive Univariate Statistics
2018-10-12 egoTERGM Estimation of Ego-Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models via Expectation Maximization (EM)
2018-10-12 ExPanDaR Explore Panel Data Interactively
2018-10-12 HARModel Heterogeneous Autoregressive Models
2018-10-12 ioanalysis Input Output Analysis
2018-10-12 komaletter Simple yet Flexible Letters via the 'KOMA-Script LaTeX Bundle'
2018-10-12 learnPopGen Population Genetic Simulations & Numerical Analysis
2018-10-12 mase Model-Assisted Survey Estimators
2018-10-12 mMPA Implementation of Marker-Assisted Mini-Pooling with Algorithm
2018-10-12 mrfDepth Depth Measures in Multivariate, Regression and Functional Settings
2018-10-12 nlts Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
2018-10-12 pmpp Posterior Mean Panel Predictor
2018-10-12 PxWebApiData PX-Web Data by API
2018-10-12 RcppNLoptExample 'Rcpp' Package Illustrating Header-Only Access to 'NLopt'
2018-10-12 rococo Robust Rank Correlation Coefficient and Test
2018-10-12 SQRL Database Query Interfaces
2018-10-12 survey Analysis of Complex Survey Samples
2018-10-12 TBFmultinomial TBF Methodology Extension for Multinomial Outcomes
2018-10-12 trackeR Infrastructure for Running, Cycling and Swimming Data from GPS-Enabled Tracking Devices
2018-10-12 varbin Optimal Binning of Continuous and Categorical Variables
2018-10-12 VFS Vegetated Filter Strip and Erosion Model
2018-10-11 antaresViz Antares Visualizations
2018-10-11 bayesmeta Bayesian Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
2018-10-11 docopt Command-Line Interface Specification Language
2018-10-11 drfit Dose-Response Data Evaluation
2018-10-11 EcoVirtual Simulation of Ecological Models
2018-10-11 eplusr A Toolkit for Using Whole Building Simulation Program 'EnergyPlus'
2018-10-11 FisherEM The FisherEM Algorithm to Simultaneously Cluster and Visualize High-Dimensional Data
2018-10-11 FLightR A Package for Reconstructing Animal Paths from Solar Geolocation Loggers
2018-10-11 GetLattesData Reading Bibliometric Data from Lattes Platform
2018-10-11 globals Identify Global Objects in R Expressions
2018-10-11 GROAN Genomic Regression Workbench
2018-10-11 ITNr Analysis of the International Trade Network
2018-10-11 itunesr Access iTunes App Store Ratings and Reviews using R
2018-10-11 ncf Spatial Covariance Functions
2018-10-11 partialCI Partial Cointegration
2018-10-11 polyCub Cubature over Polygonal Domains
2018-10-11 RMCriteria Multicriteria Package
2018-10-11 Rodam Wrapper Functions for 'ODAM' (Open Data for Access and Mining) Web Services
2018-10-11 stacomiR Fish Migration Monitoring
2018-10-11 sysfonts Loading Fonts into R
2018-10-11 tidyselect Select from a Set of Strings
2018-10-11 ttScreening Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Sites Screening by Use of Training and Testing Samples
2018-10-11 VBLPCM Variational Bayes Latent Position Cluster Model for Networks
2018-10-11 wevid Quantifying Performance of a Binary Classifier Through Weight of Evidence
2018-10-10 airGR Suite of GR Hydrological Models for Precipitation-Runoff Modelling
2018-10-10 ca Simple, Multiple and Joint Correspondence Analysis
2018-10-10 clhs Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling
2018-10-10 CutpointsOEHR Optimal Equal-HR Method to Find Two Cutpoints for U-Shaped Relationships in Cox Model
2018-10-10 digest Create Compact Hash Digests of R Objects
2018-10-10 emdi Estimating and Mapping Disaggregated Indicators
2018-10-10 GetHFData Download and Aggregate High Frequency Trading Data from Bovespa
2018-10-10 MTS All-Purpose Toolkit for Analyzing Multivariate Time Series (MTS) and Estimating Multivariate Volatility Models
2018-10-10 NetworkChange Bayesian Package for Network Changepoint Analysis
2018-10-10 rcheology Data on Base Packages for Current and Previous Versions of R
2018-10-10 revealedPrefs Revealed Preferences and Microeconomic Rationality
2018-10-10 rhierbaps Clustering Genetic Sequence Data Using the HierBAPS Algorithm
2018-10-10 RSDA R to Symbolic Data Analysis
2018-10-10 saemix Stochastic Approximation Expectation Maximization (SAEM) Algorithm
2018-10-10 smcfcs Multiple Imputation of Covariates by Substantive Model Compatible Fully Conditional Specification
2018-10-10 spotGUI Graphical User Interface for the Package 'SPOT'
2018-10-10 uwIntroStats Descriptive Statistics, Inference, Regression, and Plotting in an Introductory Statistics Course
2018-10-10 wooldridge 111 Data Sets from "Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 6e" by Jeffrey M. Wooldridge
2018-10-09 BayesGOF Bayesian Modeling via Frequentist Goodness-of-Fit
2018-10-09 bayou Bayesian Fitting of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models to Phylogenies
2018-10-09 Bolstad Functions for Elementary Bayesian Inference
2018-10-09 cffdrs Canadian Forest Fire Danger Rating System
2018-10-09 dglars Differential Geometric Least Angle Regression
2018-10-09 EFAutilities Utility Functions for Exploratory Factor Analysis
2018-10-09 evaluate Parsing and Evaluation Tools that Provide More Details than the Default
2018-10-09 funData An S4 Class for Functional Data
2018-10-09 intsvy International Assessment Data Manager
2018-10-09 mindr Convert Files Between Markdown or Rmarkdown Files and Mindmaps
2018-10-09 msigdbr MSigDB Gene Sets for Multiple Organisms in a Tidy Data Format
2018-10-09 nucim Nucleome Imaging Toolbox
2018-10-09 PAC Partition-Assisted Clustering and Multiple Alignments of Networks
2018-10-09 RGoogleAnalytics R Wrapper for the Google Analytics API
2018-10-09 rmgarch Multivariate GARCH Models
2018-10-09 RndTexExams Build and Grade Multiple Choice Exams with Randomized Content
2018-10-09 rticles Article Formats for R Markdown
2018-10-09 StereoMorph Stereo Camera Calibration and Reconstruction
2018-10-09 tsBSS Blind Source Separation and Supervised Dimension Reduction for Time Series
2018-10-08 billboarder Create Interactive Chart with the JavaScript 'Billboard' Library
2018-10-08 c212 Methods for Detecting Safety Signals in Clinical Trials Using Body-Systems (System Organ Classes)
2018-10-08 coda Output Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC
2018-10-08 COMBIA Synergy/Antagonism Analyses of Drug Combinations
2018-10-08 comorbidity Computing Comorbidity Scores
2018-10-08 CopyDetect Computing Response Similarity Indices for Multiple-Choice Tests
2018-10-08 crossrun Joint Distribution of Number of Crossings and Longest Run
2018-10-08 devRate Quantify the Relationship Between Development Rate and Temperature in Ectotherms
2018-10-08 DiceKriging Kriging Methods for Computer Experiments
2018-10-08 divDyn Diversity Dynamics using Fossil Sampling Data
2018-10-08 easyreg Easy Regression
2018-10-08 EpiStats Tools for Epidemiologists
2018-10-08 epos Epilepsy Ontology Similarities
2018-10-08 FourgameteP FourGamete Test
2018-10-08 funHDDC Univariate and Multivariate Model-Based Clustering in Group-Specific Functional Subspaces
2018-10-08 IntrinioStockAPI Wrapper for the 'Intrinio Stock API'
2018-10-08 InvariantCausalPrediction Invariant Causal Prediction
2018-10-08 jipApprox Approximate Inclusion Probabilities for Survey Sampling
2018-10-08 lorentz The Lorentz Transform in Relativistic Physics
2018-10-08 MCSim Determine the Optimal Number of Clusters
2018-10-08 ndtv Network Dynamic Temporal Visualizations
2018-10-08 nlgeocoder Geocoding for the Netherlands
2018-10-08 OSDR Finds an Optimal System of Distinct Representatives
2018-10-08 parmsurvfit Parametric Survival Functions
2018-10-08 pmml Generate PMML for Various Models
2018-10-08 prais Prais-Winsten Estimator for AR(1) Serial Correlation
2018-10-08 princurve Fits a Principal Curve in Arbitrary Dimension
2018-10-08 processcheckR Rule-Based Conformance Checking of Business Process Event Data
2018-10-08 psda Polygonal Symbolic Data Analysis
2018-10-08 qle Simulation-Based Quasi-Likelihood Estimation
2018-10-08 SMUT Multi-SNP Mediation Intersection-Union Test
2018-10-08 sommer Solving Mixed Model Equations in R
2018-10-08 sptemExp Constrained Spatiotemporal Mixed Models for Exposure Estimation
2018-10-08 stationery Working Examples for Reproducible Research Documents
2018-10-08 stylo Stylometric Analyses
2018-10-08 TSEntropies Time Series Entropies
2018-10-08 useful A Collection of Handy, Useful Functions
2018-10-08 vamc A Monte Carlo Valuation Framework for Variable Annuities
2018-10-08 weathercan Download Weather Data from the Environment and Climate Change Canada Website
2018-10-07 colorfindr Extract Colors from Windows BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and SVG Format Images
2018-10-07 coxrt Cox Proportional Hazards Regression for Right Truncated Data
2018-10-07 diffeR Metrics of Difference for Comparing Pairs of Maps or Pairs of Variables
2018-10-07 directotree Creates an Interactive Tree Structure of a Directory
2018-10-07 DRIP Discontinuous Regression and Image Processing
2018-10-07 erhcv Equi-Rank Hierarchical Clustering Validation
2018-10-07 hdf5r Interface to the 'HDF5' Binary Data Format
2018-10-07 listviewer 'htmlwidget' for Interactive Views of R Lists
2018-10-07 lvm4net Latent Variable Models for Networks
2018-10-07 NetLogoR Build and Run Spatially Explicit Agent-Based Models
2018-10-07 pollen Analysis of Aerobiological Data
2018-10-07 radiant Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-07 ratelimitr Rate Limiting for R
2018-10-07 rmapzen Client for 'Mapzen' and Related Map APIs
2018-10-07 SamplingStrata Optimal Stratification of Sampling Frames for Multipurpose Sampling Surveys
2018-10-07 SharpeR Statistical Significance of the Sharpe Ratio
2018-10-07 simukde Simulation with Kernel Density Estimation
2018-10-07 ssh Secure Shell (SSH) Client for R
2018-10-07 StanHeaders C++ Header Files for Stan
2018-10-07 summarytools Tools to Quickly and Neatly Summarize Data
2018-10-07 Temporal Parametric Time to Event Analysis
2018-10-07 UPSvarApprox Approximate the Variance of the Horvitz-Thompson Total Estimator
2018-10-07 wallace A Modular Platform for Reproducible Modeling of Species Niches and Distributions
2018-10-06 airportr Convenience Tools for Working with Airport Data
2018-10-06 bazar Miscellaneous Basic Functions
2018-10-06 coalitions Coalition Probabilities in Multi-Party Democracies
2018-10-06 CoRpower Power Calculations for Assessing Correlates of Risk in Clinical Efficacy Trials
2018-10-06 cvar Compute Expected Shortfall and Value at Risk for Continuous Distributions
2018-10-06 eixport Export Emissions to Atmospheric Models
2018-10-06 gamlss Generalised Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2018-10-06 gamlss.data GAMLSS Data
2018-10-06 gamlss.dist Distributions for Generalized Additive Models for Location Scale and Shape
2018-10-06 googledrive An Interface to Google Drive
2018-10-06 GUIDE GUI for DErivatives in R
2018-10-06 installr Using R to Install Stuff (Such As: R, 'Rtools', 'RStudio', 'Git', and More!)
2018-10-06 lamme Log-Analytic Methods for Multiplicative Effects
2018-10-06 mcbiopi Matrix Computation Based Identification of Prime Implicants
2018-10-06 Opt5PL Optimal Designs for the 5-Parameter Logistic Model
2018-10-06 outcomerate AAPOR Survey Outcome Rates
2018-10-06 pdSpecEst An Analysis Toolbox for Hermitian Positive Definite Matrices
2018-10-06 piggyback Managing Larger Data on a GitHub Repository
2018-10-06 PredictionR Prediction for Future Data from any Continuous Distribution
2018-10-06 provenance Statistical Toolbox for Sedimentary Provenance Analysis
2018-10-06 radiant.basics Basics Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-06 radiant.design Design Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-06 radiant.model Model Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-06 radiant.multivariate Multivariate Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-06 sdPrior Scale-Dependent Hyperpriors in Structured Additive Distributional Regression
2018-10-06 spmoran Moran's Eigenvector-Based Spatial Regression Models
2018-10-06 SSDforR Functions to Analyze Single System Data
2018-10-06 stacomirtools 'ODBC' Connection Class for Package stacomiR
2018-10-06 tls Tools of Total Least Squares in Error-in-Variables Models
2018-10-06 umx Structural Equation and Twin Modeling in R
2018-10-05 blockcluster Co-clustering Package for Binary, Categorical, Contingency and Continuous Data-Sets
2018-10-05 clusterlab Flexible Gaussian Cluster Simulator
2018-10-05 CMatching Matching Algorithms for Causal Inference with Clustered Data
2018-10-05 comtradr Interface with the United Nations Comtrade API
2018-10-05 dma Dynamic Model Averaging
2018-10-05 EcoNetGen Simulate and Sample from Ecological Interaction Networks
2018-10-05 ERP Significance Analysis of Event-Related Potentials Data
2018-10-05 fansi ANSI Control Sequence Aware String Functions
2018-10-05 filelock Portable File Locking
2018-10-05 fwsim Fisher-Wright Population Simulation
2018-10-05 gbutils Simulation of Real and Complex Numbers and Small Programming Utilities
2018-10-05 ggetho Visualisation of High-Throughput Behavioural (i.e. Ethomics) Data
2018-10-05 Luminescence Comprehensive Luminescence Dating Data Analysis
2018-10-05 magick Advanced Graphics and Image-Processing in R
2018-10-05 MetaIntegrator Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data
2018-10-05 mime Map Filenames to MIME Types
2018-10-05 mixedsde Estimation Methods for Stochastic Differential Mixed Effects Models
2018-10-05 NetworkDistance Distance Measures for Networks
2018-10-05 OpenMx Extended Structural Equation Modelling
2018-10-05 PWFSLSmoke Utilities for Working with Air Quality Monitoring Data
2018-10-05 radiant.data Data Menu for Radiant: Business Analytics using R and Shiny
2018-10-05 shinyTree jsTree Bindings for Shiny
2018-10-05 simode Statistical Inference for Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations using Separable Integral-Matching
2018-10-05 texmex Statistical Modelling of Extreme Values
2018-10-05 uiucthemes 'R' 'Markdown' Themes for 'UIUC' Documents and Presentations
2018-10-04 auk eBird Data Extraction and Processing in R
2018-10-04 bWGR Bayesian Whole-Genome Regression
2018-10-04 Countr Flexible Univariate Count Models Based on Renewal Processes
2018-10-04 Delta Measure of Agreement Between Two Raters
2018-10-04 GGUM Generalized Graded Unfolding Model
2018-10-04 littler R at the Command-Line via 'r'
2018-10-04 MFPCA Multivariate Functional Principal Component Analysis for Data Observed on Different Dimensional Domains
2018-10-04 oce Analysis of Oceanographic Data
2018-10-04 partitionComparison Implements Measures for the Comparison of Two Partitions
2018-10-04 PRIMsrc PRIM Survival Regression Classification
2018-10-04 R6 Classes with Reference Semantics
2018-10-04 Rdpack Update and Manipulate Rd Documentation Objects
2018-10-04 rise Conduct RISE Analysis
2018-10-04 riskRegression Risk Regression Models and Prediction Scores for Survival Analysis with Competing Risks
2018-10-04 rjmcmc Reversible-Jump MCMC Using Post-Processing
2018-10-04 soundgen Parametric Voice Synthesis
2018-10-04 spatstat.data Datasets for 'spatstat'
2018-10-04 textreg n-Gram Text Regression, aka Concise Comparative Summarization
2018-10-04 TileManager Tile Manager
2018-10-03 ArArRedux Rigorous Data Reduction and Error Propagation of Ar40 / Ar39 Data
2018-10-03 ClassDiscovery Classes and Methods for "Class Discovery" with Microarrays or Proteomics
2018-10-03 dataMaid A Suite of Checks for Identification of Potential Errors in a Data Frame as Part of the Data Screening Process
2018-10-03 eRm Extended Rasch Modeling
2018-10-03 Gifi Multivariate Analysis with Optimal Scaling
2018-10-03 iml Interpretable Machine Learning
2018-10-03 jmdl Joint Mean-Correlation Regression Approach for Discrete Longitudinal Data
2018-10-03 mdsOpt Searching for Optimal MDS Procedure for Metric and Interval-Valued Symbolic Data
2018-10-03 nloptr R Interface to NLopt
2018-10-03 odr Optimal Design and Statistical Power of Multilevel Randomized Trials
2018-10-03 PeakSegJoint Joint Peak Detection in Several ChIP-Seq Samples
2018-10-03 PerFit Person Fit
2018-10-03 picasso Pathwise Calibrated Sparse Shooting Algorithm
2018-10-03 plotrix Various Plotting Functions
2018-10-03 RcmdrPlugin.RiskDemo R Commander Plug-in for Risk Demonstration
2018-10-03 readobj Fast Reader for 'Wavefront' OBJ 3D Scene Files
2018-10-03 SpNMF Supervised NMF
2018-10-03 vein Vehicular Emissions Inventories
2018-10-03 VLMC Variable Length Markov Chains ('VLMC') Models
2018-10-02 BASiNET Classification of RNA Sequences using Complex Network Theory
2018-10-02 CalibrateSSB Weighting and Estimation for Panel Data with Non-Response
2018-10-02 conflicted An Alternative Conflict Resolution Strategy
2018-10-02 equateIRT IRT Equating Methods
2018-10-02 IDPmisc 'Utilities of Institute of Data Analyses and Process Design (www.zhaw.ch/idp)'
2018-10-02 mlrCPO Composable Preprocessing Operators and Pipelines for Machine Learning
2018-10-02 paleotree Paleontological and Phylogenetic Analyses of Evolution
2018-10-02 rexpokit R Wrappers for EXPOKIT; Other Matrix Functions
2018-10-02 rstudioapi Safely Access the RStudio API
2018-10-02 samplingVarEst Sampling Variance Estimation
2018-10-02 SensusR Sensus Analytics
2018-10-02 shinyAce Ace Editor Bindings for Shiny
2018-10-02 stability Stability Analysis of Genotype by Environment Interaction (GEI)
2018-10-02 SwissAir Air Quality Data of Switzerland for One Year in 30 Min Resolution
2018-10-02 tensorBF Bayesian Tensor Factorization
2018-10-02 whitechapelR Advanced Policing Techniques for the Board Game "Letters from Whitechapel"
2018-10-02 xxIRT Item Response Theory and Computer-Based Testing in R
2018-10-01 coRanking Co-Ranking Matrix
2018-10-01 EncDNA Encoding of Nucleotide Sequences into Numeric Feature Vectors
2018-10-01 FactoClass Combination of Factorial Methods and Cluster Analysis
2018-10-01 hrIPW Hazard Ratio Estimation using Cox Model Weighted by the Estimated Propensity Score
2018-10-01 IMmailgun Send Emails using 'Mailgun'
2018-10-01 landscapetools Landscape Utility Toolbox
2018-10-01 LocalControlStrategy Local Control Strategy for Robust Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data
2018-10-01 memisc Management of Survey Data and Presentation of Analysis Results
2018-10-01 rcarbon Calibration and Analysis of Radiocarbon Dates
2018-10-01 ROI.plugin.nloptr 'nloptr' Plug-in for the 'R' Optimization Infrastructure
2018-10-01 rtkore 'STK++' Core Library Integration to 'R' using 'Rcpp'
2018-10-01 SimRVPedigree Simulate Pedigrees Ascertained for a Rare Disease
2018-10-01 SoyNAM Soybean Nested Association Mapping Dataset
2018-10-01 webuse Import Stata 'webuse' Datasets
2018-10-01 WeightedROC Fast, Weighted ROC Curves
2018-09-30 av Working with Audio and Video
2018-09-30 BRETIGEA Brain Cell Type Specific Gene Expression Analysis
2018-09-30 cap Covariate Assisted Principal (CAP) Regression for Covariance Matrix Outcomes
2018-09-30 carData Companion to Applied Regression Data Sets
2018-09-30 codified Produce Standard/Formalized Demographics Tables
2018-09-30 ctrlGene Assess the Stability of Candidate Housekeeping Genes
2018-09-30 data.table Extension of 'data.frame'
2018-09-30 DCEM Clustering for Multivariate and Univariate Data Using Expectation Maximization Algorithm
2018-09-30 effectR Predicts Oomycete Effectors
2018-09-30 fastGHQuad Fast 'Rcpp' Implementation of Gauss-Hermite Quadrature
2018-09-30 ggparliament Parliament Plots
2018-09-30 ggstatsplot 'ggplot2' Based Plots with Statistical Details
2018-09-30 htmlwidgets HTML Widgets for R
2018-09-30 landscapemetrics Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns
2018-09-30 lineqGPR Gaussian Process Regression Models with Linear Inequality Constraints
2018-09-30 loon Interactive Statistical Data Visualization
2018-09-30 metaplot Data-Driven Plot Design
2018-09-30 nanotime Nanosecond-Resolution Time for R
2018-09-30 nonmemica Create and Evaluate NONMEM Models in a Project Context
2018-09-30 optimx Expanded Replacement and Extension of the 'optim' Function
2018-09-30 portsort Factor-Based Portfolio Sorts
2018-09-30 quantities Quantity Calculus for R Vectors
2018-09-30 RBitmoji An R Wrapper to the Overly Complicated 'Bitmoji' API
2018-09-30 Rfolding The Folding Test of Unimodality
2018-09-30 sazedR Parameter-Free Domain-Agnostic Season Length Detection in Time Series
2018-09-30 sym.arma Autoregressive and Moving Average Symmetric Models
2018-09-30 TAM Test Analysis Modules
2018-09-30 tdsc Time Domain Signal Coding
2018-09-30 vip Variable Importance Plots
2018-09-29 ClueR Cluster Evaluation
2018-09-29 clustermq Evaluate Function Calls on HPC Schedulers (LSF, SGE, SLURM, PBS/Torque)
2018-09-29 CORElearn Classification, Regression and Feature Evaluation
2018-09-29 CSESA CRISPR-Based Salmonella Enterica Serotype Analyzer
2018-09-29 dint A Toolkit for Year-Quarter, Year-Month and Year-Isoweek Dates
2018-09-29 fDMA Dynamic Model Averaging and Dynamic Model Selection for Continuous Outcomes
2018-09-29 GFD Tests for General Factorial Designs
2018-09-29 LearnGeom Learning Plane Geometry
2018-09-29 lpirfs Local Projections Impulse Response Functions
2018-09-29 MazamaWebUtils Utility Functions for Building Web Databrowsers
2018-09-29 mdir.logrank Multiple-Direction Logrank Test
2018-09-29 multicastR A Companion to the Multi-CAST Collection
2018-09-29 NAM Nested Association Mapping
2018-09-29 nngeo k-Nearest Neighbor Join for Spatial Data
2018-09-29 RcppAPT 'Rcpp' Interface to the APT Package Manager
2018-09-29 rotl Interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API
2018-09-29 Rraven Connecting R and 'Raven' Sound Analysis Software
2018-09-29 Ryacas R Interface to the Yacas Computer Algebra System
2018-09-29 shadow Geometric Shadow Calculations
2018-09-29 shadowtext Shadow Text Grob and Layer
2018-09-28 ADMM Algorithms using Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
2018-09-28 antaresProcessing 'Antares' Results Processing
2018-09-28 betareg Beta Regression
2018-09-28 BETS Brazilian Economic Time Series
2018-09-28 ddiv Data Driven I-v Feature Extraction
2018-09-28 deflateBR Deflate Nominal Brazilian Reais
2018-09-28 ecm Build Error Correction Models
2018-09-28 ecoval Procedures for Ecological Assessment of Surface Waters
2018-09-28 ggvis Interactive Grammar of Graphics
2018-09-28 gifski Highest Quality GIF Encoder
2018-09-28 HDcpDetect Detect Change Points in Means of High Dimensional Data
2018-09-28 MaxPro Maximum Projection Designs
2018-09-28 phytools Phylogenetic Tools for Comparative Biology (and Other Things)
2018-09-28 pzfx Read 'GraphPad Prism' Files
2018-09-28 quint Qualitative Interaction Trees
2018-09-28 rgrass7 Interface Between GRASS 7 Geographical Information System and R
2018-09-28 roperators Additional Operators to Help you Write Cleaner R Code
2018-09-28 rtweet Collecting Twitter Data
2018-09-28 Rvcg Manipulations of Triangular Meshes Based on the 'VCGLIB' API
2018-09-28 scalpel Processes Calcium Imaging Data
2018-09-28 SCGLR Supervised Component Generalized Linear Regression
2018-09-28 ShinyItemAnalysis Test and Item Analysis via Shiny
2018-09-28 sigora Signature Overrepresentation Analysis
2018-09-28 taxotools Tools to Handle Taxonomic Lists
2018-09-28 textreadr Read Text Documents into R
2018-09-28 titeIR Isotonic Designs for Phase 1 Trials with Late-Onset Toxicities
2018-09-28 webshot Take Screenshots of Web Pages
2018-09-27 adespatial Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis
2018-09-27 ahpsurvey Analytic Hierarchy Process for Survey Data
2018-09-27 BNSP Bayesian Non- And Semi-Parametric Model Fitting
2018-09-27 CARBayesST Spatio-Temporal Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
2018-09-27 embryogrowth Tools to Analyze the Thermal Reaction Norm of Embryo Growth
2018-09-27 EmissV Vehicular Emissions by Top-Down Methods
2018-09-27 fluxweb Estimate Energy Fluxes in Food Webs
2018-09-27 ggquickeda Quickly Explore Your Data Using 'ggplot2' and Summary Tables
2018-09-27 ggridges Ridgeline Plots in 'ggplot2'
2018-09-27 grpreg Regularization Paths for Regression Models with Grouped Covariates
2018-09-27 hyfo Hydrology and Climate Forecasting
2018-09-27 iptmnetr Interface to the 'iPTMnet' API
2018-09-27 ipumsr Read 'IPUMS' Extract Files
2018-09-27 mclogit Mixed Conditional Logit Models
2018-09-27 meme Create Meme
2018-09-27 Miso Multi-Isotope Labeling for Metabolomics Analysis
2018-09-27 orcutt Estimate Procedure in Case of First Order Autocorrelation
2018-09-27 osqp Quadratic Programming Solver using the 'OSQP' Library
2018-09-27 phenology Tools to Manage a Parametric Function that Describes Phenology
2018-09-27 R.matlab Read and Write MAT Files and Call MATLAB from Within R
2018-09-27 rcube Simulations and Visualizations of Rubik's Cube (with Mods)
2018-09-27 rebird R Client for the eBird Database of Bird Observations
2018-09-27 rebmix Finite Mixture Modeling, Clustering & Classification
2018-09-27 rsq R-Squared and Related Measures
2018-09-27 rvcheck R/Package Version Check
2018-09-27 simLife Simulation of Fatigue Lifetimes
2018-09-27 sm Smoothing Methods for Nonparametric Regression and Density Estimation
2018-09-27 taipan Tool for Annotating Images in Preparation for Analysis
2018-09-27 tweenr Interpolate Data for Smooth Animations
2018-09-27 utility Construct, Evaluate and Plot Value and Utility Functions
2018-09-26 adjclust Adjacency-Constrained Clustering of a Block-Diagonal Similarity Matrix
2018-09-26 bdvis Biodiversity Data Visualizations
2018-09-26 CRM Continual Reassessment Method (CRM) for Phase I Clinical Trials
2018-09-26 LncPath Identifying the Pathways Regulated by LncRNA Sets of Interest
2018-09-26 mds Medical Devices Surveillance
2018-09-26 mdsstat Statistical Trending for Medical Devices Surveillance
2018-09-26 MEPDF Creation of Empirical Density Functions Based on Multivariate Data
2018-09-26 movMF Mixtures of von Mises-Fisher Distributions
2018-09-26 neotoma Access to the Neotoma Paleoecological Database Through R
2018-09-26 nonmem2R Loading NONMEM Output Files and Simulate with Parameter Uncertainty
2018-09-26 PReMiuM Dirichlet Process Bayesian Clustering, Profile Regression
2018-09-26 rcdk Interface to the 'CDK' Libraries
2018-09-26 rdrobust Robust Data-Driven Statistical Inference in Regression-Discontinuity Designs
2018-09-25 addhaz Binomial and Multinomial Additive Hazard Models
2018-09-25 Bergm Bayesian Exponential Random Graph Models
2018-09-25 bestNormalize Normalizing Transformation Functions
2018-09-25 boxcoxmix Box-Cox-Type Transformations for Linear and Logistic Models with Random Effects
2018-09-25 cli Helpers for Developing Command Line Interfaces
2018-09-25 CPE Concordance Probability Estimates in Survival Analysis
2018-09-25 dtwclust Time Series Clustering Along with Optimizations for the Dynamic Time Warping Distance
2018-09-25 eba Elimination-by-Aspects Models
2018-09-25 freegroup The Free Group
2018-09-25 gWidgets2tcltk Toolkit Implementation of gWidgets2 for tcltk
2018-09-25 h2o R Interface for 'H2O'
2018-09-25 multicolor Add Multiple Colors to your Console Output
2018-09-25 multigraph Plot and Manipulate Multigraphs
2018-09-25 nestfs Cross-Validated (Nested) Forward Selection
2018-09-25 nonnest2 Tests of Non-Nested Models
2018-09-25 RKEEL Using KEEL in R Code
2018-09-25 RSuite Supports Developing, Building and Deploying R Solution
2018-09-25 RxODE Facilities for Simulating from ODE-Based Models
2018-09-25 scam Shape Constrained Additive Models
2018-09-25 seg Measuring Spatial Segregation
2018-09-25 seplyr Improved Standard Evaluation Interfaces for Common Data Manipulation Tasks
2018-09-25 trajectories Classes and Methods for Trajectory Data
2018-09-24 afex Analysis of Factorial Experiments
2018-09-24 ape Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution
2018-09-24 aqp Algorithms for Quantitative Pedology
2018-09-24 BAwiR Analysis of Basketball Data
2018-09-24 behaviorchange Tools for Behavior Change Researchers and Professionals
2018-09-24 bigdatadist Distances for Machine Learning and Statistics in the Context of Big Data
2018-09-24 checkLuhn Checks if a Number is Valid Using the Luhn Algorithm
2018-09-24 Ckmeans.1d.dp Optimal and Fast Univariate Clustering
2018-09-24 clpAPI R Interface to C API of COIN-OR Clp
2018-09-24 data.tree General Purpose Hierarchical Data Structure
2018-09-24 distdichoR Distributional Method for the Dichotomisation of Continuous Outcomes
2018-09-24 doParallel Foreach Parallel Adaptor for the 'parallel' Package
2018-09-24 dynr Dynamic Modeling in R
2018-09-24 EcoHydRology A Community Modeling Foundation for Eco-Hydrology
2018-09-24 flexclust Flexible Cluster Algorithms
2018-09-24 frequencyConnectedness Spectral Decomposition of Connectedness Measures
2018-09-24 Infusion Inference Using Simulation
2018-09-24 iptools Manipulate, Validate and Resolve 'IP' Addresses
2018-09-24 ITRSelect Variable Selection for Optimal Individualized Dynamic Treatment Regime
2018-09-24 parallelDist Parallel Distance Matrix Computation using Multiple Threads
2018-09-24 PBRF The Probability of Being in Response Function and Its Variance Estimates
2018-09-24 pROC Display and Analyze ROC Curves
2018-09-24 revengc Reverse Engineering Summarized Data
2018-09-24 semTools Useful Tools for Structural Equation Modeling
2018-09-24 smapr Acquisition and Processing of NASA Soil Moisture Active-Passive (SMAP) Data
2018-09-24 splinetree Longitudinal Regression Trees and Forests
2018-09-24 thriftr Apache Thrift Client Server
2018-09-24 userfriendlyscience Quantitative Analysis Made Accessible
2018-09-24 WeMix Weighted Mixed-Effects Models, using Multilevel Pseudo Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2018-09-23 Cyclops Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis
2018-09-23 DescribeDisplay An Interface to the 'DescribeDisplay' 'GGobi' Plugin
2018-09-23 geex An API for M-Estimation
2018-09-23 geojsonR A GeoJson Processing Toolkit
2018-09-23 jtools Analysis and Presentation of Social Scientific Data
2018-09-23 mFilter Miscellaneous Time Series Filters
2018-09-23 NHMSAR Non-Homogeneous Markov Switching Autoregressive Models
2018-09-23 nlmixr Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models in Population Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
2018-09-23 nonlinearTseries Nonlinear Time Series Analysis
2018-09-23 nullabor Tools for Graphical Inference
2018-09-23 photobiology Photobiological Calculations
2018-09-23 RGF Regularized Greedy Forest
2018-09-23 SI Stochastic Integrating
2018-09-22 ether Interaction with the 'Ethereum' Blockchain
2018-09-22 expm Matrix Exponential, Log, 'etc'
2018-09-22 gjam Generalized Joint Attribute Modeling
2018-09-22 gmvarkit Estimate Gaussian Mixture Vector Autoregressive Model
2018-09-22 lavaan Latent Variable Analysis
2018-09-22 MortCast Estimation and Projection of Age-Specific Mortality Rates
2018-09-22 pavo Perceptual Analysis, Visualization and Organization of Spectral Color Data in R
2018-09-22 rapidjsonr 'Rapidjson' C++ Header Files
2018-09-22 RMOA Connect R with MOA for Massive Online Analysis
2018-09-22 RMOAjars External jars Required for Package RMOA
2018-09-22 sparsepp 'Rcpp' Interface to 'sparsepp'
2018-09-22 uGMAR Estimate Univariate Gaussian or Student's t Mixture Autoregressive Model
2018-09-21 anomaly Detecting Anomalies in Data
2018-09-21 APtools Average Positive Predictive Values (AP) for Binary Outcomes and Censored Event Times
2018-09-21 autocogs Automatic Cognostic Summaries
2018-09-21 blin Bipartite Longitudinal Influence Network (BLIN) Estimation
2018-09-21 blockingChallenge Create Blocks or Strata which are Similar Within
2018-09-21 BootstrapQTL Bootstrap cis-QTL Method that Corrects for the Winner's Curse
2018-09-21 gbfs Interface with General Bikeshare Feed Specification Files
2018-09-21 HEMDAG Hierarchical Ensemble Methods for Directed Acyclic Graphs
2018-09-21 inctools Incidence Estimation Tools
2018-09-21 multiplex Algebraic Tools for the Analysis of Multiple Social Networks
2018-09-21 RInno An Installation Framework for Shiny Apps
2018-09-21 robustbase Basic Robust Statistics
2018-09-21 rsdmx Tools for Reading SDMX Data and Metadata
2018-09-21 RTransferEntropy Measuring Information Flow Between Time Series with Shannon and Renyi Transfer Entropy
2018-09-21 trigpoints Data Set of Trig Points in Great Britain in British National Grid Coordinates
2018-09-21 units Measurement Units for R Vectors
2018-09-21 zeroEQpart Zero Order vs (Semi) Partial Correlation Test and CI
2018-09-20 adpss Design and Analysis of Locally or Globally Efficient Adaptive Designs
2018-09-20 bs4Dash A 'Bootstrap 4' Version of 'shinydashboard'
2018-09-20 crypto Cryptocurrency Market Data
2018-09-20 datasauRus Datasets from the Datasaurus Dozen
2018-09-20 DensParcorr Dens-Based Method for Partial Correlation Estimation in Large Scale Brain Networks
2018-09-20 DIconvex Finding Patterns of Monotonicity and Convexity in Data
2018-09-20 dispRity Measuring Disparity in R
2018-09-20 generalhoslem Goodness of Fit Tests for Logistic Regression Models
2018-09-20 ggpol Visualizing Social Science Data with 'ggplot2'
2018-09-20 lmomco L-Moments, Censored L-Moments, Trimmed L-Moments, L-Comoments, and Many Distributions
2018-09-20 LPKsample LP Nonparametric High Dimensional K-Sample Comparison
2018-09-20 phuse Web Application Framework for 'PhUSE' Scripts
2018-09-20 quantregGrowth Growth Charts via Regression Quantiles
2018-09-20 rcoreoa Client for the CORE API
2018-09-20 robustrank Robust Rank-Based Tests
2018-09-20 ROptSpace Matrix Reconstruction from a Few Entries
2018-09-20 rqdatatable 'rquery' for 'data.table'
2018-09-20 rsnps Get 'SNP' ('Single-Nucleotide' 'Polymorphism') Data on the Web
2018-09-20 shazam Immunoglobulin Somatic Hypermutation Analysis
2018-09-20 shinydashboardPlus Add some 'AdminLTE2' Components to 'shinydashboard'
2018-09-20 soiltexture Functions for Soil Texture Plot, Classification and Transformation
2018-09-20 TTR Technical Trading Rules
2018-09-20 unfoldr Stereological Unfolding for Spheroidal Particles
2018-09-20 vardpoor Variance Estimation for Sample Surveys by the Ultimate Cluster Method
2018-09-19 auditor Model Audit - Verification, Validation, and Error Analysis
2018-09-19 BayLum Chronological Bayesian Models Integrating Optically Stimulated Luminescence and Radiocarbon Age Dating
2018-09-19 bcf Causal Inference for a Binary Treatment and Continuous Outcome using Bayesian Causal Forests
2018-09-19 cglasso L1-Penalized Censored Gaussian Graphical Models
2018-09-19 CIAAWconsensus Isotope Ratio Meta-Analysis
2018-09-19 dataCompareR Compare Two Data Frames and Summarise the Difference
2018-09-19 droptest Simulates LOX Drop Testing
2018-09-19 EffectTreat Prediction of Therapeutic Success
2018-09-19 iNEXT Interpolation and Extrapolation for Species Diversity
2018-09-19 IRISSeismic Classes and Methods for Seismic Data Analysis
2018-09-19 KFAS Kalman Filter and Smoother for Exponential Family State Space Models
2018-09-19 maptools Tools for Handling Spatial Objects
2018-09-19 PAFit Generative Mechanism Estimation in Temporal Complex Networks
2018-09-19 pssmooth Flexible and Efficient Evaluation of Principal Surrogates/Treatment Effect Modifiers
2018-09-19 replyr Patches to Use 'dplyr' on Remote Data Sources
2018-09-19 SplitSoftening Softening Splits in Decision Trees
2018-09-19 wilson Web-Based Interactive Omics Visualization
2018-09-19 zoo S3 Infrastructure for Regular and Irregular Time Series (Z's Ordered Observations)
2018-09-18 asbio A Collection of Statistical Tools for Biologists
2018-09-18 bivariate Bivariate Probability Distributions
2018-09-18 cartography Thematic Cartography
2018-09-18 ccfa Continuous Counterfactual Analysis
2018-09-18 cowsay Messages, Warnings, Strings with Ascii Animals
2018-09-18 cymruservices Query 'Team Cymru' 'IP' Address, Autonomous System Number ('ASN'), Border Gateway Protocol ('BGP'), Bogon and 'Malware' Hash Data Services
2018-09-18 docxtractr Extract Data Tables and Comments from 'Microsoft' 'Word' Documents
2018-09-18 eivtools Measurement Error Modeling Tools
2018-09-18 EValue Sensitivity Analyses for Unmeasured Confounding in Observational Studies and Meta-Analyses
2018-09-18 GAS Generalized Autoregressive Score Models
2018-09-18 hetGP Heteroskedastic Gaussian Process Modeling and Design under Replication
2018-09-18 later Utilities for Delaying Function Execution
2018-09-18 lifecontingencies Financial and Actuarial Mathematics for Life Contingencies
2018-09-18 MazamaSpatialUtils Spatial Data Download and Utility Functions
2018-09-18 mhurdle Multiple Hurdle Tobit Models
2018-09-18 molaR Dental Surface Complexity Measurement Tools
2018-09-18 ndjson Wicked-Fast Streaming 'JSON' ('ndjson') Reader
2018-09-18 netrankr Analyzing Partial Rankings in Networks
2018-09-18 packcircles Circle Packing
2018-09-18 polmineR Toolkit for Corpus Analysis
2018-09-18 ReIns Functions from "Reinsurance: Actuarial and Statistical Aspects"
2018-09-18 rmetalog R Implementation of the Metalog Distribution
2018-09-18 RSelenium R Bindings for 'Selenium WebDriver'
2018-09-18 rzmq R Bindings for 'ZeroMQ'
2018-09-18 shiny.router Basic Routing for Shiny Web Applications
2018-09-18 sunburstR 'Htmlwidget' for 'Kerry Rodden' 'd3.js' Sequence and 'd2b' Sunburst
2018-09-18 tram Transformation Models
2018-09-18 trtf Transformation Trees and Forests
2018-09-18 VineCopula Statistical Inference of Vine Copulas
2018-09-17 bamdit Bayesian Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Data
2018-09-17 basefun Infrastructure for Computing with Basis Functions
2018-09-17 CA3variants Three-Way Correspondence Analysis Variants
2018-09-17 CorDiff Set-Based Differential Covariance Testing for Genomics
2018-09-17 EloOptimized Optimized Elo Rating Method for Obtaining Dominance Ranks
2018-09-17 emhawkes Exponential Multivariate Hawkes Model
2018-09-17 empirical Empirical Probability Density Functions and Empirical Cumulative Distribution Functions
2018-09-17 gdns Tools to Work with Google's 'DNS-over-HTTPS' ('DoH') 'API'
2018-09-17 googleway Accesses Google Maps APIs to Retrieve Data and Plot Maps
2018-09-17 HMMextra0s Hidden Markov Models with Extra Zeros
2018-09-17 kergp Gaussian Process Laboratory
2018-09-17 magic Create and Investigate Magic Squares
2018-09-17 mbir Magnitude-Based Inferences
2018-09-17 mlt Most Likely Transformations
2018-09-17 MSPRT Modified Sequential Probability Ratio Test (MSPRT)
2018-09-17 n1qn1 Port of the 'Scilab' 'n1qn1' and 'qnbd' Modules for (Un)constrained BFGS Optimization
2018-09-17 PythonInR Use 'Python' from Within 'R'
2018-09-17 radix 'R Markdown' Format for Scientific and Technical Writing
2018-09-17 rlmDataDriven Robust Regression with Data Driven Tuning Parameter
2018-09-17 sabre Spatial Association Between Regionalizations
2018-09-17 salty Turn Clean Data into Messy Data
2018-09-17 spikeSlabGAM Bayesian Variable Selection and Model Choice for Generalized Additive Mixed Models
2018-09-17 stuart Subtests Using Algorithmic Rummaging Techniques
2018-09-17 treeman Phylogenetic Tree Manipulation Class and Methods
2018-09-17 UKgrid The UK National Electricity Transmission System Dataset
2018-09-17 variables Variable Descriptions
2018-09-17 xmlparsedata Parse Data of 'R' Code as an 'XML' Tree
2018-09-17 xopen Open System Files, 'URLs', Anything
2018-09-16 aiRthermo Atmospheric Thermodynamics and Visualization
2018-09-16 caMST Mixed Computerized Adaptive Multistage Testing
2018-09-16 DHS.rates Calculate Key DHS Indicators
2018-09-16 duawranglr Securely Wrangle Dataset According to Data Usage Agreement
2018-09-16 fieldRS Remote Sensing Field Work Tools
2018-09-16 filling Matrix Completion, Imputation, and Inpainting Methods
2018-09-16 gbm Generalized Boosted Regression Models
2018-09-16 graphon A Collection of Graphon Estimation Methods
2018-09-16 hIRT Hierarchical Item Response Theory Models
2018-09-16 knockoff The Knockoff Filter for Controlled Variable Selection
2018-09-16 mapview Interactive Viewing of Spatial Data in R
2018-09-16 MPN Most Probable Number for Serial Dilutions
2018-09-16 nnTensor Non-Negative Tensor Decomposition
2018-09-16 NTsets Normality Test Sets Integrated Function and Figure Methods for Continuous Variables
2018-09-16 recmap Compute the Rectangular Statistical Cartogram
2018-09-16 reprex Prepare Reproducible Example Code via the Clipboard
2018-09-16 rgeopat2 Additional Functions for 'GeoPAT' 2
2018-09-16 roundhouse An R Wrapper to the 'ICNDb' API
2018-09-16 simstudy Simulation of Study Data
2018-09-16 sparr Spatial and Spatiotemporal Relative Risk
2018-09-16 stylest Estimating Speaker Style Distinctiveness
2018-09-16 tvR Total Variation Regularization
2018-09-16 usmap US Maps Including Alaska and Hawaii
2018-09-16 VBTree Vector Binary Tree to Make Your Data Management More Efficient
2018-09-16 voteogram United States House and Senate Voting Cartogram Generators
2018-09-15 BLPestimatoR Performs a BLP Demand Estimation
2018-09-15 chebpol Multivariate Interpolation
2018-09-15 dcemriS4 A Package for Image Analysis of DCE-MRI (S4 Implementation)
2018-09-15 FFTrees Generate, Visualise, and Evaluate Fast-and-Frugal Decision Trees
2018-09-15 fitODBOD Modeling Over Dispersed Binomial Outcome Data Using BMD and ABD
2018-09-15 JWileymisc Miscellaneous Utilities and Functions
2018-09-15 PropClust Propensity Clustering and Decomposition
2018-09-15 RcmdrPlugin.BiclustGUI 'Rcmdr' Plug-in GUI for Biclustering
2018-09-15 rdnb R Interface to the 'Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library) API'
2018-09-15 rtsplot Time Series Plot
2018-09-15 spData Datasets for Spatial Analysis
2018-09-14 alakazam Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis
2018-09-14 asht Applied Statistical Hypothesis Tests
2018-09-14 BMA Bayesian Model Averaging
2018-09-14 CovTools Statistical Tools for Covariance Analysis
2018-09-14 crawl Fit Continuous-Time Correlated Random Walk Models to Animal Movement Data
2018-09-14 cruts Interface to Climatic Research Unit Time-Series Version 3.21 Data
2018-09-14 demogR Analysis of Age-Structured Demographic Models
2018-09-14 episcan Scan Pairwise Epistasis
2018-09-14 fingertipscharts Produce Charts that you See on the Fingertips Website
2018-09-14 fts R Interface to 'tslib' (a Time Series Library in C++)
2018-09-14 glpkAPI R Interface to C API of GLPK
2018-09-14 kitagawa Spectral Response of Water Wells to Harmonic Strain and Pressure Signals
2018-09-14 LabourMarketAreas Identification, Tuning, Visualisation and Analysis of Labour Market Areas
2018-09-14 longmemo Statistics for Long-Memory Processes (Book Jan Beran), and Related Functionality
2018-09-14 mcca Multi-Category Classification Accuracy
2018-09-14 MCMCpack Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Package
2018-09-14 mize Unconstrained Numerical Optimization Algorithms
2018-09-14 mkin Kinetic Evaluation of Chemical Degradation Data
2018-09-14 MmgraphR Graphing for Markov, Hidden Markov, and Mixture Transition Distribution Models
2018-09-14 monomvn Estimation for Multivariate Normal and Student-t Data with Monotone Missingness
2018-09-14 moveVis Movement Data Visualization
2018-09-14 mstrio Interface for 'MicroStrategy' REST API
2018-09-14 pimeta Prediction Intervals for Random-Effects Meta-Analysis
2018-09-14 poolfstat Computing F-Statistics from Pool-Seq Data
2018-09-14 RcppAlgos High Performance Tools for Combinatorics and Computational Mathematics
2018-09-14 reglogit Simulation-Based Regularized Logistic Regression
2018-09-14 RNOmni Omnibus Test for Genetic Association Analysis using the Rank Normal Transformation
2018-09-14 RtutoR Shiny Apps for Plotting and Exploratory Analysis
2018-09-14 rym R Interface to Yandex Metrika API
2018-09-14 sgmcmc Stochastic Gradient Markov Chain Monte Carlo
2018-09-14 snow Simple Network of Workstations
2018-09-13 AdvDif4 Solving 1D Advection Bi-Flux Diffusion Equation
2018-09-13 atable Create Tables for Reporting Clinical Trials
2018-09-13 Blaunet Calculate and Analyze Blau Status for (Covert) Organizations
2018-09-13 CKLRT Composite Kernel Machine Regression Based on Likelihood Ratio Test
2018-09-13 condvis Conditional Visualization for Statistical Models
2018-09-13 covafillr Local Polynomial Regression of State Dependent Covariates in State-Space Models
2018-09-13 cRegulome Obtain and Visualize Regulome-Gene Expression Correlations in Cancer
2018-09-13 dr4pl Dose Response Data Analysis using the 4 Parameter Logistic (4pl) Model
2018-09-13 EnvCpt Detection of Structural Changes in Climate and Environment Time Series
2018-09-13 EstMix Tumor Clones Percentage Estimations
2018-09-13 explor Interactive Interfaces for Results Exploration
2018-09-13 HDtest High Dimensional Hypothesis Testing for Mean Vectors, Covariance Matrices, and White Noise of Vector Time Series
2018-09-13 knor Non-Uniform Memory Access ('NUMA') Optimized, Parallel K-Means
2018-09-13 MicSim Performing Continuous-Time Microsimulation
2018-09-13 multivariance Measuring Multivariate Dependence Using Distance Multivariance
2018-09-13 ncvreg Regularization Paths for SCAD and MCP Penalized Regression Models
2018-09-13 nse Numerical Standard Errors Computation in R
2018-09-13 openVA Automated Method for Verbal Autopsy
2018-09-13 PHeval Evaluation of the Proportional Hazards Assumption with a Standardized Score Process
2018-09-13 psycho Efficient and Publishing-Oriented Workflow for Psychological Science
2018-09-13 qrjoint Joint Estimation in Linear Quantile Regression
2018-09-13 shiny.i18n Shiny Applications Internationalization
2018-09-13 SimPhe Tools to Simulate Phenotype(s) with Epistatic Interaction
2018-09-13 tosca Tools for Statistical Content Analysis
2018-09-13 tricolore A Flexible Color Scale for Ternary Compositions
2018-09-13 VarfromPDB Disease-Gene-Variant Relations Mining from the Public Databases and Literature
2018-09-12 amt Animal Movement Tools
2018-09-12 bigstep Stepwise Selection for Large Data Sets
2018-09-12 bomrang Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Data from R
2018-09-12 CAvariants Correspondence Analysis Variants
2018-09-12 crunch Crunch.io Data Tools
2018-09-12 CTT Classical Test Theory Functions
2018-09-12 DiscreteFDR Multiple Testing Procedures with Adaptation for Discrete Tests
2018-09-12 dlnm Distributed Lag Non-Linear Models
2018-09-12 exiftoolr ExifTool Functionality from R
2018-09-12 flipscores Robust Testing in GLMs
2018-09-12 geosapi GeoServer REST API R Interface
2018-09-12 getCRUCLdata Use and Explore CRU CL v. 2.0 Climatology Elements in R
2018-09-12 ggmosaic Mosaic Plots in the 'ggplot2' Framework
2018-09-12 grec GRadient-Based RECognition of Spatial Patterns in Environmental Data
2018-09-12 jagsUI A Wrapper Around 'rjags' to Streamline 'JAGS' Analyses
2018-09-12 kstMatrix Basic Functions in Knowledge Space Theory Using Matrix Representation
2018-09-12 lmQCM An Algorithm for Gene Co-Expression Analysis
2018-09-12 mccmeiv Estimating Parameters for a Matched Case Control Design with a Mismeasured Exposure using Instrumental Variables
2018-09-12 odpc One-Sided Dynamic Principal Components
2018-09-12 qualmap Opinionated Approach for Digitizing Semi-Structured Qualitative GIS Data
2018-09-12 rbtc Bitcoin API
2018-09-12 rollRegres Fast Rolling and Expanding Window Linear Regression
2018-09-12 rwavelet Wavelet Analysis
2018-09-12 SAFD Statistical Analysis of Fuzzy Data
2018-09-12 TempleMetrics Estimating Conditional Distributions
2018-09-11 DLMtool Data-Limited Methods Toolkit
2018-09-11 echor Access EPA 'ECHO' Data
2018-09-11 fastnet Large-Scale Social Network Analysis
2018-09-11 ggcorrplot Visualization of a Correlation Matrix using 'ggplot2'
2018-09-11 hBayesDM Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling of Decision-Making Tasks
2018-09-11 HMMEsolver A Fast Solver for Henderson Mixed Model Equation via Row Operations
2018-09-11 Hotelling Hotelling's T^2 Test and Variants
2018-09-11 IncDTW Incremental Calculation of Dynamic Time Warping
2018-09-11 jubilee Forecasting Long-Term Growth of the U.S. Stock Market
2018-09-11 kofdata Get Data from the 'KOF Datenservice' API
2018-09-11 KrigInv Kriging-Based Inversion for Deterministic and Noisy Computer Experiments
2018-09-11 kstIO Knowledge Space Theory Input/Output
2018-09-11 LMest Latent Markov Models with and without Covariates
2018-09-11 longpower Sample Size Calculations for Longitudinal Data
2018-09-11 ModelMap Modeling and Map Production using Random Forest and Related Stochastic Models
2018-09-11 move Visualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data
2018-09-11 papeR A Toolbox for Writing Pretty Papers and Reports
2018-09-11 phateR PHATE - Potential of Heat-Diffusion for Affinity-Based Transition Embedding
2018-09-11 PhylogeneticEM Automatic Shift Detection using a Phylogenetic EM
2018-09-11 plsRcox Partial Least Squares Regression for Cox Models and Related Techniques
2018-09-11 prettycode Pretty Print R Code in the Terminal
2018-09-11 rayshader Create and Visualize Hillshaded Maps from Elevation Matrices
2018-09-11 Rcmdr R Commander
2018-09-11 Rnets Resistance Relationship Networks using Graphical LASSO
2018-09-11 Rnmr1D Perform the Complete Processing of a Set of Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra
2018-09-11 RobustGaSP Robust Gaussian Stochastic Process Emulation
2018-09-11 scorecard Credit Risk Scorecard
2018-09-11 sensiPhy Sensitivity Analysis for Comparative Methods
2018-09-11 sport Sequential Pairwise Online Rating Techniques
2018-09-11 steemr A Tool for Processing Steem Data
2018-09-11 TreeDep Air Pollution Removal by Dry Deposition on Trees
2018-09-11 TreeSearch Phylogenetic Tree Search Using Custom Optimality Criteria
2018-09-11 tstools A Time Series Toolbox for Official Statistics
2018-09-11 whoami Username, Full Name, Email Address, 'GitHub' Username of the Current User
2018-09-11 yacca Yet Another Canonical Correlation Analysis Package
2018-09-11 zoocat 'zoo' Objects with Column Attributes
2018-09-10 AsioHeaders 'Asio' C++ Header Files
2018-09-10 BalancedSampling Balanced and Spatially Balanced Sampling
2018-09-10 BHTSpack Bayesian Multi-Plate High-Throughput Screening of Compounds
2018-09-10 CARBayes Spatial Generalised Linear Mixed Models for Areal Unit Data
2018-09-10 CDECRetrieve Retrieve Historical and Near Realtime Data from CDEC
2018-09-10 checkpoint Install Packages from Snapshots on the Checkpoint Server for Reproducibility
2018-09-10 clue Cluster Ensembles
2018-09-10 clustMixType k-Prototypes Clustering for Mixed Variable-Type Data
2018-09-10 ctmm Continuous-Time Movement Modeling
2018-09-10 datasets.load Interface for Loading Datasets
2018-09-10 DtD Distance to Default
2018-09-10 fitdistrplus Help to Fit of a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
2018-09-10 ghibli Studio Ghibli Palette Generator
2018-09-10 glmmboot Bootstrap Resampling for Mixed Effects and Plain Models
2018-09-10 itsmr Time Series Analysis Using the Innovations Algorithm
2018-09-10 kidney.epi Kidney Functions: Clinical and Epidemiological
2018-09-10 languageserver Language Server Protocol
2018-09-10 LexisNexisTools Working with Files from 'LexisNexis'
2018-09-10 MEGENA Multiscale Clustering of Geometrical Network
2018-09-10 metRology Support for Metrological Applications
2018-09-10 MVR Mean-Variance Regularization
2018-09-10 ndl Naive Discriminative Learning
2018-09-10 nesRdata National Eutrophication Survey Data
2018-09-10 NlinTS Non Linear Time Series Analysis
2018-09-10 optimStrat Choosing the Sample Strategy
2018-09-10 ordinalNet Penalized Ordinal Regression
2018-09-10 penaltyLearning Penalty Learning
2018-09-10 PopED Population (and Individual) Optimal Experimental Design
2018-09-10 RcmdrMisc R Commander Miscellaneous Functions
2018-09-10 rly 'Lex' and 'Yacc'
2018-09-10 RWeka R/Weka Interface
2018-09-10 RWekajars R/Weka Interface Jars
2018-09-10 SamplerCompare A Framework for Comparing the Performance of MCMC Samplers
2018-09-10 season Seasonal Analysis of Health Data
2018-09-10 sindyr Sparse Identification of Nonlinear Dynamics
2018-09-10 sklarsomega Measuring Agreement Using Sklar's Omega Coefficient
2018-09-10 smicd Statistical Methods for Interval Censored Data
2018-09-10 spagmix Artificial Spatial and Spatiotemporal Densities on Bounded Windows
2018-09-10 udpipe Tokenization, Parts of Speech Tagging, Lemmatization and Dependency Parsing with the 'UDPipe' 'NLP' Toolkit
2018-09-10 virtualspecies Generation of Virtual Species Distributions
2018-09-09 chron Chronological Objects which can Handle Dates and Times
2018-09-09 downscale Downscaling Species Occupancy
2018-09-09 gstat Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation
2018-09-09 MetSizeR GUI Tool for Estimating Sample Sizes for Metabolomic Experiments
2018-09-09 rWishart Random Wishart Matrix Generation
2018-09-05 vanquish Variant Quality Investigation Helper
2018-09-03 cmrutils Misc Functions of the Center for Mathematical Research
2018-09-03 CTTinShiny Shiny Interface for the CTT Package
2018-09-03 datadigest Create an Interactive Data Summary
2018-09-03 ELMSO Implementation of the Efficient Large-Scale Online Display Advertising Algorithm
2018-09-03 ggTimeSeries Time Series Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
2018-09-03 harrypotter Palettes Generated from All "Harry Potter" Movies
2018-09-03 itemanalysis Classical Test Theory Item Analysis
2018-09-03 medflex Flexible Mediation Analysis Using Natural Effect Models
2018-09-03 newsmap Semi-Supervised Model for Geographical Document Classification
2018-09-03 pysd2r API to 'Python' Library 'pysd'
2018-09-03 redR REgularization by Denoising (RED)
2018-09-03 rgoogleslides R Interface to Google Slides
2018-09-03 ROP Regression Optimized: Numerical Approach for Multivariate Classification and Regression Trees
2018-09-03 SamplingBigData Sampling Methods for Big Data
2018-09-03 spm12r Wrapper Functions for 'SPM' (Statistical Parametric Mapping) Version 12 from the 'Wellcome' Trust Centre for 'Neuroimaging'
2018-09-03 survivalAnalysis High-Level Interface for Survival Analysis and Associated Plots
2018-09-03 tbrf Time-Based Rolling Functions
2018-09-03 tiobeindexr Extract 'TIOBE' Programming Index Tables for the Latest Month
2018-09-03 trinROC Statistical Tests for Assessing Trinormal ROC Data
2018-09-02 data360r Wrapper for TC/Govdata360 API
2018-09-02 DepthProc Statistical Depth Functions for Multivariate Analysis
2018-09-02 pulsar Parallel Utilities for Lambda Selection along a Regularization Path
2018-09-02 reportROC An Easy Way to Report ROC Analysis
2018-09-02 rsm Response-Surface Analysis
2018-09-02 sensitivity Global Sensitivity Analysis of Model Outputs
2018-09-01 fitur Fit Univariate Distributions
2018-09-01 ggdmc Cognitive Models
2018-09-01 healthcareai Tools for Healthcare Machine Learning
2018-08-31 ade4 Analysis of Ecological Data: Exploratory and Euclidean Methods in Environmental Sciences
2018-08-31 adegraphics An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data
2018-08-31 bcaboot Bias Corrected Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
2018-08-31 bdDwC Darwinizer: Darwin Core (DwC) Field Names Standardization
2018-08-31 bdribs Bayesian Detection of Potential Risk Using Inference on Blinded Safety Data
2018-08-31 bnstruct Bayesian Network Structure Learning from Data with Missing Values
2018-08-31 CARBayesdata Data Used in the Vignettes Accompanying the CARBayes and CARBayesST Packages
2018-08-31 corpora Statistics and Data Sets for Corpus Frequency Data
2018-08-31 cutpointr Determine and Evaluate Optimal Cutpoints in Binary Classification Tasks
2018-08-31 DOS Design of Observational Studies
2018-08-31 ECLRMC Ensemble Correlation-Based Low-Rank Matrix Completion
2018-08-31 elasticnet Elastic-Net for Sparse Estimation and Sparse PCA
2018-08-31 ellipsis Tools for Working with ...
2018-08-31 excursions Excursion Sets and Contour Credibility Regions for Random Fields
2018-08-31 fastR2 Foundations and Applications of Statistics Using R (2nd Edition)
2018-08-31 forge Casting Values into Shape
2018-08-31 gamesGA Genetic Algorithm for Sequential Symmetric Games
2018-08-31 ggperiodic Easy Plotting of Periodic Data with 'ggplot2'
2018-08-31 gustave A User-Oriented Statistical Toolkit for Analytical Variance Estimation
2018-08-31 hglm Hierarchical Generalized Linear Models
2018-08-31 HGSL Heterogeneous Group Square-Root Lasso
2018-08-31 hypergate Machine Learning of Hyperrectangular Gating Strategies for High-Dimensional Cytometry
2018-08-31 iMediate Likelihood Methods for Mediation Analysis
2018-08-31 ldbounds Lan-DeMets Method for Group Sequential Boundaries
2018-08-31 logbin Relative Risk Regression Using the Log-Binomial Model
2018-08-31 loose.rock Set of Functions to Use in Survival Analysis and in Data Science
2018-08-31 MAc Meta-Analysis with Correlations
2018-08-31 MAd Meta-Analysis with Mean Differences
2018-08-31 nearfar Near-Far Matching
2018-08-31 normalp Routines for Exponential Power Distribution
2018-08-31 npmlreg Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Random Effect Models
2018-08-31 ows4R Interface to OGC Web-Services (OWS)
2018-08-31 pencopula Flexible Copula Density Estimation with Penalized Hierarchical B-Splines
2018-08-31 plotscale Scale Graphics Devices Using Plot Dimensions
2018-08-31 radjust Replicability Adjusted p-Values for Two Independent Studies with Multiple Endpoints
2018-08-31 Rambo The Random Subgraph Model
2018-08-31 repec Access RePEc Data Through API
2018-08-31 rifle Sparse Generalized Eigenvalue Problem
2018-08-31 rindex Indexing for R
2018-08-31 runner Running Operations for Vectors
2018-08-31 sinew Create 'roxygen2' Skeleton with Information from Function Script
2018-08-31 smartdata Data Preprocessing
2018-08-31 SparseLPM The Sparse Latent Position Model for Nonnegative Interaction Data
2018-08-31 stocks Stock Market Analysis
2018-08-31 takos Analysis of Differential Calorimetry Scans
2018-08-31 TauP.R Earthquake Traveltime Calculations for 1-D Earth Models
2018-08-31 taxonomizr Functions to Work with NCBI Accessions and Taxonomy
2018-08-31 testDriveR Teaching Data for Statistics and Data Science
2018-08-31 wrassp Interface to the 'ASSP' Library
2018-08-30 ambient A Generator of Multidimensional Noise
2018-08-30 aods3 Analysis of Overdispersed Data using S3 Methods
2018-08-30 AssetCorr Estimating Asset Correlations from Default Data
2018-08-30 bayesImageS Bayesian Methods for Image Segmentation using a Potts Model
2018-08-30 chicane Capture Hi-C Analysis Engine
2018-08-30 detect Analyzing Wildlife Data with Detection Error
2018-08-30 doBy Groupwise Statistics, LSmeans, Linear Contrasts, Utilities
2018-08-30 doremi Dynamics of Return to Equilibrium During Multiple Inputs
2018-08-30 earlygating Properties of Bayesian Early Gating Designs
2018-08-30 evoper Evolutionary Parameter Estimation for 'Repast Simphony' Models
2018-08-30 flexCWM Flexible Cluster-Weighted Modeling
2018-08-30 g3viz Visualize Genomic Mutation Data Using an Interactive Lollipop Diagram
2018-08-30 idm Incremental Decomposition Methods
2018-08-30 ledger Utilities for Importing Data from Plaintext Accounting Files
2018-08-30 lero.lero Generate 'Lero Lero' Quotes
2018-08-30 lsm Estimation of the log Likelihood of the Saturated Model
2018-08-30 ohtadstats Tomoka Ohta D Statistics
2018-08-30 OOBCurve Out of Bag Learning Curve
2018-08-30 ore An R Interface to the Onigmo Regular Expression Library
2018-08-30 PeerPerformance Luck-Corrected Peer Performance Analysis in R
2018-08-30 profExtrema Compute and Visualize Profile Extrema Functions
2018-08-30 qoma.smuggler Transport Data and Commands Across the 'FAME' / 'R' Border
2018-08-30 RiskPortfolios Computation of Risk-Based Portfolios
2018-08-30 rmake Makefile Generator for R Analytical Projects
2018-08-30 smfsb Stochastic Modelling for Systems Biology
2018-08-30 surrosurvROC Surrogate Survival ROC
2018-08-30 tuneRanger Tune Random Forest of the 'ranger' Package
2018-08-29 apaTables Create American Psychological Association (APA) Style Tables
2018-08-29 approximator Bayesian Prediction of Complex Computer Codes
2018-08-29 BPEC Bayesian Phylogeographic and Ecological Clustering
2018-08-29 fdANOVA Analysis of Variance for Univariate and Multivariate Functional Data
2018-08-29 IPSUR Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R
2018-08-29 IsoriX Isoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using Mixed Models
2018-08-29 madness Automatic Differentiation of Multivariate Operations
2018-08-29 mipfp Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and Alternative Models
2018-08-29 ncodeR Techniques for Automated Classifiers
2018-08-29 rtdists Response Time Distributions
2018-08-29 SpNetPrep Linear Network Preprocessing for Spatial Statistics
2018-08-29 srp Smooth-Rough Partitioning of the Regression Coefficients
2018-08-29 stima Simultaneous Threshold Interaction Modeling Algorithm
2018-08-29 vaersvax US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Vaccine Data for Present
2018-08-29 VARSEDIG An Algorithm for Morphometric Characters Selection and Statistical Validation in Morphological Taxonomy
2018-08-29 VarSelLCM Variable Selection for Model-Based Clustering of Mixed-Type Data Set with Missing Values
2018-08-29 xtable Export Tables to LaTeX or HTML
2018-08-28 cwhmisc Miscellaneous Functions for Math, Plotting, Printing, Statistics, Strings, and Tools
2018-08-28 cytometree Automated Cytometry Gating and Annotation
2018-08-28 epitrix Small Helpers and Tricks for Epidemics Analysis
2018-08-28 fingerPro Sediment Source Fingerprinting
2018-08-28 frailtySurv General Semiparametric Shared Frailty Model
2018-08-28 geoelectrics 3D-Visualization of Geoelectric Resistivity Measurement Profiles
2018-08-28 gets General-to-Specific (GETS) Modelling and Indicator Saturation Methods
2018-08-28 gmapsdistance Distance and Travel Time Between Two Points from Google Maps
2018-08-28 mBvs Bayesian Variable Selection Methods for Multivariate Data
2018-08-28 mlr Machine Learning in R
2018-08-28 plsdof Degrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial Least Squares Regression
2018-08-28 plsRbeta Partial Least Squares Regression for Beta Regression Models
2018-08-28 PoweR Computation of Power and Level Tables for Hypothesis Tests
2018-08-28 rtypeform Interface to 'typeform' Results
2018-08-28 SSLASSO The Spike-and-Slab LASSO
2018-08-28 ZIM Zero-Inflated Models (ZIM) for Count Time Series with Excess Zeros
2018-08-27 CalibratR Mapping ML Scores to Calibrated Predictions
2018-08-27 calpassapi R Interface to Access CalPASS API
2018-08-27 cloudml Interface to the Google Cloud Machine Learning Platform
2018-08-27 eDMA Dynamic Model Averaging with Grid Search
2018-08-27 georob Robust Geostatistical Analysis of Spatial Data
2018-08-27 leaflet Create Interactive Web Maps with the JavaScript 'Leaflet' Library
2018-08-27 MCMCvis Tools to Visualize, Manipulate, and Summarize MCMC Output
2018-08-27 miceMNAR Missing not at Random Imputation Models for Multiple Imputation by Chained Equation
2018-08-27 pdp Partial Dependence Plots
2018-08-27 prob Elementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces
2018-08-27 projections Project Future Case Incidence
2018-08-27 R.utils Various Programming Utilities
2018-08-27 RRreg Correlation and Regression Analyses for Randomized Response Data
2018-08-27 tidycensus Load US Census Boundary and Attribute Data as 'tidyverse' and 'sf'-Ready Data Frames
2018-08-27 vpc Create Visual Predictive Checks
2018-08-26 bgsmtr Bayesian Group Sparse Multi-Task Regression
2018-08-26 funique A Faster Unique Function
2018-08-26 future.apply Apply Function to Elements in Parallel using Futures
2018-08-26 gimme Group Iterative Multiple Model Estimation
2018-08-26 GPRMortality Gaussian Process Regression for Mortality Rates
2018-08-26 mclustcomp Measures for Comparing Clusters
2018-08-26 mlVAR Multi-Level Vector Autoregression
2018-08-26 R.rsp Dynamic Generation of Scientific Reports
2018-08-26 sspse Estimating Hidden Population Size using Respondent Driven Sampling Data
2018-08-26 supc The Self-Updating Process Clustering Algorithms
2018-08-25 coopProductGame Cooperative Aspects of Linear Production Programming Problems
2018-08-25 ergm.count Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks with Count Edges
2018-08-25 ergm.rank Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Rank-Order Relational Data
2018-08-25 ergm.userterms User-specified Terms for the statnet Suite of Packages
2018-08-25 flip Multivariate Permutation Tests
2018-08-25 graphTweets Visualise Twitter Interactions
2018-08-25 hydroscoper Interface to the Greek National Data Bank for Hydrometeorological Information
2018-08-25 latentnet Latent Position and Cluster Models for Statistical Networks
2018-08-25 mrMLM Multi-Locus Random-SNP-Effect Mixed Linear Model Tools for Genome-Wide Association Study
2018-08-25 mrMLM.GUI Multi-Locus Random-SNP-Effect Mixed Linear Model Tools for Genome-Wide Association Study
2018-08-25 ordinal Regression Models for Ordinal Data
2018-08-25 smooth Forecasting Using State Space Models
2018-08-25 startup Friendly R Startup Configuration
2018-08-25 strvalidator Process Control and Internal Validation of Forensic STR Kits
2018-08-25 symDMatrix Partitioned Symmetric Matrices
2018-08-25 TeXCheckR Parses LaTeX Documents for Errors
2018-08-25 tfdatasets Interface to 'TensorFlow' Datasets
2018-08-25 tfruns Training Run Tools for 'TensorFlow'
2018-08-24 accelerometry Functions for Processing Accelerometer Data
2018-08-24 adiv Analysis of Diversity
2018-08-24 bacistool Bayesian Classification and Information Sharing (BaCIS) Tool for the Design of Multi-Group Phase II Clinical Trials
2018-08-24 BGData A Suite of Packages for Analysis of Big Genomic Data
2018-08-24 binGroup Evaluation and Experimental Design for Binomial Group Testing
2018-08-24 BMRBr 'BMRB' File Downloader
2018-08-24 btergm Temporal Exponential Random Graph Models by Bootstrapped Pseudolikelihood
2018-08-24 callr Call R from R
2018-08-24 depmixS4 Dependent Mixture Models - Hidden Markov Models of GLMs and Other Distributions in S4
2018-08-24 ggthemes Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'
2018-08-24 gsynth Generalized Synthetic Control Method
2018-08-24 iC10TrainingData Training Datasets for iC10 Package
2018-08-24 krige Geospatial Kriging with Metropolis Sampling
2018-08-24 lucid Printing Floating Point Numbers in a Human-Friendly Format
2018-08-24 MoEClust Gaussian Parsimonious Clustering Models with Covariates
2018-08-24 mvglmmRank Multivariate Generalized Linear Mixed Models for Ranking Sports Teams
2018-08-24 ncappc NCA Calculations and Population Model Diagnosis
2018-08-24 optiSel Optimum Contribution Selection and Population Genetics
2018-08-24 perccalc Estimate Percentiles from an Ordered Categorical Variable
2018-08-24 plsgenomics PLS Analyses for Genomics
2018-08-24 portfolio.optimization Contemporary Portfolio Optimization
2018-08-24 quickmatch Quick Generalized Full Matching
2018-08-24 RcmdrPlugin.NMBU R Commander Plug-in for University Level Applied Statistics
2018-08-24 robeth R Functions for Robust Statistics
2018-08-24 rtrim Trends and Indices for Monitoring Data
2018-08-24 scclust Size-Constrained Clustering
2018-08-24 stepPenal Stepwise Forward Variable Selection in Penalized Regression
2018-08-24 survxai Visualization of the Local and Global Survival Model Explanations
2018-08-24 tidytidbits A Collection of Tools and Helpers Extending the Tidyverse
2018-08-24 twl Two-Way Latent Structure Clustering Model
2018-08-24 twoway Analysis of Two-Way Tables
2018-08-24 wordcloud Word Clouds
2018-08-24 xergm Extensions of Exponential Random Graph Models
2018-08-24 xRing Visualization and Correction of X-Ray Micro-Density Profiles
2018-08-23 ars Adaptive Rejection Sampling
2018-08-23 BLR Bayesian Linear Regression
2018-08-23 brnn Bayesian Regularization for Feed-Forward Neural Networks
2018-08-23 car Companion to Applied Regression
2018-08-23 cgmanalysis Clean and Analyze Continuous Glucose Monitor Data
2018-08-23 CINNA Deciphering Central Informative Nodes in Network Analysis
2018-08-23 coxed Duration-Based Quantities of Interest for the Cox Proportional Hazards Model
2018-08-23 Epi A Package for Statistical Analysis in Epidemiology
2018-08-23 essurvey Download Data from the European Social Survey on the Fly
2018-08-23 fabricatr Imagine Your Data Before You Collect It
2018-08-23 fixerapi An R Client for the "Fixer.io" Currency API
2018-08-23 fs Cross-Platform File System Operations Based on 'libuv'
2018-08-23 IndepTest Nonparametric Independence Tests Based on Entropy Estimation
2018-08-23 kerasformula A High-Level R Interface for Neural Nets
2018-08-23 manet Multiple Allocation Model for Actor-Event Networks
2018-08-23 markovchain Easy Handling Discrete Time Markov Chains
2018-08-23 PNADcIBGE Downloading, Reading and Analysing PNADc Microdata
2018-08-23 predictmeans Calculate Predicted Means for Linear Models
2018-08-23 Rdistance Analyses for Distance-Sampling and Abundance Estimation
2018-08-23 roahd Robust Analysis of High Dimensional Data
2018-08-23 rtide Tide Heights
2018-08-23 sarima Simulation and Prediction with Seasonal ARIMA Models
2018-08-23 sparseinv Computation of the Sparse Inverse Subset
2018-08-23 xmlrpc2 Implementation of the Remote Procedure Call Protocol ('XML-RPC')
2018-08-22 BayesNetBP Bayesian Network Belief Propagation
2018-08-22 collapsibleTree Interactive Collapsible Tree Diagrams using 'D3.js'
2018-08-22 DoE.base Full Factorials, Orthogonal Arrays and Base Utilities for DoE Packages
2018-08-22 Eagle Multiple Locus Association Mapping on a Genome-Wide Scale
2018-08-22 eikosograms The Picture of Probability
2018-08-22 geoknife Web-Processing of Large Gridded Datasets
2018-08-22 geometa Tools for Reading and Writing ISO/OGC Geographic Metadata
2018-08-22 GMSE Generalised Management Strategy Evaluation Simulator
2018-08-22 hedgehog Property-Based Testing
2018-08-22 highSCREEN High-Throughput Screening for Plate Based Assays
2018-08-22 lfe Linear Group Fixed Effects
2018-08-22 lidR Airborne LiDAR Data Manipulation and Visualization for Forestry Applications
2018-08-22 lmridge Linear Ridge Regression with Ridge Penalty and Ridge Statistics
2018-08-22 mboost Model-Based Boosting
2018-08-22 microsamplingDesign Finding Optimal Microsampling Designs for Non-Compartmental Pharmacokinetic Analysis
2018-08-22 phenocamr Facilitates 'PhenoCam' Data Access and Time Series Post-Processing
2018-08-22 poppr Genetic Analysis of Populations with Mixed Reproduction
2018-08-22 pwrFDR FDR Power
2018-08-22 RJSDMX R Interface to SDMX Web Services
2018-08-22 RSEIS Seismic Time Series Analysis Tools
2018-08-22 rstantools Tools for Developing R Packages Interfacing with 'Stan'
2018-08-22 rvinecopulib High Performance Algorithms for Vine Copula Modeling
2018-08-22 SSBtools Statistics Norway's Miscellaneous Tools
2018-08-22 TE Insertion/Deletion Dynamics for Transposable Elements
2018-08-22 tidyhydat Extract and Tidy Canadian 'Hydrometric' Data
2018-08-22 TLMoments Calculate TL-Moments and Convert Them to Distribution Parameters
2018-08-22 TraMineRextras TraMineR Extension
2018-08-21 decido Bindings for 'Mapbox' Ear Cutting Triangulation Library
2018-08-21 iC10 A Copy Number and Expression-Based Classifier for Breast Tumours
2018-08-21 NCA Necessary Condition Analysis
2018-08-21 planor Generation of Regular Factorial Designs
2018-08-21 pls Partial Least Squares and Principal Component Regression
2018-08-21 quickblock Quick Threshold Blocking
2018-08-21 rdpower Power Calculations for RD Designs
2018-08-21 rsolr R to Solr Interface
2018-08-21 SIDES Subgroup Identification Based on Differential Effect Search
2018-08-21 synchronicity Boost Mutex Functionality in R
2018-08-21 ubci Get Cryptocurrency Related Data by Upbit
2018-08-20 AdaptiveSparsity Adaptive Sparsity Models
2018-08-20 agriTutorial Tutorial Analysis of Some Agricultural Experiments
2018-08-20 cartools Tools for Understanding Highway Performance
2018-08-20 ChannelAttribution Markov Model for the Online Multi-Channel Attribution Problem
2018-08-20 con2aqi Calculate the AQI from Pollutant Concentration
2018-08-20 egor Import and Analyse Ego-Centered Network Data
2018-08-20 getProxy Get Free Proxy IP and Port
2018-08-20 GWmodel Geographically-Weighted Models
2018-08-20 ISAT Extract Cell Density and Nearest Distance Based on 'PerkinElmer InForm' Software Output
2018-08-20 KeyboardSimulator Simulate Keyboard Press and Mouse Click
2018-08-20 lagged Classes and Methods for Lagged Objects
2018-08-20 ltmle Longitudinal Targeted Maximum Likelihood Estimation
2018-08-20 MRHawkes Multivariate Renewal Hawkes Process
2018-08-20 mudata2 Interchange Tools for Multi-Parameter Spatiotemporal Data
2018-08-20 nCal Nonlinear Calibration
2018-08-20 NRejections Metrics for Multiple Testing with Correlated Outcomes
2018-08-20 panelView Visualizing Panel Data with Dichotomous Treatments
2018-08-20 pGPx Pseudo-Realizations for Gaussian Process Excursions
2018-08-20 phaseR Phase Plane Analysis of One and Two Dimensional Autonomous ODE Systems
2018-08-20 rfoaas R Interface to 'FOAAS'
2018-08-20 RLT Reinforcement Learning Trees
2018-08-20 shinyFeedback Displays User Feedback Next to Shiny Inputs
2018-08-20 shp2graph Convert a SpatialLinesDataFrame Object to an 'igraph'-Class Object
2018-08-19 censusapi Retrieve Data from the Census APIs
2018-08-19 cocktailApp 'shiny' App to Discover Cocktails
2018-08-19 datadr Divide and Recombine for Large, Complex Data
2018-08-19 dwapi A Client for 'data.world' REST API
2018-08-19 ELYP Empirical Likelihood Analysis for the Cox Model and Yang-Prentice (2005) Model
2018-08-19 exifr EXIF Image Data in R
2018-08-19 geogrid Turn Geospatial Polygons into Regular or Hexagonal Grids
2018-08-19 hrbrthemes Additional Themes, Theme Components and Utilities for 'ggplot2'
2018-08-19 IPEC Root Mean Square Curvature Calculation
2018-08-19 latticeDensity Density Estimation and Nonparametric Regression on Irregular Regions
2018-08-19 lazyrmd Render R Markdown Outputs Lazily
2018-08-19 microplot Microplots (Sparklines) in 'LaTeX', 'Word', 'HTML', 'Excel'
2018-08-19 mockery Mocking Library for R
2018-08-19 netjack Tools for Working with Samples of Networks
2018-08-19 rangemodelR Mid-Domain Effect and Species Richness
2018-08-19 SteinerNet Steiner Tree Approach for Graph Analysis
2018-08-19 sweep Tidy Tools for Forecasting
2018-08-19 timetk A Tool Kit for Working with Time Series in R
2018-08-19 XML Tools for Parsing and Generating XML Within R and S-Plus
2018-08-18 emplik2 Empirical Likelihood Ratio Test for Two Samples with Censored Data
2018-08-18 krm Kernel Based Regression Models
2018-08-18 mar1s Multiplicative AR(1) with Seasonal Processes
2018-08-18 modopt.matlab 'MatLab'-Style Modeling of Optimization Problems
2018-08-18 narray Subset- And Name-Aware Array Utility Functions
2018-08-18 shapes Statistical Shape Analysis
2018-08-18 tergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Models for Network Evolution Based on Exponential-Family Random Graph Models
2018-08-18 truncreg Truncated Gaussian Regression Models
2018-08-18 udapi Urban Dictionary API Client
2018-08-18 VGAM Vector Generalized Linear and Additive Models
2018-08-17 AbSim Time Resolved Simulations of Antibody Repertoires
2018-08-17 airr AIRR Data Representation Reference Library
2018-08-17 BAT Biodiversity Assessment Tools
2018-08-17 bigstatsr Statistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices
2018-08-17 covTestR Covariance Matrix Tests
2018-08-17 DMMF Daily Based Morgan-Morgan-Finney (DMMF) Soil Erosion Model
2018-08-17 emplik Empirical Likelihood Ratio for Censored/Truncated Data
2018-08-17 ergm.ego Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Random Graph Models to Egocentrically Sampled Network Data
2018-08-17 GPrank Gaussian Process Ranking of Multiple Time Series
2018-08-17 haploR Query 'HaploReg', 'RegulomeDB', 'LDlink'
2018-08-17 hhi Calculate and Visualize the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index
2018-08-17 imptree Classification Trees with Imprecise Probabilities
2018-08-17 jsonstat Interface to 'JSON-stat'
2018-08-17 LatticeDesign Lattice-Based Space-Filling Designs
2018-08-17 matrixProfile Matrix Profile
2018-08-17 metacom Analysis of the 'Elements of Metacommunity Structure'
2018-08-17 muHVT Constructing Hierarchical Voronoi Tessellations and Overlay Heatmap for Data Analysis
2018-08-17 optrdd Optimized Regression Discontinuity Designs
2018-08-17 permubiome A Permutation Based Test for Biomarker Discovery in Microbiome Data
2018-08-17 prc Paired Response Curve
2018-08-17 pubmed.mineR Text Mining of PubMed Abstracts
2018-08-17 randomForestSRC Random Forests for Survival, Regression, and Classification (RF-SRC)
2018-08-17 rattle Graphical User Interface for Data Science in R
2018-08-17 rcrtan Criterion-Referenced Test Analysis
2018-08-17 rhli An R Implementation of the FIS MarketMap C-Toolkit
2018-08-17 sandwich Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
2018-08-17 textutils Utilities for Handling Strings and Text
2018-08-17 VarBundle Read-Only Variable Bundles
2018-08-16 AST Age-Spatial-Temporal Model
2018-08-16 batchtools Tools for Computation on Batch Systems
2018-08-16 castor Efficient Phylogenetics on Large Trees
2018-08-16 cmvnorm The Complex Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
2018-08-16 datastructures Implementation of Core Data Structures
2018-08-16 dyncomp Complexity of Short and Coarse-Grained Time Series
2018-08-16 EGRET Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET)
2018-08-16 EGRETci Exploration and Graphics for RivEr Trends (EGRET) Confidence Intervals
2018-08-16 EM.Fuzzy EM Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Estimation by Non-Precise Information
2018-08-16 ergm Fit, Simulate and Diagnose Exponential-Family Models for Networks
2018-08-16 GenomicTools.fileHandler File Handlers for Genomic Data Analysis
2018-08-16 LDheatmap Graphical Display of Pairwise Linkage Disequilibria Between SNPs
2018-08-16 leanpubr 'Leanpub' API Interface
2018-08-16 lest Vectorised Nested if-else Statements Similar to CASE WHEN in 'SQL'
2018-08-16 mapdeck Interactive Maps Using 'Mapbox GL JS' and 'Deck.gl'
2018-08-16 mapedit Interactive Editing of Spatial Data in R
2018-08-16 merlin Mixed Effects Regression for Linear, Non-Linear and User-Defined Models
2018-08-16 mixchar Mixture Model for the Deconvolution of Thermal Decay Curves
2018-08-16 mlt.docreg Most Likely Transformations: Documentation and Regression Tests
2018-08-16 MVNBayesian Bayesian Analysis Framework for MVN (Mixture) Distribution
2018-08-16 openEBGM EBGM Scores for Mining Large Contingency Tables
2018-08-16 phonics Phonetic Spelling Algorithms
2018-08-16 pkgconfig Private Configuration for 'R' Packages
2018-08-16 processx Execute and Control System Processes
2018-08-16 RWDataPlyr Read and Manipulate Data from 'RiverWare'
2018-08-16 SHELF Tools to Support the Sheffield Elicitation Framework
2018-08-16 stpm Stochastic Process Model for Analysis of Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Outcomes
2018-08-16 synthpop Generating Synthetic Versions of Sensitive Microdata for Statistical Disclosure Control
2018-08-16 tm.plugin.mail Text Mining E-Mail Plug-in
2018-08-16 trawl Estimation and Simulation of Trawl Processes
2018-08-15 BMisc Miscellaneous Functions for Panel Data, Quantiles, and Printing Results
2018-08-15 cholera Amend, Augment and Aid Analysis of John Snow's Cholera Map
2018-08-15 choroplethr Simplify the Creation of Choropleth Maps in R
2018-08-15 civis R Client for the 'Civis data science API'
2018-08-15 distances Tools for Distance Metrics
2018-08-15 echo.find Finding Rhythms Using Extended Circadian Harmonic Oscillators (ECHO)
2018-08-15 ENMeval Automated Runs and Evaluations of Ecological Niche Models
2018-08-15 helminthR Access London Natural History Museum Host-Helminth Record Database
2018-08-15 mumm Multiplicative Mixed Models using the Template Model Builder
2018-08-15 NormalBetaPrime Normal Beta Prime Prior
2018-08-15 phreeqc R Interface to Geochemical Modeling Software
2018-08-15 stilt Separable Gaussian Process Interpolation (Emulation)
2018-08-15 sybil Efficient Constrained Based Modelling
2018-08-15 tensr Covariance Inference and Decompositions for Tensor Datasets
2018-08-15 vetr Trust, but Verify
2018-08-14 BayesCTDesign Two Arm Bayesian Clinical Trial Design with and Without Historical Control Data
2018-08-14 BootValidation Adjusting for Optimism in 'glmnet' Regression using Bootstrapping
2018-08-14 DemoDecomp Decompose Demographic Functions
2018-08-14 epiflows Predicting Disease Spread from Flow Data
2018-08-14 fc Standard Evaluation-Based Multivariate Function Composition
2018-08-14 geonapi 'GeoNetwork' API R Interface
2018-08-14 GmAMisc Gianmarco Alberti Miscellaneous
2018-08-14 JointAI Joint Analysis and Imputation of Incomplete Data
2018-08-14 KScorrect Lilliefors-Corrected Kolmogorov-Smirnov Goodness-of-Fit Tests
2018-08-14 LMfilteR Filter Methods for Parameter Estimation in Linear Regression Models
2018-08-14 MALDIquantForeign Import/Export Routines for 'MALDIquant'
2018-08-14 MANOVA.RM Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs
2018-08-14 pmmlTransformations Transforms Input Data from a PMML Perspective
2018-08-14 powerlmm Power Analysis for Longitudinal Multilevel Models
2018-08-14 ProliferativeIndex Calculates and Analyzes the Proliferative Index
2018-08-14 Quandl API Wrapper for Quandl.com
2018-08-14 rfacebookstat Load Data from Facebook API Marketing
2018-08-14 rplos Interface to the Search API for 'PLoS' Journals
2018-08-14 rpsftm Rank Preserving Structural Failure Time Models
2018-08-14 SDALGCP Spatially Discrete Approximation to Log-Gaussian Cox Processes for Aggregated Disease Count Data
2018-08-14 snakecase Convert Strings into any Case
2018-08-14 touchard Touchard Model and Regression
2018-08-14 usethis Automate Package and Project Setup
2018-08-14 vapour Lightweight Access to the 'Geospatial Data Abstraction Library' ('GDAL')
2018-08-14 XGR Exploring Genomic Relations for Enhanced Interpretation Through Enrichment, Similarity, Network and Annotation Analysis
2018-08-14 ZipRadius Creates a Data Frame of US Zip Codes in a Given Radius from a Given US Zip Code
2018-08-13 ammistability Additive Main Effects and Multiplicative Interaction Model Stability Parameters
2018-08-13 bcp Bayesian Analysis of Change Point Problems
2018-08-13 bigreadr Read Large Text Files
2018-08-13 BLOQ Impute and Analyze Data with Observations Below the Limit of Quantification
2018-08-13 boostmtree Boosted Multivariate Trees for Longitudinal Data
2018-08-13 brandwatchR 'Brandwatch' API to R
2018-08-13 Brobdingnag Very Large Numbers in R
2018-08-13 CSFA Connectivity Scores with Factor Analysis
2018-08-13 dials Tools for Creating Tuning Parameter Values
2018-08-13 DSAIRM Dynamical Systems Approach to Immune Response Modeling
2018-08-13 EL2Surv Empirical Likelihood (EL) for Comparing Two Survival Functions
2018-08-13 frailtyHL Frailty Models via Hierarchical Likelihood
2018-08-13 grplasso Fitting User-Specified Models with Group Lasso Penalty
2018-08-13 junctions The Breakdown of Genomic Ancestry Blocks in Hybrid Lineages
2018-08-13 kirby21.base Example Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
2018-08-13 kirby21.fmri Example Functional Imaging Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
2018-08-13 kirby21.t1 Example T1 Structural Data from the Multi-Modal MRI 'Reproducibility' Resource
2018-08-13 ltable Easy to Make (Lazy) Tables
2018-08-13 matlabr An Interface for MATLAB using System Calls
2018-08-13 mccf1 Creates the MCC-F1 Curve and Calculates the MCC-F1 Metric and the Best Threshold
2018-08-13 netgwas Network-Based Genome Wide Association Studies
2018-08-13 painter Creation and Manipulation of Color Palettes
2018-08-13 patrick Parameterized Unit Testing
2018-08-13 quadmatrix Solving Quadratic Matrix Equations
2018-08-13 respirometry Tools for Conducting and Analyzing Respirometry Experiments
2018-08-13 RQGIS Integrating R with QGIS
2018-08-13 Rspotify Access to Spotify API
2018-08-13 sars Fit and Compare Species-Area Relationship Models Using Multimodel Inference
2018-08-13 SCPME Shrinking Characteristics of Precision Matrix Estimators
2018-08-13 sequoia Pedigree Inference from SNPs
2018-08-13 subprocess Manage Sub-Processes in R
2018-08-13 togglr 'Toggl.com' Api for 'Rstudio'
2018-08-12 maditr Pipe-Style Interface for 'data.table'
2018-08-12 mirt Multidimensional Item Response Theory
2018-08-12 PSCBS Analysis of Parent-Specific DNA Copy Numbers
2018-08-12 RagGrid A Wrapper of the 'JavaScript' Library 'agGrid'
2018-08-11 ceterisParibus Ceteris Paribus Profiles
2018-08-11 chorrrds Music Chords Extraction
2018-08-11 clusrank Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for Clustered Data
2018-08-11 energy E-Statistics: Multivariate Inference via the Energy of Data
2018-08-11 fasterElasticNet An Amazing Fast Way to Fit Elastic Net
2018-08-11 glm2 Fitting Generalized Linear Models
2018-08-11 lessR Less Code, More Results
2018-08-11 mosaic Project MOSAIC Statistics and Mathematics Teaching Utilities
2018-08-11 nsapi Connect to the NS (Dutch Railways) API
2018-08-11 roll Rolling Statistics
2018-08-11 SuperLearner Super Learner Prediction
2018-08-11 testthis Utils and 'RStudio' Addins to Make Testing Even More Fun
2018-08-10 atlas Stanford 'ATLAS' Search Engine API
2018-08-10 BGGE Bayesian Genomic Linear Models Applied to GE Genome Selection
2018-08-10 BrailleR Improved Access for Blind Users
2018-08-10 dnet Integrative Analysis of Omics Data in Terms of Network, Evolution and Ontology
2018-08-10 FNN Fast Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms and Applications
2018-08-10 genBaRcode Analysis and Visualization Tools for Genetic Barcode Data
2018-08-10 imp4p Imputation for Proteomics
2018-08-10 kernlab Kernel-Based Machine Learning Lab
2018-08-10 libstableR Fast and Accurate Evaluation, Random Number Generation and Parameter Estimation of Skew Stable Distributions
2018-08-10 MCMCprecision Precision of Discrete Parameters in Transdimensional MCMC
2018-08-10 RANN.L1 Fast Nearest Neighbour Search (Wraps ANN Library) Using L1 Metric
2018-08-10 RcmdrPlugin.SCDA Rcmdr Plugin for Designing and Analyzing Single-Case Experiments
2018-08-10 RSNNS Neural Networks using the Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator (SNNS)
2018-08-10 smoothSurv Survival Regression with Smoothed Error Distribution
2018-08-10 SnakeCharmR R and Python Integration
2018-08-10 spGARCH Spatial ARCH and GARCH Models (spGARCH)
2018-08-10 telefit Estimation and Prediction for Remote Effects Spatial Process Models
2018-08-09 dMod Dynamic Modeling and Parameter Estimation in ODE Models
2018-08-09 FedData Functions to Automate Downloading Geospatial Data Available from Several Federated Data Sources
2018-08-09 GNE Computation of Generalized Nash Equilibria
2018-08-09 hddtools Hydrological Data Discovery Tools
2018-08-09 HMDHFDplus Read Human Mortality Database and Human Fertility Database Data from the Web
2018-08-09 jcolors Colors Palettes for R and 'ggplot2', Additional Themes for 'ggplot2'
2018-08-09 logKDE Computing Log-Transformed Kernel Density Estimates for Positive Data
2018-08-09 MDSMap High Density Genetic Linkage Mapping using Multidimensional Scaling
2018-08-09 mongolite Fast and Simple 'MongoDB' Client for R
2018-08-09 PairViz Visualization using Graph Traversal
2018-08-09 reclin Record Linkage Toolkit
2018-08-09 scales Scale Functions for Visualization
2018-08-09 socialmixr Social Mixing Matrices for Infectious Disease Modelling
2018-08-09 stUPscales Spatio-Temporal Uncertainty Propagation Across Multiple Scales
2018-08-09 tmap Thematic Maps
2018-08-09 VariableScreening High-Dimensional Screening for Semiparametric Longitudinal Regression
2018-08-09 vinereg D-Vine Quantile Regression
2018-08-08 airGRteaching Teaching Hydrological Modelling with the GR Rainfall-Runoff Models ('Shiny' Interface Included)
2018-08-08 CarletonStats Functions for Statistics Classes at Carleton College
2018-08-08 cOde Automated C Code Generation for 'deSolve', 'bvpSolve' and 'Sundials'
2018-08-08 datafsm Estimating Finite State Machine Models from Data
2018-08-08 dlsem Distributed-Lag Linear Structural Equation Models
2018-08-08 hpiR House Price Indexes
2018-08-08 IDmining Intrinsic Dimension for Data Mining
2018-08-08 iterpc Efficient Iterator for Permutations and Combinations
2018-08-08 party A Laboratory for Recursive Partytioning
2018-08-08 populationPDXdesign Designing Population PDX Studies
2018-08-08 PRISMAstatement Plot Flow Charts According to the "PRISMA" Statement
2018-08-08 taxa Taxonomic Classes
2018-08-08 WCE Weighted Cumulative Exposure Models
2018-08-07 archivist.github Tools for Archiving, Managing and Sharing R Objects via GitHub
2018-08-07 english Translate Integers into English
2018-08-07 ForecastComb Forecast Combination Methods
2018-08-07 gRbase A Package for Graphical Modelling in R
2018-08-07 gridsample Tools for Grid-Based Survey Sampling Design
2018-08-07 gumbel The Gumbel-Hougaard Copula
2018-08-07 HiResTEC Non-Targeted Fluxomics on High-Resolution Mass-Spectrometry Data
2018-08-07 IDE Integro-Difference Equation Spatio-Temporal Models
2018-08-07 jackstraw Statistical Inference for Unsupervised Learning
2018-08-07 kmed Distance-Based k-Medoids
2018-08-07 Mqrcm M-Quantile Regression Coefficients Modeling
2018-08-07 MSMwRA Multivariate Statistical Methods with R Applications
2018-08-07 nilde Nonnegative Integer Solutions of Linear Diophantine Equations with Applications
2018-08-07 nsROC Non-Standard ROC Curve Analysis
2018-08-07 pbdMPI Programming with Big Data – Interface to MPI
2018-08-07 rhosp Side Effect Risks in Hospital : Simulation and Estimation
2018-08-07 roadoi Find Free Versions of Scholarly Publications via Unpaywall
2018-08-07 rplotengine R as a Plotting Engine
2018-08-07 tmaptools Thematic Map Tools
2018-08-07 tsallisqexp Tsallis q-Exp Distribution
2018-08-06 BEDMatrix Extract Genotypes from a PLINK .bed File
2018-08-06 cmsaf Tools for CM SAF NetCDF Data
2018-08-06 coda.base A Basic Set of Functions for Compositional Data Analysis
2018-08-06 crochet Implementation Helper for [ and [<- Of Custom Matrix-Like Types
2018-08-06 daarem Damped Anderson Acceleration with Epsilon Monotonicity for Accelerating EM-Like Monotone Algorithms
2018-08-06 DALEX Descriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations
2018-08-06 DSAIDE Dynamical Systems Approach to Infectious Disease Epidemiology
2018-08-06 float 32-Bit Floats
2018-08-06 gasfluxes Greenhouse Gas Flux Calculation from Chamber Measurements
2018-08-06 IMak Item Maker
2018-08-06 LadR Routines for Fit, Inference and Diagnostics in LAD Models
2018-08-06 LinkedMatrix Column-Linked and Row-Linked Matrices
2018-08-06 MatrixLDA Penalized Matrix-Normal Linear Discriminant Analysis
2018-08-06 mfGARCH Mixed-Frequency GARCH Models
2018-08-06 nseval A Clean API for Lazy and Non-Standard Evaluation
2018-08-06 ordinalClust Ordinal Data Clustering, Co-Clustering and Classification
2018-08-06 PhySortR A Fast, Flexible Tool for Sorting Phylogenetic Trees
2018-08-06 PQLseq Efficient Mixed Model Analysis of Count Data in Large-Scale Genomic Sequencing Studies
2018-08-06 rcrossref Client for Various 'CrossRef' 'APIs'
2018-08-06 TDA Statistical Tools for Topological Data Analysis
2018-08-06 timeseriesdb Manage Time Series for Official Statistics with R and PostgreSQL
2018-08-06 varImp RF Variable Importance for Arbitrary Measures
2018-08-06 vars VAR Modelling
2018-08-05 ICAOD Optimal Designs for Nonlinear Models
2018-08-05 localIV Estimation of Marginal Treatment Effects using Local Instrumental Variables
2018-08-05 MKmisc Miscellaneous Functions from M. Kohl
2018-08-05 MultiFit Multivariate Multiscale Framework for Independence Tests
2018-08-05 nbc4va Bayes Classifier for Verbal Autopsy Data
2018-08-05 PELVIS Probabilistic Sex Estimate using Logistic Regression, Based on VISual Traits of the Human Os Coxae
2018-08-05 reticulate Interface to 'Python'
2018-08-05 RobRex Optimally Robust Influence Curves for Regression and Scale
2018-08-05 simmer.bricks Helper Methods for 'simmer' Trajectories
2018-08-05 survsup Plotting Survival Curves with Numbers at Risk Table
2018-08-04 FDboost Boosting Functional Regression Models
2018-08-04 gtrendsR Perform and Display Google Trends Queries
2018-08-04 kendallRandomWalks Simulate and Visualize Kendall Random Walks and Related Distributions
2018-08-04 mvMORPH Multivariate Comparative Tools for Fitting Evolutionary Models to Morphometric Data
2018-08-04 resampledata Data Sets for Mathematical Statistics with Resampling in R
2018-08-04 ROptRegTS Optimally Robust Estimation for Regression-Type Models
2018-08-04 RPANDA Phylogenetic ANalyses of DiversificAtion
2018-08-04 rPraat Interface to Praat
2018-08-04 simmer.plot Plotting Methods for 'simmer'
2018-08-04 survminer Drawing Survival Curves using 'ggplot2'
2018-08-03 ctl Correlated Trait Locus (CTL) Mapping in R
2018-08-03 elliptic Weierstrass and Jacobi Elliptic Functions
2018-08-03 ggformula Formula Interface to the Grammar of Graphics
2018-08-03 ggplotify Convert Plot to 'grob' or 'ggplot' Object
2018-08-03 hwwntest Tests of White Noise using Wavelets
2018-08-03 icesTAF Functions to Support the ICES Transparent Assessment Framework
2018-08-03 nomisr Access 'Nomis' UK Labour Market Data
2018-08-03 NPMLEcmprsk Type-Specific Failure Rate and Hazard Rate on Competing Risks Data
2018-08-03 pre Prediction Rule Ensembles
2018-08-03 rare Linear Model with Tree-Based Lasso Regularization for Rare Features
2018-08-03 RobAStBase Robust Asymptotic Statistics
2018-08-03 RobExtremes Optimally Robust Estimation for Extreme Value Distributions
2018-08-03 RobLox Optimally Robust Influence Curves and Estimators for Location and Scale
2018-08-03 RobLoxBioC Infinitesimally Robust Estimators for Preprocessing -Omics Data
2018-08-03 ROptEst Optimally Robust Estimation
2018-08-03 ROptEstOld Optimally Robust Estimation - Old Version
2018-08-03 Tides Quasi-Periodic Time Series Characteristics
2018-08-03 TOSTER Two One-Sided Tests (TOST) Equivalence Testing
2018-08-03 urltools Vectorised Tools for URL Handling and Parsing
2018-08-02 ADMMsigma Penalized Precision Matrix Estimation via ADMM
2018-08-02 bayesplot Plotting for Bayesian Models
2018-08-02 BivGeo Basu-Dhar Bivariate Geometric Distribution
2018-08-02 cromwellDashboard A Dashboard to Visualize Scientific Workflows in 'Cromwell'
2018-08-02 cxhull Convex Hull
2018-08-02 disto Unified Interface to Distance, Dissimilarity, Similarity Matrices
2018-08-02 GFE Gross Flows Estimation under Complex Surveys
2018-08-02 GPCMlasso Differential Item Functioning in Generalized Partial Credit Models
2018-08-02 HCT Calculates Significance Criteria and Power for a Single Arm Trial
2018-08-02 heatwaveR Detect Heatwaves and Cold-Spells
2018-08-02 hipread Read Hierarchical Fixed Width Files
2018-08-02 LncFinder LncRNA Identification and Analysis Using Heterologous Features
2018-08-02 omu A Metabolomics Analysis Tool for Intuitive Figures and Convenient Metadata Collection
2018-08-02 pcgen Reconstruction of Causal Networks for Data with Random Genetic Effects
2018-08-02 Rd2roxygen Convert Rd to 'Roxygen' Documentation
2018-08-02 readmnist Read MNIST Dataset
2018-08-02 rmi Mutual Information Estimators
2018-08-02 rolocISCCNBS A Colour List and Colour Metric Based on the ISCC-NBS System of Color Designation
2018-08-02 seqminer Efficiently Read Sequence Data (VCF Format, BCF Format and METAL Format) into R
2018-08-02 sparkbq Google 'BigQuery' Support for 'sparklyr'
2018-08-02 SparseMDC Implementation of SparseMDC Algorithm
2018-08-02 tribe Play with the Tribe of Attributes
2018-08-02 ufs Quantitative Analysis Made Accessible
2018-08-01 ARIbrain All-Resolution Inference
2018-08-01 aws.kms 'AWS Key Management Service' Client Package
2018-08-01 CANSIM2R Directly Extracts Complete CANSIM Data Tables
2018-08-01 climdex.pcic PCIC Implementation of Climdex Routines
2018-08-01 colourvision Colour Vision Models
2018-08-01 ContaminatedMixt Model-Based Clustering and Classification with the Multivariate Contaminated Normal Distribution
2018-08-01 csvy Import and Export CSV Data with a YAML Metadata Header
2018-08-01 discSurv Discrete Time Survival Analysis
2018-08-01 distrMod Object Oriented Implementation of Probability Models
2018-08-01 ggsom New Data Visualisations for SOMs Cluster
2018-08-01 hyper2 The Hyperdirichlet Distribution, Mark 2
2018-08-01 ICcalib Cox Model with Interval-Censored Starting Time of a Covariate
2018-08-01 lfl Linguistic Fuzzy Logic
2018-08-01 mbbefd Maxwell Boltzmann Bose Einstein Fermi Dirac Distribution and Destruction Rate Modelling
2018-08-01 mvctm Multivariate Variance Components Tests for Multilevel Data
2018-08-01 netregR Regression of Network Responses
2018-08-01 nodbi 'NoSQL' Database Connector
2018-08-01 RandVar Implementation of Random Variables
2018-08-01 redcapAPI Interface to 'REDCap'
2018-08-01 spef Semiparametric Estimating Functions
2018-08-01 tcR Advanced Data Analysis of Immune Receptor Repertoires
2018-08-01 validate Data Validation Infrastructure
2018-07-31 adaptMT Adaptive P-Value Thresholding for Multiple Hypothesis Testing with Side Information
2018-07-31 alpaca Fit GLM's with High-Dimensional k-Way Fixed Effects
2018-07-31 anyflights Download Air Travel Data for Specified Years and Airports
2018-07-31 BDP2 Bayesian Adaptive Designs for Phase II Trials with Binary Endpoint
2018-07-31 beezdemand Behavioral Economic Easy Demand
2018-07-31 biglmm Bounded Memory Linear and Generalized Linear Models
2018-07-31 bnviewer Interactive Visualization of Bayesian Networks
2018-07-31 corrr Correlations in R
2018-07-31 dhh A Heavy-Headed Distribution
2018-07-31 EMSHS EM Algorithm for Bayesian Shrinkage Approach with Structural Information Incorporated
2018-07-31 flifo Don't Get Stuck with Stacks in R
2018-07-31 funModeling Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Preparation Tool-Box Book
2018-07-31 gcKrig Analysis of Geostatistical Count Data using Gaussian Copulas
2018-07-31 geomerge Geospatial Data Integration
2018-07-31 janitor Simple Tools for Examining and Cleaning Dirty Data
2018-07-31 jarbes Just a Rather Bayesian Evidence Synthesis
2018-07-31 Kernelheaping Kernel Density Estimation for Heaped and Rounded Data
2018-07-31 makeParallel Transform Serial R Code into Parallel R Code
2018-07-31 phylotaR Automated Phylogenetic Sequence Cluster Identification from 'GenBank'
2018-07-31 RobAStRDA Interpolation Grids for Packages of the 'RobASt' - Family of Packages
2018-07-31 robmixglm Robust Generalized Linear Models (GLM) using Mixtures
2018-07-31 RQEntangle Quantum Entanglement of Bipartite System
2018-07-31 SingleCaseES A Calculator for Single-Case Effect Sizes
2018-07-31 statip Statistical Functions for Probability Distributions and Regression
2018-07-31 uniformly Uniform Sampling
2018-07-31 venn Draw Venn Diagrams
2018-07-31 VFP Variance Function Program
2018-07-30 aws Adaptive Weights Smoothing
2018-07-30 cregg Simple Conjoint Tidying, Analysis, and Visualization
2018-07-30 CrossClustering A Partial Clustering Algorithm
2018-07-30 cytofan Plot Fan Plots for Cytometry Data using 'ggplot2'
2018-07-30 dcmodify Modify Data Using Externally Defined Modification Rules
2018-07-30 debugr Debug Tool to Watch Objects/Expressions While Running an R Script
2018-07-30 DecisionAnalysis Implementation of Multi Objective Decision Analysis
2018-07-30 dotCall64 Enhanced Foreign Function Interface Supporting Long Vectors
2018-07-30 draw Wrapper Functions for Producing Graphics
2018-07-30 emil Evaluation of Modeling without Information Leakage
2018-07-30 glassoFast Fast Graphical LASSO
2018-07-30 glycanr Tools for Analysing N-Glycan Data
2018-07-30 gren Adaptive Group-Regularized Logistic Elastic Net Regression
2018-07-30 growthcurver Simple Metrics to Summarize Growth Curves
2018-07-30 IntClust Integration of Multiple Data Sets with Clustering Techniques
2018-07-30 lilikoi Metabolomics Personalized Pathway Analysis Tool
2018-07-30 lintools Manipulation of Linear Systems of (in)Equalities
2018-07-30 logitnorm Functions for the Logitnormal Distribution
2018-07-30 MultipleBubbles Test and Detection of Explosive Behaviors for Time Series
2018-07-30 PHEindicatormethods Common Public Health Statistics and their Confidence Intervals
2018-07-30 poolVIM Gene-Based Association Tests using the Actual Impurity Reduction (AIR) Variable Importance
2018-07-30 qsub Running Commands Remotely on 'Gridengine' Clusters
2018-07-30 QuClu Quantile-Based Clustering Algorithms
2018-07-30 REIDS Random Effects for the Identification of Differential Splicing
2018-07-30 rLandsat Landsat Data Complete Download Process
2018-07-30 Rmpfr R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable
2018-07-30 roloc Convert Colour Specification to Colour Name
2018-07-30 rspa Adapt Numerical Records to Fit (in)Equality Restrictions
2018-07-30 Rspc Nelson Rules for Control Charts
2018-07-30 ruin Simulation of Various Risk Processes
2018-07-30 scoringRules Scoring Rules for Parametric and Simulated Distribution Forecasts
2018-07-30 SIRE Finding Feedback Effects in SEM and Testing for Their Significance
2018-07-30 stinepack Stineman, a Consistently Well Behaved Method of Interpolation
2018-07-30 swdft Sliding Window Discrete Fourier Transform (SWDFT)
2018-07-30 syt Standard Young Tableaux
2018-07-30 trend Non-Parametric Trend Tests and Change-Point Detection
2018-07-29 arulesSequences Mining Frequent Sequences
2018-07-29 copulaedas Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Based on Copulas
2018-07-29 diffobj Diffs for R Objects
2018-07-29 funcy Functional Clustering Algorithms
2018-07-29 geoR Analysis of Geostatistical Data
2018-07-29 HDclust Clustering High Dimensional Data with Hidden Markov Model on Variable Blocks
2018-07-29 metaDigitise Extract and Summarise Data from Published Figures
2018-07-29 RcppCNPy Read-Write Support for 'NumPy' Files via 'Rcpp'
2018-07-29 reghelper Helper Functions for Regression Analysis
2018-07-29 rerf Randomer Forest
2018-07-29 siplab Spatial Individual-Plant Modelling
2018-07-29 sylly Hyphenation and Syllable Counting for Text Analysis
2018-07-29 taRifx Collection of Utility and Convenience Functions
2018-07-29 tensorA Advanced Tensor Arithmetic with Named Indices
2018-07-29 tm Text Mining Package
2018-07-28 catR Generation of IRT Response Patterns under Computerized Adaptive Testing
2018-07-28 demu Optimal Design Emulators via Point Processes
2018-07-28 e1071 Misc Functions of the Department of Statistics, Probability Theory Group (Formerly: E1071), TU Wien
2018-07-28 fedregs Text Analysis of the US Code of Federal Regulations
2018-07-28 fredr An R Client for the 'FRED' API
2018-07-28 Hapi Inference of Chromosome-Length Haplotypes Using Genomic Data of Single Gamete Cells
2018-07-28 InterVA5 Replicate and Analyse 'InterVA5'
2018-07-28 labelVector Label Attributes for Atomic Vectors
2018-07-28 makedummies Create Dummy Variables from Categorical Data
2018-07-28 RanglaPunjab Displays Palette of 5 Colors
2018-07-28 shinyanimate Animation for 'shiny' Elements
2018-07-28 streamR Access to Twitter Streaming API via R
2018-07-28 SurvTrunc Analysis of Doubly Truncated Data
2018-07-28 trread Transit File Reader
2018-07-28 woeBinning Supervised Weight of Evidence Binning of Numeric Variables and Factors
2018-07-28 xpose Diagnostics for Pharmacometric Models
2018-07-27 aws.signature Amazon Web Services Request Signatures
2018-07-27 BinQuasi Analyzing Replicated ChIP Sequencing Data Using Quasi-Likelihood
2018-07-27 bootnet Bootstrap Methods for Various Network Estimation Routines
2018-07-27 CBCgrps Compare Baseline Characteristics Between Groups
2018-07-27 CSeqpat Frequent Contiguous Sequential Pattern Mining of Text
2018-07-27 epanet2toolkit Call 'EPANET' Functions to Simulate Pipe Networks
2018-07-27 exact2x2 Exact Tests and Confidence Intervals for 2x2 Tables
2018-07-27 funLBM Model-Based Co-Clustering of Functional Data
2018-07-27 geomorph Geometric Morphometric Analyses of 2D/3D Landmark Data
2018-07-27 ggpage Creates Page Layout Visualizations
2018-07-27 igraph Network Analysis and Visualization
2018-07-27 mable Maximum Approximate Bernstein Likelihood Estimation
2018-07-27 mice Multivariate Imputation by Chained Equations
2018-07-27 MMDvariance Detecting Differentially Variable Genes Using the Mixture of Marginal Distributions
2018-07-27 MonetDBLite In-Process Version of 'MonetDB'
2018-07-27 munsellinterpol Interpolate Munsell Renotation Data from Hue/Chroma to CIE/RGB
2018-07-27 nimble MCMC, Particle Filtering, and Programmable Hierarchical Modeling
2018-07-27 perturbR Random Perturbation of Count Matrices
2018-07-27 polyclip Polygon Clipping
2018-07-27 postal United States Postal Service API Interface
2018-07-27 rncl An Interface to the Nexus Class Library
2018-07-27 RPS Resistant Procrustes Superimposition
2018-07-27 rrtable Reproducible Research with a Table of R Codes
2018-07-27 RSentiment Analyse Sentiment of English Sentences
2018-07-27 rviewgraph Animated Graph Layout Viewer
2018-07-27 SemNetCleaner An Automated Cleaning Tool for Semantic and Linguistic Data
2018-07-27 UnitCircle Check if Roots of a Polynomial Lie Outside the Unit Circle
2018-07-27 updog Flexible Genotyping for Polyploids
2018-07-27 WeibullR Weibull Analysis for Reliability Engineering
2018-07-26 aws.ec2metadata Get EC2 Instance Metadata
2018-07-26 basicTrendline Add Trendline and Confidence Interval of Basic Regression Models to Plot
2018-07-26 CEC Cross-Entropy Clustering
2018-07-26 clusterCrit Clustering Indices
2018-07-26 conjoint An Implementation of Conjoint Analysis Method
2018-07-26 dnr Simulate Dynamic Networks using Exponential Random Graph Models (ERGM) Family
2018-07-26 errors Uncertainty Propagation for R Vectors
2018-07-26 GPoM Generalized Polynomial Modelling
2018-07-26 INLABMA Bayesian Model Averaging with INLA
2018-07-26 lspls LS-PLS Models
2018-07-26 NeuralNetTools Visualization and Analysis Tools for Neural Networks
2018-07-26 numOSL Numeric Routines for Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating
2018-07-26 pec Prediction Error Curves for Risk Prediction Models in Survival Analysis
2018-07-26 penalizedSVM Feature Selection SVM using Penalty Functions
2018-07-26 projmanr Project Management Tools
2018-07-26 prozor Minimal Protein Set Explaining Peptide Spectrum Matches
2018-07-26 reconstructr Session Reconstruction and Analysis
2018-07-26 regplot Enhanced Regression Nomogram Plot
2018-07-26 ridge Ridge Regression with Automatic Selection of the Penalty Parameter
2018-07-26 SPCAvRP Sparse Principal Component Analysis via Random Projections (SPCAvRP)
2018-07-26 stepp Subpopulation Treatment Effect Pattern Plot (STEPP)
2018-07-26 swgee Simulation Extrapolation Inverse Probability Weighted Generalized Estimating Equations
2018-07-25 bnclassify Learning Discrete Bayesian Network Classifiers from Data
2018-07-25 broman Karl Broman's R Code
2018-07-25 clifro Easily Download and Visualise Climate Data from CliFlo
2018-07-25 colorscience Color Science Methods and Data
2018-07-25 dbplyr A 'dplyr' Back End for Databases
2018-07-25 exprso Rapid Deployment of Machine Learning Algorithms
2018-07-25 forward Robust Analysis using Forward Search
2018-07-25 GREP2 GEO RNA-Seq Experiments Processing Pipeline
2018-07-25 ks Kernel Smoothing
2018-07-25 laGP Local Approximate Gaussian Process Regression
2018-07-25 MapGAM Mapping Smoothed Effect Estimates from Individual-Level Data
2018-07-25 measures Performance Measures for Statistical Learning
2018-07-25 metap Meta-Analysis of Significance Values
2018-07-25 netCoin Interactive Analytic Networks
2018-07-25 oddsratio Odds Ratio Calculation for GAM(M)s & GLM(M)s
2018-07-25 shinyjqui 'jQuery UI' Interactions and Effects for Shiny
2018-07-25 simglm Simulate Models Based on the Generalized Linear Model
2018-07-25 SmartEDA Summarize and Explore the Data
2018-07-25 textTinyR Text Processing for Small or Big Data Files
2018-07-25 umap Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection
2018-07-25 weibulltools Statistical Methods for Life Data Analysis
2018-07-25 yaml Methods to Convert R Data to YAML and Back
2018-07-24 aftgee Accelerated Failure Time Model with Generalized Estimating Equations
2018-07-24 anMC Compute High Dimensional Orthant Probabilities
2018-07-24 CAISEr Comparison of Algorithms with Iterative Sample Size Estimation
2018-07-24 CaliCo Code Calibration in a Bayesian Framework
2018-07-24 ERSA Exploratory Regression 'Shiny' App
2018-07-24 inlabru Spatial Inference using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation
2018-07-24 mvst Bayesian Inference for the Multivariate Skew-t Model
2018-07-24 pcr Analyzing Real-Time Quantitative PCR Data
2018-07-24 piecewiseSEM Piecewise Structural Equation Modeling
2018-07-24 Rhpc Permits *apply() Style Dispatch for 'HPC'
2018-07-24 RhpcBLASctl Control the Number of Threads on 'BLAS'
2018-07-24 safer Encrypt and Decrypt Strings, R Objects and Files
2018-07-24 sigQC Quality Control Metrics for Gene Signatures
2018-07-24 surveillance Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena
2018-07-24 taxize Taxonomic Information from Around the Web
2018-07-24 yaImpute Nearest Neighbor Observation Imputation and Evaluation Tools
2018-07-23 bst Gradient Boosting
2018-07-23 Copula.Markov Copula-Based Estimation and Statistical Process Control for Serially Correlated Time Series
2018-07-23 ctmcd Estimating the Parameters of a Continuous-Time Markov Chain from Discrete-Time Data
2018-07-23 diffdf Dataframe Difference Tool
2018-07-23 distrDoc Documentation for 'distr' Family of R Packages
2018-07-23 distrEllipse S4 Classes for Elliptically Contoured Distributions
2018-07-23 distrRmetrics Distribution Classes for Distributions from Rmetrics
2018-07-23 distrSim Simulation Classes Based on Package 'distr'
2018-07-23 distrTEst Estimation and Testing Classes Based on Package 'distr'
2018-07-23 ibd Incomplete Block Designs
2018-07-23 mapsapi 'sf'-Compatible Interface to 'Google Maps' APIs
2018-07-23 matrixStats Functions that Apply to Rows and Columns of Matrices (and to Vectors)
2018-07-23 meta4diag Meta-Analysis for Diagnostic Test Studies
2018-07-23 moonBook Functions and Datasets for the Book by Keon-Woong Moon
2018-07-23 MuMIn Multi-Model Inference
2018-07-23 nmaINLA Network Meta-Analysis using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations
2018-07-23 officer Manipulation of Microsoft Word and PowerPoint Documents <